President Trump Angers Palin Over Muslim immigration Ban!

Alaska’s ex Governor Sarah Palin claims Muslims will flock now to her state

President Trump is implementing an executive order restricting  immigrants and refugees from Muslim countries such as Pakistan,Iran, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen.

Palin – caught between Russia and Muslims – we need a wall too!

Ex Governor Palin is very upset saying they will now flood into Alaska and it is hard to identify them visually.

Those close to Palin say she is very concerned saying:

“Their Women look just us in the winter with scarves and what not.” “We Need a wall here too!”


Fear that many Alaskan’s are adopting Muslim clothing restrictions 

Recent  reality TV shows like Alaskan Bush People, Ice Road Truckers, and Deadliest Catch have made Alaska more popular than in the gold rush. It is expected that there will be a large number of people moving their now.

 “It is just like the dog Eddie on the Frasier show. Everyone wanted a Jack Russell Terrier after that. With these reality shows everyone will want to be an Alaskan now!” “We can’t help that.”

Dozens of Alaskans are protesting in support of Palin’s wall Request

When Muslim leaders were questions on this issue they laughed.

“During Ramadan we fast between sunrise and sunset for 6 weeks. If we lived in the land of the midnight sun we would starve wouldn’t we!”

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