Trudeau Admits Meeting with Khan was a Mistake

A Case of Mistaken Identity

The PM is taking heat over his recent trip to Bell Island a private retreat owned by the Aga Khan, the spiritual leader of the world’s 15 million Ismaili Muslims.

Their similar looks make Cumberbatch a shoe-in to play Trudeau in film


 Thought he was meeting with Benedict Cumberbatch

The trip is seen as a gift and a conflict of interest with the Aga Khan Foundation which receives tens of millions of dollars a year from the Canadian government for international development work.

Behind closed doors Trudeau admitted that he was completely shocked when he was greeted by the Aga Khan. He was expecting Benedict Cumberbatch the actor who played Khan in the Star Trek movie.

Trudeau – acting like Khan could improve his chances dealing with PE Trump

With Trudeau’s good looks and popularity there are plans to make a movie about his adventures. It is well known that Trudeau wants Cumberbatch to play him in the movie, he thought he was going to share tips about himself in person.

Trudeau was also looking for tips on how to play Khan’s character. A proactive move for when he meets with PE Donald Trump.

Trudeau as Khan and Cumberbatch in street clothes show more common looks between the two.

It was an easy mistake as Cumberbatch is tired of fans misspelling his name to make “Cumberpuns” (Cumberlord, Cumbersex, Cumberlove) is now referred to as Khan by his friends.

Trudeau suggested that the Aga Khan is an okay guy but hanging out with his dad’s friends isn’t his idea of a great vacation. On the up side he expressed and interest in financing the film. It is a private deal so there would be no conflict of interest.

We expect Chaka Khan will be getting a PM visit during spring break


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