Midwest Airports staff take Trump’s “Extreme Vetting” orders literally, passengers were terrified!

Another case of President Trump’s direction without details goes off the rails.

It seems that in the Midwest  they follow the original definition of vetting:

 “To vet was originally a horse-racing term, referring to the requirement that a horse be checked for health and soundness by a veterinarian before being allowed to race. Thus, it has taken the general meaning “to check.”

So when security staff decided to be proactive and give the President what he wanted to Make America Great Again, they gave a new definition to the term “Arm’s length Relationship.”

The initial passengers were open and willing to tell anything while undergoing the search. After they were horrified and speechless about the treatment they received.

Vetting has a number of definitions –  airport officials picked the worst one.

Luckily for others the vets were called away to help sick animals. Local medical experts say nothing important was found in the searches but the passengers may have to wait a long time before they can sit comfortably again.


President Trump already planning legacy statue to dominate Washington skyline

Donald Trump and his supporters believe he is off to the best start of any President in American history.  He wants recognition for that.

While American Presidents traditionally have their official portrait painted, and build a library when they leave office, President Trump wants much more as his legacy.  He has challenged his team to come up with a statue for him that will dominate the Washington DC skyline.

Believe me – President Trump would prefer a large dominating gold tower similar to the Trump Tower in Las Vegas. It would be the biggest monument in the city and symbolize the type of buildings that made him rich.

It is early in his presidency but Trump wants to start now to make sure that the project is completed before his 4 year term is up. It is rumored that his supporters will be able to donate to the Trump Charity Fund which will split the cost with Government funds.

President Trump says that it will give Americans something incredible to look up to as he makes America great again. It will cost millions to build but will create a big source of jobs through his construction company.

An alternate suggestion called for a replica of one of Trump’s famous hands pointing skyward with lazer lights shooting off into space. This was rejected as Trump feared the hand would be too small.


Millennial spends 30 hours stranded in car – next to a payphone

 10 years ago payphones were universally known – everyone knew what they were and how to use them.  The tech savvy Millennial generation may be the first generation who don’t.

The payphone was unmarked but in good working order. When Mr Ryan was found he was parked less than 3 meters from the phone in plain site.

18 year old Toronto native Logan Ryan got lost on his way from Toronto to Edmonton. He was running low on gas and his GPS took him to an abandoned gas station. His car ran out of gas as he idled the car deciding what to do. He could not get a signal on his smartphone so he stayed in his car waiting for help to come.

Unfortunately  he did not know what a payphone is, he was parked next to one the whole time. One quick call and he could have had help within an hour.

Many people below the age of 30 have never seen a car without power windows and locks. They don’t know you can open a car door with a key (ask your kids). Others don’t know about payphones.  They have quickly disappeared from the landscape, and with the proliferation of smartphones many people don’t notice the ones that are left.

When people  from the city  do dumb things we call them “Citiots”

Ryan had a sleeping bag and food so he camped out in his car. The road the gas station was

A sheepish Logan Ryan ready to resume his trip

on was bypassed years ago and only gets local traffic now.  After spending 2 nights alone, a farmer going by in a tractor noticed Logan in the car, and offered help.

The farmer – who requested to be unnamed – found the who thing to be amusing. “When people come from the city and do dumb things in the country we call them “Citiots” cus they are idiots from the city.” “But this is different because it would be a dumb move in the city too.” The Farmer explained “I showed him the phone but he didn’t seem to believe what it was as there was no screen on it” 

The farmer helped Logan get some gas, food and a hot shower and sent him on his way to Edmonton.

Mr Ryan was casually driving from Toronto to Edmonton and had not yet been reported missing by his family. It is not clear what the purpose of his trip is.


Mr Ryan was driving from Toronto to Edmonton. The location of the abandonded gas station was approximately 2 hours drive south east of Edmonton

The payphone numbers

In the last 15 years Canada has gone from 150,000 payphones to just over 50,000. Bell Canada told the CRTC that, in 2013, they had 636 payphones that hand no calls in the past year, and 10,500 phones with an average of 1 call/ day.




Quebec City Mosque Shooting is an issue for all Canadians, not just Muslims

The horrific shooting took place in a place of worship impacting the safety and freedom of all Canadians.

America has become deeply divided through politics, religion, crime and hate. We need to stick together as Canadians, making sure we have one strong unified Canada!

We’ve all seen it the news – a story involving a visible minority, religion or race. Where the reported is a visible match to the group and the story is as much about the group as the incident. So many people pass over it as though it is not about them.

How many Amber Alerts do you remember hearing for a Native Canadian child? They go missing too!

Native women went missing for years with nothing being done. Many Canadians felt it was not about them, and ignored it.  It took years of work and protests by the families and friends of this missing women to convince Canadians that it was their issue too.

When people hear of violence against women many say – “I’ve got daughters, this is very important to me.” What about their sons? Caring shouldn’t be gender related.

Hard to believe that Canadians would be against any type of head covering – especially in winter!

For decades Canadians were proud that we provided U.N. peacekeepers to war torn countries. Peacekeepers set the example of treating people fairly, setting an example of how to get along and live together.

In Canada we need to get this attitude back.

There were thousands of Canadians protesting President Trump in the U.S.  The Quebec City Mosque shooting is in Canada. All Canadians need to get involved so it does not happen again.

More info:

A great place to lend your support for Muslim Canadians. The hate crime map might surprise you – National Council Of Canadian Muslims Click for more>

Canadian Multiculturalism Act, 1985

An Act for the preservation and enhancement of multiculturalism in Canada

WHEREAS the Constitution of Canada provides that every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and benefit of the law without discrimination and that everyone has the freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief, opinion, expression, peaceful assembly and association and guarantees those rights and freedoms equally to male and female persons;

Not a fan of Multiculturalism – it’s the law in Canada, if you don’t like it, you can always move. (Let us know where you would go) Click for more>
The Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) is founded on the collective goal to enhance, promote, and foster the social, economic, cultural and political well-being of First Nations and Métis women within First Nation, Métis and Canadian societies. Click for more>





Trudeau ordered CBC to stop selling counterfeit Trump merchandise Now!

CBC staff caught selling cheap T-shirts out of a 1/2 ton truck on the street. Have budget cuts to the  gone too far?

PM Trudeau was stunned, saddened, incredulous, angry and concerned when he heard what the CBC was doing. He asked advisors “can we help the CBC move forward – Is there hope?

After a week of Tough Town Hall meetings Prime Minster Justine Trudeau was hit with the incredible news that CBC staff have been selling T-Shirts on the street. The cash strapped broadcaster has been looking for ways to make money to support it’s programing commitments.

Selling out of a truck was not classy but it got them into some busy downtown locations. The problem was the staff seemed focused on sales prevention.

It’s not a bad thing for a crown corporation to show a little entrepreneurial spirit, but the CBC  was way off track on this idea. Staff from the CBC produced show Marketplace were selling T-Shirts out of the back of a pickup truck in Southern Ontario cities.

It wasn’t a classy retail venue but that was the least of their problems. A good salesperson can sell anything, (Trump is President isn’t he?) but they hired an actor to do sales.  A big mistake.

Actors might be stereotypical great wait staff in bars and restaurants but they don’t do so well at sales.  Proving of his lack of sales finesse – This actor picked a fight with almost every potential customer. Many were angered and hostile towards him. He barely closed a sale.

 CBC staff should have known that in Toronto’s  Beaches neighborhood the Sunset Grill is as good as a Tim Horton’s for a Police hangout. The CBC staff and their “Pop up Store” were parked to close to make a sneaky-quick getaway from the Cops.

Added to this gap in sales abilities was a group of aggressive market researchers. Research is a good idea to improve a business but in this case it was ridiculous.  They argued with passers by and chased them away before they had a chance to look at the merchandise. Then they chased down customers who made a purchase and argued with them about their purchase.

It is also hard to see how they could do this on a scale large enough to make it profitable.   Based on the observed sales results, there is no way to cover staff labour costs and vehicle expenses let alone the cost of producing the T-shirts.


Some brilliant strategist decided to jump on the Donald Trump “Retro Racist” bandwagon. They were trying to sell counterfeit Trump White Power T-shirts in Canada. They would have done much better with Anti American – Anti Trump Slogans.

CBC would have had much better results if they filmed this for broadcast purposes. If they are smart they will feed this line to Trudeau – “we were filming a new episode of Mr D.”

Lets hope the Actor/Salesman was on straight commission.



You must not let feelings of self-doubt hold you back. All kinds of great things are possible for you now if you only have the courage to take a few chances. Get over your fear of losing. You are and always will be a winner.






Mexican Workers Make Trump A Secret Offer

 Mexican construction workers who work for Trump industries have made President Trump and offer on behalf of Mexican workers in America

Construction workers employed by President Trump hope he will listen to their proposal to smooth things over between Mexico and the US.

Feeling they had a good relationship with President Trump, and a good idea, Mexican American construction workers have presented Trump with a plan to resolve some of his issues.

The Mexican border wall will take years to be completed so it will be hard to manage the border. Deporting many illegal workers will cause big problems in industries such as fruit and vegetable production where workers are paid below minimum wage.  Americans would not want to do these jobs.

Their proposal:

  • Delay the deportation of Mexican illegal workers for at least 4 years so i can be planned and done respectfully.
    • This would allow time for it to be properly organized, making a smooth transition for all.
    • If Trump has people rounded up and dumped at the border they will just come back.
    • Plans could be developed to transition others into the labor force to replace them.

In Return:

  • It will be a show of good faith towards Mexico, allowing Trump to sit down with Mexican President Peña Nieto and negotiate respectfully as politicians, not business adversaries.
  • The illegal Mexican workers will take the blame for the illegal voting that Trump discovered. This would save the time and resources required for a full scale state by state investigation, paving the way for an honest re-election.
  • For all future public appearances that President Trump makes in the next 4 years, they will ensure that huge crowds are in attendance. (on Trump’s Authority to be absent from work.

This plan could save President Trump a lot of headaches. The question is will he accept?

Given the opportunity Mexican workers will leave America providing benefits to President Trump. Rumors are that China will help them relocate to jobs in other countires.

Montreal Suburb Okays Clear Cut of Rare Trees

This West Island parkette has some of the last rare elm trees on Montreal Island and they will soon be destroyed.


50 years ago Elm Trees with their beautiful umbrella-like canopy could be seen lining streets and fence lines all across Southern Canada. Nearly every town and city has an Elm Street, Rue Elm or Elm Avenue.

Unfortunately most of these trees were hit hard by the accidental (lumber shipments) introduction of Dutch Elm Disease from Asia in the mid 20th century.  Of the estimated 77 million elms in North America in 1930, over 75% had been lost by 1989.

The recent spread of Dutch Elm Disease originated in Asia. The Dutch name comes from the identification of the disease in 1921 by Dutch Scientist Bea Schwarz.

This sign went up announcing a new housing project. It was like the park and trees were put on death row with months to live.

Although the disease killed millions of trees, there is evidence that Elm trees were able to survive century long outbreaks for thousands of years. The main difference is that humans have been cutting these trees and tipped the balance in favour of the disease.

in 1993 the old growth forest in Clayoquot Sound BC was the site of major anti-logging protests.  In this pre-social media protest, thousands went from their cities and towns up to the remote site to stop  the clear cut logging in this important forest.

More trees were cut in urban areas than were to be cut in Clayoquot Sound

What they missed was that each year where they live hundreds of trees are being cut down.  Many would say these trees are important offering large benefits  environmentally and culturally because they are growing where people live.

Almost 25 years later thousands more trees were cut in urban areas than were to be cut in Clayoquot Sound and few have noticed.

Most of Montreal’s suburbs do have tree replacement programs. The issue is they replace full size trees with saplings, and lose a lot of species diversity in the process. A lesson to be learned from the Emerald Ash Borer issue.

Take a look at the trees – or lack or trees in your neighborhood. They are quickly disappearing.

The Zen like Park interior is popular for outdoor fitness, meditation. relaxation. It blocks the sun to provide cooling relief on a hot day and the smells are amazing.

Many large urban trees could be a top quality source for lumber for hardwood floors, furniture and decorative construction. In most cases though, it is either dumped in landfills or burned – adding to the urban winter smog issue.

Elm Street was named for the trees which are now rare. This park has a few of the last ones on the Island. Left uncut elms can live for hundreds of years. Their wood is some of the hardest known.
The majestic Elm has adapted to grow in both rural and urban settings. Survivors of Dutch Elm disease – that are valued by their community – can grow to an enormous and beautiful shade tree.

Read More about Elm Trees:

Visit this park before it is destroyed:      Location on Google Maps

Sauble Elm Famous Tree 1700 -1968

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