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Donald Trump’s Big Inauguration Surprise

The Secret Service scrambles as President Elect Trump demands all female Secret Service bodyguard for the inauguration.


As guests and entertainers continue to bail on the Presidential Inauguration, P.E.Trump has decided to take things into his own hands. He is going to surprise everyone with an all female secret service bodyguard.

Everywhere I go people will see beautiful American women, it will be like the Miss America pageant every day.

Trump team insiders explained “He sees this as symbolic, giving American men something to aspire to and showing women they can equally work for powerful men. Also when he has these women in private it will hugely prove the women who said he tried to assault them are big liars.”

This last minute demand  has left the secret service scrambling to select and train agents.

Potential agents are training 24/7 with a focus on self defense

It is a challenge because Trump’s direction for choosing his personal agents focused on the “body” part of Bodyguard.  “Everywhere I go people will see beautiful American women, it will be like the Miss America pageant every day.”

Trump also wants them to dress more fashionable, “Everyone knows the president has bodyguards why hide them in plain suits?”

Trumps criteria for the agents prioritizes the “Body” not the “Guard”

The inside joke is that they will change the agency’s name to “Victoria’s Secret Service.”   “The agents we choose look great in training but who knows what Trump will think of them? We are trying to delay until the agents are prepared but the President Elect wants to make a big impact at the inauguration.”

Female agents aren’t new to the Secret Service but Trump’s criteria on looks is.



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