Trudeau Answers in French – He’s bored of Ordinary Canadians

 Answering English Questions in French a Sign of PM’s Boredom

A few weeks of meeting small town “Ordinary Canadians” has convinced Justin Trudeau of one thing – Canadians are boring!

Small town hicks keep asking – “What are you doing about this or that?”

Since his election PM Trudeau has traveled to some conferences, hosted foreign leaders, attended fundraisers, and given out a lot of infrastructure money.  He needed to kill time until the house sits again so he came up with the meet ordinary Canadians tour. As fun as the other stuff was this tour is boring as hell.

Justin has been playing tricks at the Town Hall meetings to ease his boredom

Tour insiders say Justin hates “Tim Hortons, “Crappy Tire” and small town hotels, so he was already irritated by spending so much time around them.” Then at each stop these small town hicks keep asking the same questions -“what are you doing about this or that,”  he was hoping they would be excited and fun like they were during the election.”    

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Trudeau has inherited his father’s arrogance. However in public Pierre was arrogant towards political opponents and the media not voters.

With Justin “he has been playing tricks at the Town Hall meetings to ease his boredom: How many questions can I not answer and things like that. Like a person speaking over someone’s intellect. He may have picked this up when he worked as a substitute teacher.”  


With the recent comments about Gatineau becoming bilingual and answering  English questions in French people are catching on. He looks great as a Prime Minister – what more do you want? 


Montreal’s War on Transit – Conspiracy or Stupidity

 Montreal had unsafe roads and inadequate transit. The roads are fixed, so now they are replacing them. Why not upgrade transit first?

Getting trial is a marketer’s goal. Forced trial is a dream.

Montreal is in over a decade of road construction. Main roads accessing downtown are systematically reduced to one lane weekdays and are closed on weekends – a commuter’s nightmare – for years!

 Montreal Commuters have little choice but to sit in gridlock – for years

Fix the roads first, worry about commuters…well… I guess never

The perfect opportunity for transit to gain trial by thousands of new riders just by being there. It may not be forced trial but it’s close. Who chooses hours of gridlock in a car when you can take the train and play with your phone.

If the roads are gridlocked let’s add more buses

Their brilliant solution?

Add more buses  to the same roads that are gridlocked by construction!  Right up there with drilling a hole in a leaky boat to let the water out.

They have many problems  (see below) but there was a better solution than adding buses.

Montreal just spent years and $100’s of millions repair their roads so they would last long enough for them to be replaced (a story for another time).

As soon as the repairs were done they immediately started tearing it all down. The start of 7-8 years of  traffic gridlock. Then, then they will upgrade the train and metro system. IT MAKES NO SENSE!

Hurry up on the repairs, we have to tear it down

A solution:

How about after they fix the roads, keep using them for a few years while the transit is updated?

Then, when they do,  the roads people will have a great transit system to use. If they get good service they won’t switch back to cars.

The question is what is going on? Is the Transit management team that bad? Unable to plan for the future?  Possibly Stupid?

Transit is tough to access for many Montreal residents

 Are road construction companies still calling the shots in Montreal?

Some think it is the construction industry, still in control of the government’s construction. They can’t get 30% kickbacks now but they can do big projects and cut on quality.

They repaired the bridges and overpasses just well enough to tear them down again .Maybe they won’t last 3-4 years without showing the poor workmanship.

The transit construction will involve other companies for the bulk of the work. If road construction is cut for a few years what will these road construction companies do?

We may never know the truth other than Montreal commuters are getting the shaft again.

The Montreal Transit System is a Mess.

  • They don’t have the infrastructure of trains to properly service the whole city. Bus routes are mismanaged and unreliable for many customers.
  • Management seems out of touch with technology. There is no current technology to provide transit info, sell tickets or give real time system updates to riders. They seem to always be testing but never implement. They don’t realize we know other cities have had this technology for years.
  • Customer service is not a priority. If there is a breakdown or delay riders have no info on what to do. Drive-thru quality intercoms garble something and ask the staff for help and you will quickly understand what the trolls do when they are not accosting someone on twitter.
  • The Metro is constantly having shutdowns stranding commuters for hours.
Guess how long we have to wait?



Donald Trump’s Big Inauguration Surprise

The Secret Service scrambles as President Elect Trump demands all female Secret Service bodyguard for the inauguration.


As guests and entertainers continue to bail on the Presidential Inauguration, P.E.Trump has decided to take things into his own hands. He is going to surprise everyone with an all female secret service bodyguard.

Everywhere I go people will see beautiful American women, it will be like the Miss America pageant every day.

Trump team insiders explained “He sees this as symbolic, giving American men something to aspire to and showing women they can equally work for powerful men. Also when he has these women in private it will hugely prove the women who said he tried to assault them are big liars.”

This last minute demand  has left the secret service scrambling to select and train agents.

Potential agents are training 24/7 with a focus on self defense

It is a challenge because Trump’s direction for choosing his personal agents focused on the “body” part of Bodyguard.  “Everywhere I go people will see beautiful American women, it will be like the Miss America pageant every day.”

Trump also wants them to dress more fashionable, “Everyone knows the president has bodyguards why hide them in plain suits?”

Trumps criteria for the agents prioritizes the “Body” not the “Guard”

The inside joke is that they will change the agency’s name to “Victoria’s Secret Service.”   “The agents we choose look great in training but who knows what Trump will think of them? We are trying to delay until the agents are prepared but the President Elect wants to make a big impact at the inauguration.”

Female agents aren’t new to the Secret Service but Trump’s criteria on looks is.


Trump Reveals Trade Policy – Stop Trading and Sell

 In interviews with European reporters  P.E. Trump has revealed details of his International Trade Program.


P.E. Donald Trump has revealed that he will be scrapping America’s foreign trade international-tradecompletely. Instead he will be selling American goods. He explained the reason for a trade deficit is simple –  When products are traded there is no value to track with them with.

By selling everything to foreigners the money can be tracked and the government can also collect super amounts of taxes.

The only issue to be resolved is what to do with all the foreign money that comes into America from these sales – Americans want American Dollars not foreign money.

It is rumored that Trump – indirectly through his family – would build Trump hotels in all of the foreign countries allowing them to exchange for American dollars.


PM Trudeau’s Town Hall Meetings will Cost Taxpayers Thousands of Dollars

Few People Realize that Town Hall Meetings are Not Free

It’s not clear if PM Trudeau doesn’t trust his MP’s feedback from their ridings or if he thinks Canadians have changed in the 15 months since he was elected, but he is meeting Canadians first hand and it will cost taxpayers thousands.

15 months after the election – has Trudeau lost touch with Canadians already?

Not many people realize that Town Hall meetings aren’t free. They were trademarked by two Americans in the 1970’s. Like the Happy Birthday song, it is one of those trademarks that few people know about.

Looking For Justin Trudeau’s Town Hall Meetings Schedule?

 Good Luck, it’s not easy. You can try checking the Prime Minister’s Daily Itinerary or your local Liberal Party web page.  They are trying to use the meetings to collect emails and personal information for future elections.

Although Town Hall type political meetings have been around for almost 400 years, they were held in many different locations. Do you actually know of one that has been held in a town hall?

Shonda Town and Ruben Hall Trademarked “Town Hall” Meetings in the 1970’s – the money continues to pour in

In the 1970’s 2 New England workers Shonda Town and Ruben Hall (a relative of Arsenio

Town and Hall eventually married

Hall) worked for a company that managed buildings used for political meetings. Their job was to clean up after the meetings but they found the politician’s rarely paid for the hall.

Shonda was taking College legal courses at night and suggested they take legal action. After many issues and roadblocks they found that they could trademark the name Town Hall Meeting and this would allow them to take legal action when they weren’t paid.

Who has been to a town hall meeting in an actual Town Hall?

Other trademarks few people know about

Happy Birthday song>     

 Get ready to Rumble>  

 Page Playoff in curling>     

We don’t use the full names as we don’t want to pay the royalty fees

The idea took off for them in the 1977 US Presidential election when Jimmy Carter held a number of Town Hall Meetings.  The resulting royalties has made the pair hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

Over time they developed the royalties to include extras for large crowds and televised events.

Tim Hortons shy’s away from Politics after anti Trudeau boycotts in Alberta

In 2015 Canadian election town halls were often held in Tim Hortons for free. However a number of events in Alberta caused a backlash as anti–Trudeau voters boycotted the chain. The company has shied away from political events since then.

The Trudeau national tour will be paid for by the federal government and Town Hall royalties are paid for in US dollars. The cost to Canadians could be huge.

Remember: You must never, ever give up hope. You are not destined to fail, you are destined to succeed, and if you keep that fact it in mind you won’t go far wrong. The most important trait you can have is confidence in your own abilities.





Trudeau Admits Meeting with Khan was a Mistake

A Case of Mistaken Identity

The PM is taking heat over his recent trip to Bell Island a private retreat owned by the Aga Khan, the spiritual leader of the world’s 15 million Ismaili Muslims.

Their similar looks make Cumberbatch a shoe-in to play Trudeau in film


 Thought he was meeting with Benedict Cumberbatch

The trip is seen as a gift and a conflict of interest with the Aga Khan Foundation which receives tens of millions of dollars a year from the Canadian government for international development work.

Behind closed doors Trudeau admitted that he was completely shocked when he was greeted by the Aga Khan. He was expecting Benedict Cumberbatch the actor who played Khan in the Star Trek movie.

Trudeau – acting like Khan could improve his chances dealing with PE Trump

With Trudeau’s good looks and popularity there are plans to make a movie about his adventures. It is well known that Trudeau wants Cumberbatch to play him in the movie, he thought he was going to share tips about himself in person.

Trudeau was also looking for tips on how to play Khan’s character. A proactive move for when he meets with PE Donald Trump.

Trudeau as Khan and Cumberbatch in street clothes show more common looks between the two.

It was an easy mistake as Cumberbatch is tired of fans misspelling his name to make “Cumberpuns” (Cumberlord, Cumbersex, Cumberlove) is now referred to as Khan by his friends.

Trudeau suggested that the Aga Khan is an okay guy but hanging out with his dad’s friends isn’t his idea of a great vacation. On the up side he expressed and interest in financing the film. It is a private deal so there would be no conflict of interest.

We expect Chaka Khan will be getting a PM visit during spring break