montrealive375 event

Montreal375 Surprise “ICE” Event Took City By Storm

 Montreal Ice375 was an unexpected surprise for all Montrealers, even city staff

montreal-ice-375Montreal is pulling out all the stops as it celebrates it’s 375th Anniversary.

Tuesday the city threw it’s first big surprise event. As residents awoke they found the whole city transformed for Montreal Ice. Cars and trees were beautifully frosted, while streets and sidewalks had a skating rink motif.

The joy could be seen city wide as pedestrians felt the need to wrap arms and hold hands while they strolled the glass-like sidewalks. Many were so overcome they felt the immediate urge to kneel or even lie down on the ground.


Most drivers took their time going to work through the ice themed streets. Driving in unison like many long Tonga lines, they coordinated the pace by honking horns, shouting loudly and using hand gestures. Some spent the whole morning going to work so they would not miss the event.

City staff took the morning off, schools closed, workers stayed home

The level of excitement continued into the afternoon. City Hall and local talk radio shows were inundated with people eager to share their experiences.

In the absence of alternative facts, it is certain that the event set attendance records. Events like this had happened in the past, but for this, . It’s estimated that close to 100% of residents took part in the Montreal Ice 375 Festival.

 Future events include:

  • A downtown interactive maze for cars made entirely out of traffic cones.
  • A farcical street play called Construction Holiday.
  • The Mayor’s ceremonial Cleansing of the Pipes on the shores of the Mighty St. Laurence.

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