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Donald Trump won’t leak his foreign policy plans so we will

 Rebuilding cities, even countries will Make America Great Again

Donald Trump has complained the American government gives away their plans too soon, and ruins the impact of what they are trying to do.  This is the case for his foreign policy plans.

His plan could completely pay off the  $19 Trillion debt and make America the #1 superpower. He is just afraid that other countries like Russia or China will steal his idea.

Trump made Billions on individual properties – How much would a whole city be worth?

Trump has done one thing well and made millions from it –  take rundown, undervalued property and use other people’s money to develop it. It it made him rich.

China has been building it’s ghost cities from scratch and driving their economy – even though the cities are mostly empty  Read More>

Makes you wonder why they don’t take any refugees, they have millions of  vacant apartments.

 Its how America became a superpower after WW2

Now he wants to do the same thing on a worldwide scale. Imagine the city Aleppo in Syria.  Send in the army to make peace, then rebuild the city from scratch. The millions of refuges who fled the conflict could them move home. The US would be like the landlord collecting rent or mortgage payments until they are paid off.

The war is over, the city is a money making machine and the refugees can stay in their own county. It’s win win for everyone

With this plan Trump will have to bring out his golden helmet again

It’s not rocket surgery, its how America became a superpower after WW2. They rebuild much of Europe which turned into huge markets for American made goods.

This plan will definitely Make America Great Again.

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