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Day 1 Scandal – President Trump Listed the White House on Airbnb!

Not sure if it was Airbnb or the Secret Service but this  $70 Million scandal was quickly covered up

White House rentals through Airbnb could have made  President Trump over $70 million per year

People checking the Airbnb site Saturday morning were completely shocked to find the White House posted on the apartment rental website. With 16 bedrooms at  $12,000 per night would have brought in millions in rentals. Even more money than many of Trump’s own hotels make.

The listing was quickly taken down. It’s not clear if Trump’s team or Airbnb removed it.

Melania refused to live in the White House, her heart was set on the big Domed White Palace

The problem began when President Trump and his wife Melania first visited Washington after the election. They had never been to Capital Hill before and Donald was excited to show his wife the Domed White Palace that they would be living in.  They had always thought domed Capital Building was the White House.

Trump the Washington outsider was looking forward to living in the Domed White Palace

This was why the meeting between President Elect Trump and President Obama took so long. They were trying to convince Melania to move into the real White House.

She said it was too old, too small, and too creepy. Insiders say she just didn’t want to spend that much time around Donald as President.

Trump not one to miss a business opportunity decided to make some money on the situation. He felt that there would be enough rich people that wanted to meet him that he could book the White House solid every night.

So far the first Trump scandal has been covered up. More are expected shortly.





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