Quebec’s newest Billionaire – the king of Traffic Pylons!

  Transition from Traffic Cones to Pylons Allowed Government to Spend Millions More

New billionaire Pierre Gravel got his big break in 2007 when the Quebec government made snow tires mandatory. At the time Gravel was working for a Laval paving company.

Renting Pylons Allows the Government to Keep Paying for Years

Relatives working in the government told him there would be a lot of extra used tires that the government wanted to get rid of. He came up with the idea using the tires to make orange pylons for road construction.

Montreal alone pays over $100 million / year for his Orange traffic cones

With the help of his relatives the government gave him millions of dollars to take the tires and build his first pylon factory. Before Gravel construction companies supplied their own traffic cones. as part of the job.  He was able to convince the government to switch to his large pylons and sign long term rental contracts.

Pylons are stored on roads when not in use, even blocking lanes, but drivers don’t seem to mind.

He currently has over 225,000 rented in Montreal. Collecting $1 / day for rent plus management fees the city alone pays him over $100 million per year. “My timing was great” says Gravel, “as the government stopped paying for construction kickbacks they needed somewhere else to spend the money – my pylons were a great solution.” He added “I give them 3 options to spend: rent more pylons, I can raise the rent, or I can charge more in handling charges.” “The government doesn’t really care as long as they don’t have to cut their spending.”

Gravel’s Business Model is getting the government to overspend on things they used to get for free

Seeking New Ways to Make Money from the Government

Now Gravel is using is new wealth to find other ways to profit from government shortcomings. These include the purchase of Montreal’s MUHC Super Hospital Read More> and the Trudeau Government’s Great Arctic Ice Wall project. Read More>

Gravel and his team enjoy big government contracts

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