north-korean-rocket launch

North Korea Testing President Trump With Moon Launch

North Korean Kim Jong-un is thinking big – trying to launch a missile to the moon!

The rapid development of 3D printers turns space exploration on it’s head. The printer  can be sent ahead like a seed, building everything before humans arrive!

More nuclear tests could get a strong response from the U.S. but what about a moon launch?

In theory a 3D printer could be dropped on the moon and be used to print out everything needed for a lunar outpost, or the cable for a space elevator could be printed in space and put in place on earth without the challenges of gravity.  Native Moon minerals could be harvested and other materials dropped off as required.

As technology improves the 3D printer could upgrade itself

This is what North Korean scientists are counting on, eventually. First they have to get a rocket to the moon, with a payload of a working printer, and supply it with the material to print etc etc etc.

Today’s 3D printed trinkets could be full size missiles in the future

Whether  North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un believes it could work is irrelevant. He can use the idea that he can control the moon. It would rally his citizens and get a response from America through President Trump.



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