Montreal Super hospital for sale MUHC

Quebec Government Selling New MUHC Super Hospital

 The Quebec government is looking to cut its losses and sell Montreal’s new super hospital.

The Super Hospital concept became obsolete became obsolete with the Sars outbreak in the early 2000s

The Montreal Super Hospital has been plagued with operational problems, budget shortfalls and long wait times, from the start. This week they received an offer from a Quebec billionaire to buy the hospital and run it properly.

 While the sale comes as a surprise for  Montreal residents, it seems it is not a surprise for Hospital staff.

Hospital Management explained the reason for the sale:

“Montreal needs to understand, the goal was to have a profitable construction project – it just happened to be a super hospital.” “There were never plans to take care of sick people here, they just started showing up.”

“We don’t have an emergency room here, but they keep showing up.”

“We have no parking or handicap access here, and they still keep showing up.” “If selling the hospital is what it takes to keep patients away then we will do it.”   

Porter closely managed construction cost overruns to generate the mega project’s ongoing stream of kickbacks 

Construction insiders admitted they were not surprised at the sale either: “This hospital mega project ruined construction in Quebec. ”

“Before, politicians and builders made huge profits on roads and bridges. They could be used maintenance free until they fall apart a few years later and no one cared.”  

 “This mega hospital was different. The project managers like Porter didn’t budget for the usual cost overruns. We always skim 35% of the total – including our contracted profit – same as the government charging sales tax on GST.”

 “Porter’s team didn’t include it so he came up short on his cut. That’s his problem. The guys I work with always get paid – if you know what I mean”

 “Problem is Porter took his cut from the long term operating budgets – nurse’s salaries – things like that.  How do you expect to hide that?”  

Potential new  owners were surprised that their offer was even considered.

  Government planners are excited about the sale. “This is a cash windfall we weren’t expecting.”

“Although we want to keep the money we will likely put it back into healthcare, mainly smaller community hospitals. This doesn’t provide big kickbacks like construction but it makes the hospitals nicer for patients in their long waits.”

 “We will hire more managers to oversee this spending, and if they aren’t too busy may even hire some Doctors.”

The Government is expected to finalize the sale quickly and privately. “We have a solid offer for the purchase with someone who knows how to work the government so we can trust he will make a good offer.”  READ ABOUT THE BUYER>

“We know that the end value of a government building in Quebec is much less than construction costs. So if we can sell for at least 40% of the construction cost we would be proud.”


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