Montreal Pit Bull ban

Montreal Pit bull ban – Anglophones fear they are next!

The recent Montreal Pit bull ban has created fears in the English community that they will be next to go.

The ambiguous details of the ban could be used against people

The ban outlines specific terrier breeds and anyone with similar characteristics.

The visual identification of Pit bulls has historically been: “They are labeled as “pit bulls” if they have certain physical characteristics such as a square shaped head or bulky body type.”

This is in line with the common view of Square Headed Anglos – Tête carrée!

The law is enforced by a team related to the mayor who are capture, deport or euthanize offending dogs. Their initial focus will be on  square headed dogs in public, specifically those with homeless people. However they can search private homes as they choose to capture the dogs.

The term pit bull is often used loosely to describe dogs with similar physical characteristics, and the morphological (physical) variation amongst “bully breed” dogs makes it difficult for anyone, even experts, to visually identify them as distinct from “non-pit bulls”

Square Headed Anglophones don’t fit the cool image of Montreal

In criminal science it is known that bad behavior against animals indicates future behavior against people. So once all square headed dogs are eliminated it is feared they will target the square headed Anglophones.

This falls in line with the plans for Montréal’s 375th anniversary party in 2017. Anglos don’t have the cool image they want to project so they are looking for ways to keep them out of the celebrations. One of the planners stated “If we were putting up a bunch of statues or putting tacky lights on bridge they might be okay to have around, but  we want to have a cool celebration so they won’t fit in. The quicker we rid the city of all square heads the better”. 


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