ali-khamenei Iran leader

Iran Responds To Trump Immigration Policy Positively, with A Twist

 Even President Trump had to be Surprised when Iran’s leader proposed a business deal

Iran’s positive response to US immigrant restrictions was expected – they don’t want to let anyone go to the United States. The surprise is that they want to partner up with President Trump in a business deal.

Iran’s leaders have not problem with Immigration Restrictions

President Trump’s positive statements about Waterboarding have caught the attention of people worldwide, mostly in horror, but some as an opportunity.

Trump is the first President they trust to do their Waterboarding properly

Iran’s leaders have indicated that they would like to work with the United States in interrogating prisoners. Like many big businesses have done, Iran and other countries are trying to reduce costs by outsourcing. America has developed an expertise in centralizing their Waterboarding activities in Guantanamo Bay. They seem like they could increase the scope of their Waterboarding without a loss in quality.

The Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen, have also indicated they would like to be included in a deal with the US.

Waterboarding –  though often confused by Google as Wake Boarding – it’s not the same

Their spokesmen have said

“Trump is the first President they trust to do their Waterboarding properly.” “His business background gives them the confidence that the operation will be cost effective and efficient” 

President Trump is expected to relocate the facilities from Guantanamo Bay to mainland USA. The inside story is that it will be to the state of Mississippi – as in 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi…




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