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PM Trudeau’s Town Hall Meetings will Cost Taxpayers Thousands of Dollars

Few People Realize that Town Hall Meetings are Not Free

It’s not clear if PM Trudeau doesn’t trust his MP’s feedback from their ridings or if he thinks Canadians have changed in the 15 months since he was elected, but he is meeting Canadians first hand and it will cost taxpayers thousands.

15 months after the election – has Trudeau lost touch with Canadians already?

Not many people realize that Town Hall meetings aren’t free. They were trademarked by two Americans in the 1970’s. Like the Happy Birthday song, it is one of those trademarks that few people know about.

Looking For Justin Trudeau’s Town Hall Meetings Schedule?

 Good Luck, it’s not easy. You can try checking the Prime Minister’s Daily Itinerary or your local Liberal Party web page.  They are trying to use the meetings to collect emails and personal information for future elections.

Although Town Hall type political meetings have been around for almost 400 years, they were held in many different locations. Do you actually know of one that has been held in a town hall?

Shonda Town and Ruben Hall Trademarked “Town Hall” Meetings in the 1970’s – the money continues to pour in

In the 1970’s 2 New England workers Shonda Town and Ruben Hall (a relative of Arsenio

Town and Hall eventually married

Hall) worked for a company that managed buildings used for political meetings. Their job was to clean up after the meetings but they found the politician’s rarely paid for the hall.

Shonda was taking College legal courses at night and suggested they take legal action. After many issues and roadblocks they found that they could trademark the name Town Hall Meeting and this would allow them to take legal action when they weren’t paid.

Who has been to a town hall meeting in an actual Town Hall?

Other trademarks few people know about

Happy Birthday song>     

 Get ready to Rumble>  

 Page Playoff in curling>     

We don’t use the full names as we don’t want to pay the royalty fees

The idea took off for them in the 1977 US Presidential election when Jimmy Carter held a number of Town Hall Meetings.  The resulting royalties has made the pair hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

Over time they developed the royalties to include extras for large crowds and televised events.

Tim Hortons shy’s away from Politics after anti Trudeau boycotts in Alberta

In 2015 Canadian election town halls were often held in Tim Hortons for free. However a number of events in Alberta caused a backlash as anti–Trudeau voters boycotted the chain. The company has shied away from political events since then.

The Trudeau national tour will be paid for by the federal government and Town Hall royalties are paid for in US dollars. The cost to Canadians could be huge.

Remember: You must never, ever give up hope. You are not destined to fail, you are destined to succeed, and if you keep that fact it in mind you won’t go far wrong. The most important trait you can have is confidence in your own abilities.






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