Quebec City Mosque Shooting is an issue for all Canadians, not just Muslims

The horrific shooting took place in a place of worship impacting the safety and freedom of all Canadians.

America has become deeply divided through politics, religion, crime and hate. We need to stick together as Canadians, making sure we have one strong unified Canada!

We’ve all seen it the news – a story involving a visible minority, religion or race. Where the reported is a visible match to the group and the story is as much about the group as the incident. So many people pass over it as though it is not about them.

How many Amber Alerts do you remember hearing for a Native Canadian child? They go missing too!

Native women went missing for years with nothing being done. Many Canadians felt it was not about them, and ignored it.  It took years of work and protests by the families and friends of this missing women to convince Canadians that it was their issue too.

When people hear of violence against women many say – “I’ve got daughters, this is very important to me.” What about their sons? Caring shouldn’t be gender related.

Hard to believe that Canadians would be against any type of head covering – especially in winter!

For decades Canadians were proud that we provided U.N. peacekeepers to war torn countries. Peacekeepers set the example of treating people fairly, setting an example of how to get along and live together.

In Canada we need to get this attitude back.

There were thousands of Canadians protesting President Trump in the U.S.  The Quebec City Mosque shooting is in Canada. All Canadians need to get involved so it does not happen again.

More info:

A great place to lend your support for Muslim Canadians. The hate crime map might surprise you – National Council Of Canadian Muslims Click for more>

Canadian Multiculturalism Act, 1985

An Act for the preservation and enhancement of multiculturalism in Canada

WHEREAS the Constitution of Canada provides that every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and benefit of the law without discrimination and that everyone has the freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief, opinion, expression, peaceful assembly and association and guarantees those rights and freedoms equally to male and female persons;

Not a fan of Multiculturalism – it’s the law in Canada, if you don’t like it, you can always move. (Let us know where you would go) Click for more>
The Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) is founded on the collective goal to enhance, promote, and foster the social, economic, cultural and political well-being of First Nations and Métis women within First Nation, Métis and Canadian societies. Click for more>






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