Habs brendan-gallagher-reinjured

Hab Brendan Gallagher Re-injured by Spell-Check Mistake

 A mix-up in equipment for his safety caused Gallagher to re-break his hand a third time!

Brendan Gallagher’s first time on the ice this year will be his last for a while. Team Training staff were concerned that he would try to take shots while he was on the ice and put stress on his healing injuries.

 He landed directly on his hands and there was a large pop

They sent a text to the equipment manager to remove the blade on his stick so he could not take shots.


Gallagher hit the ice hard then – hit the ice harder

Unfortunately spell check changed the message so that they removed his metal skate blades. Gallagher not realizing this hit the practice ice hard and went flying. Those watching the practice said “He landed directly on his hands and there was a large pop. He won’t be texting for a while”

We are expecting an announcement about the extent of his injuries, from the team, later today.

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