Will Trudeau, Pena Nieto, Obama, Thump Trump Over NAFTA?

Justine Trudeau is re-forming the Three Amigos to take on bully Trump over NAFTA.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and Barack Obama have agreed to join Trudeau to triple team Trump in the Boardroom and take him down.


Trudeau, Pena Neito, and Obama can’t wait to get at Trump

President Trump is looking to simply dictate the new terms of the agreement, forcing Mexico and Canada to comply.

The Three Amigos get along like brothers and will triple team Trump with many boardroom tactics. Trump is a tough boardroom negotiator but has weaknesses they can exploit:

 “He is an idiot with numbers for one. He hasn’t figured out that bigly is not a number – it’s barely a word. We will be talking in Pesos, $US, CDN$, and Metric until his head spins.”

“He Doesn’t know the details of NAFTA now so we could negotiate a worse deal for America and he would say he won!”

Trump – unprepared and easily distracted will quickly loose interest in negotiating and try to close the deal.

“If he starts getting some traction we will switch to a mix of Spanish and French. Trump will lose him mind”

 Mr Wonderful, Kevin O’Leary was first choice as a boardroom Pit Bull until he joined the Conservative Leadership Race.


If Trump thinks to bring in advisors who could get the upper hand in the deal, then Trudeau is prepared.

“Trump loves campaigning so we will trick him into doing a referendum on the deal like the Brexit vote. His Ego won’t be able to say no!”



Insiders say Trudeau has growing confidence after Trump agreed to the Keystone pipeline deal. If he is that desperate to create jobs Trudeau will have an upper hand. He just finds the idea of being alone with Trump as creepy.

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