Trudeau paused U.N.peacekeeping decision because of uncertainty around Trump

The Trudeau Liberals may have made a mistake in deciding to get President Trump’s okay before finalizing Canada’s  U.N. peacekeeping plan. While the traditional first meeting for a US President is with Canada’s PM, Trump is different. He has pushed it back for a month, and set the agenda as full on NAFTA negotiations, not feeling each other out.

The Keystone pipeline deal was approved by Trump without looking at the details or speaking to Trudeau. He asked an advisor include that the steel used would be made in America and signed it without reading it. Could he have signed something with small print that could be used against him? Or does he know that the American capacity to produce the steel is years away so there is no risk it will be completed?

It’s not clear if Chicago’s crime ridden inner city needs peace keepers or peace makers.

This puts Trudeau in a tough position. U.N. Allies are pushing for Canada’s plan and are getting impatient. It has been over five months since Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan and former foreign affairs minister Stephane Dion announced the commitment of over 700 troops and police officers to international peace missions.

The question is where are they to be deployed?

P.M. Trudeau and his cabinet thought they had the ideal plan, but with Trump’s erratic behavior they are unsure he will go along with it.

They want to send Canadian Blue Helmet Peace Keepers into the crime infested inner city of Chicago. The murders, incidents with weapons, assault and robbery are in line with many war zones worldwide. The relationship between the police and criminals is confrontational – the ideal situation for peace keepers, to Re-Unit a Nation (code named Project RUN).

The original plan was to use NATO troops but they are outfitted with equipment similar to US Police. The Blue Helmets and white vehicles may allow the peace keepers to get between the Criminals, Police and the Victims as they would in a war zone,

The Liberals wanted to support Trump in reducing inner city crime and to double down on the UN support payment gap, by spending it in the U.S.A. They hoped this would please Trump and make it easier to negotiate the NAFA and TPP trade agreements.

American murder and crime rates are similar to those in war zones. Chicago’s inner city has the highest incidents of Murder and weapon assaults in the country. Peacekeepers may be the ideal solution 

Trump shocked Trudeau by immediately cancelling the TPP, taking action to close American borders and creating American jobs. This plan did not support these and they were not sure if President Trump would like it. They did not want to announce this project without his approval. Chicago is also violent enough that pollsters do not work there so they could not build facts to support their idea.

Plan “B”

During the recent Calgary caucus meetings they made some adaptations to the plan.  Trump wants to deport many illegal Mexican workers. This will create a large number of jobs in their absence. The Liberal strategists would use the Canadian NATO contingent to round up and take these people to the border.

President Trump’s challenge will be to find and deport illegal Mexicans. Many Americans would volunteer for the job – and may be doing it already –  but it could easily turn into a lynch mob. Impartial soldiers from Canada may be the solution. 

If Trump approves this plan it would allow Trudeau to Support his key initiatives including: deporting Mexican illegals, reduce inner city crime, create jobs and help Canada catch up on NATO and UN back payments. 

The problem is Prime Minister Trudeau may not get to meet to get his approval on the plan for months. What will he do?


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Iran Responds To Trump Immigration Policy Positively, with A Twist

 Even President Trump had to be Surprised when Iran’s leader proposed a business deal

Iran’s positive response to US immigrant restrictions was expected – they don’t want to let anyone go to the United States. The surprise is that they want to partner up with President Trump in a business deal.

Iran’s leaders have not problem with Immigration Restrictions

President Trump’s positive statements about Waterboarding have caught the attention of people worldwide, mostly in horror, but some as an opportunity.

Trump is the first President they trust to do their Waterboarding properly

Iran’s leaders have indicated that they would like to work with the United States in interrogating prisoners. Like many big businesses have done, Iran and other countries are trying to reduce costs by outsourcing. America has developed an expertise in centralizing their Waterboarding activities in Guantanamo Bay. They seem like they could increase the scope of their Waterboarding without a loss in quality.

The Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen, have also indicated they would like to be included in a deal with the US.

Waterboarding –  though often confused by Google as Wake Boarding – it’s not the same

Their spokesmen have said

“Trump is the first President they trust to do their Waterboarding properly.” “His business background gives them the confidence that the operation will be cost effective and efficient” 

President Trump is expected to relocate the facilities from Guantanamo Bay to mainland USA. The inside story is that it will be to the state of Mississippi – as in 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi…



Facebook Fake News Censorship Plan Was Challenged by Trump, Jokes, Ads

 Early fake news algorithm censored Jokes, Oxymorons, Extended Sales and Donald Trump!

Facebook’s launched a toned down Fake News censoring Algorithm was today after months of failures.

Early Algorithms took the fun and money out of Facebook


Facebook’s first tries at censoring fake news had some big effects on it’s content and advertising revenues that had to be quickly repaired. Including:

  • Ads for extended sales like Black Friday “Week”.
  • Fake events like Santa’s Birthday Party or Stag at Bars.
  • Oxymoron’s like “Military Intelligence” were removed from jokes and news stories.
  • All April fools jokes and videos were flagged and jammed the system.
  • Donald Trump’s “Trump-isms” and Alternative Facts were a huge challenge.  Are they right or not?

Facebook claim’s to have gotten it right this time but it will take time to know for sure.

President Trump Angers Palin Over Muslim immigration Ban!

Alaska’s ex Governor Sarah Palin claims Muslims will flock now to her state

President Trump is implementing an executive order restricting  immigrants and refugees from Muslim countries such as Pakistan,Iran, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen.

Palin – caught between Russia and Muslims – we need a wall too!

Ex Governor Palin is very upset saying they will now flood into Alaska and it is hard to identify them visually.

Those close to Palin say she is very concerned saying:

“Their Women look just us in the winter with scarves and what not.” “We Need a wall here too!”


Fear that many Alaskan’s are adopting Muslim clothing restrictions 

Recent  reality TV shows like Alaskan Bush People, Ice Road Truckers, and Deadliest Catch have made Alaska more popular than in the gold rush. It is expected that there will be a large number of people moving their now.

 “It is just like the dog Eddie on the Frasier show. Everyone wanted a Jack Russell Terrier after that. With these reality shows everyone will want to be an Alaskan now!” “We can’t help that.”

Dozens of Alaskans are protesting in support of Palin’s wall Request

When Muslim leaders were questions on this issue they laughed.

“During Ramadan we fast between sunrise and sunset for 6 weeks. If we lived in the land of the midnight sun we would starve wouldn’t we!”

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North Korea Testing President Trump With Moon Launch

North Korean Kim Jong-un is thinking big – trying to launch a missile to the moon!

The rapid development of 3D printers turns space exploration on it’s head. The printer  can be sent ahead like a seed, building everything before humans arrive!

More nuclear tests could get a strong response from the U.S. but what about a moon launch?

In theory a 3D printer could be dropped on the moon and be used to print out everything needed for a lunar outpost, or the cable for a space elevator could be printed in space and put in place on earth without the challenges of gravity.  Native Moon minerals could be harvested and other materials dropped off as required.

As technology improves the 3D printer could upgrade itself

This is what North Korean scientists are counting on, eventually. First they have to get a rocket to the moon, with a payload of a working printer, and supply it with the material to print etc etc etc.

Today’s 3D printed trinkets could be full size missiles in the future

Whether  North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un believes it could work is irrelevant. He can use the idea that he can control the moon. It would rally his citizens and get a response from America through President Trump.


Will Trudeau, Pena Nieto, Obama, Thump Trump Over NAFTA?

Justine Trudeau is re-forming the Three Amigos to take on bully Trump over NAFTA.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and Barack Obama have agreed to join Trudeau to triple team Trump in the Boardroom and take him down.


Trudeau, Pena Neito, and Obama can’t wait to get at Trump

President Trump is looking to simply dictate the new terms of the agreement, forcing Mexico and Canada to comply.

The Three Amigos get along like brothers and will triple team Trump with many boardroom tactics. Trump is a tough boardroom negotiator but has weaknesses they can exploit:

 “He is an idiot with numbers for one. He hasn’t figured out that bigly is not a number – it’s barely a word. We will be talking in Pesos, $US, CDN$, and Metric until his head spins.”

“He Doesn’t know the details of NAFTA now so we could negotiate a worse deal for America and he would say he won!”

Trump – unprepared and easily distracted will quickly loose interest in negotiating and try to close the deal.

“If he starts getting some traction we will switch to a mix of Spanish and French. Trump will lose him mind”

 Mr Wonderful, Kevin O’Leary was first choice as a boardroom Pit Bull until he joined the Conservative Leadership Race.


If Trump thinks to bring in advisors who could get the upper hand in the deal, then Trudeau is prepared.

“Trump loves campaigning so we will trick him into doing a referendum on the deal like the Brexit vote. His Ego won’t be able to say no!”



Insiders say Trudeau has growing confidence after Trump agreed to the Keystone pipeline deal. If he is that desperate to create jobs Trudeau will have an upper hand. He just finds the idea of being alone with Trump as creepy.

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Montreal375 Surprise “ICE” Event Took City By Storm

 Montreal Ice375 was an unexpected surprise for all Montrealers, even city staff

montreal-ice-375Montreal is pulling out all the stops as it celebrates it’s 375th Anniversary.

Tuesday the city threw it’s first big surprise event. As residents awoke they found the whole city transformed for Montreal Ice. Cars and trees were beautifully frosted, while streets and sidewalks had a skating rink motif.

The joy could be seen city wide as pedestrians felt the need to wrap arms and hold hands while they strolled the glass-like sidewalks. Many were so overcome they felt the immediate urge to kneel or even lie down on the ground.


Most drivers took their time going to work through the ice themed streets. Driving in unison like many long Tonga lines, they coordinated the pace by honking horns, shouting loudly and using hand gestures. Some spent the whole morning going to work so they would not miss the event.

City staff took the morning off, schools closed, workers stayed home

The level of excitement continued into the afternoon. City Hall and local talk radio shows were inundated with people eager to share their experiences.

In the absence of alternative facts, it is certain that the event set attendance records. Events like this had happened in the past, but for this, . It’s estimated that close to 100% of residents took part in the Montreal Ice 375 Festival.

 Future events include:

  • A downtown interactive maze for cars made entirely out of traffic cones.
  • A farcical street play called Construction Holiday.
  • The Mayor’s ceremonial Cleansing of the Pipes on the shores of the Mighty St. Laurence.

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