President trump-statue

President Trump already planning legacy statue to dominate Washington skyline

Donald Trump and his supporters believe he is off to the best start of any President in American history.  He wants recognition for that.

While American Presidents traditionally have their official portrait painted, and build a library when they leave office, President Trump wants much more as his legacy.  He has challenged his team to come up with a statue for him that will dominate the Washington DC skyline.

Believe me – President Trump would prefer a large dominating gold tower similar to the Trump Tower in Las Vegas. It would be the biggest monument in the city and symbolize the type of buildings that made him rich.

It is early in his presidency but Trump wants to start now to make sure that the project is completed before his 4 year term is up. It is rumored that his supporters will be able to donate to the Trump Charity Fund which will split the cost with Government funds.

President Trump says that it will give Americans something incredible to look up to as he makes America great again. It will cost millions to build but will create a big source of jobs through his construction company.

An alternate suggestion called for a replica of one of Trump’s famous hands pointing skyward with lazer lights shooting off into space. This was rejected as Trump feared the hand would be too small.



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