justin trudeau-bored with ordinary Canadians

Trudeau Answers in French – He’s bored of Ordinary Canadians

 Answering English Questions in French a Sign of PM’s Boredom

A few weeks of meeting small town “Ordinary Canadians” has convinced Justin Trudeau of one thing – Canadians are boring!

Small town hicks keep asking – “What are you doing about this or that?”

Since his election PM Trudeau has traveled to some conferences, hosted foreign leaders, attended fundraisers, and given out a lot of infrastructure money.  He needed to kill time until the house sits again so he came up with the meet ordinary Canadians tour. As fun as the other stuff was this tour is boring as hell.

Justin has been playing tricks at the Town Hall meetings to ease his boredom

Tour insiders say Justin hates “Tim Hortons, “Crappy Tire” and small town hotels, so he was already irritated by spending so much time around them.” Then at each stop these small town hicks keep asking the same questions -“what are you doing about this or that,”  he was hoping they would be excited and fun like they were during the election.”    

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Trudeau has inherited his father’s arrogance. However in public Pierre was arrogant towards political opponents and the media not voters.

With Justin “he has been playing tricks at the Town Hall meetings to ease his boredom: How many questions can I not answer and things like that. Like a person speaking over someone’s intellect. He may have picked this up when he worked as a substitute teacher.”  


With the recent comments about Gatineau becoming bilingual and answering  English questions in French people are catching on. He looks great as a Prime Minister – what more do you want? 


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