Billions in Trudeau Govt infrastructure cash was spent on cosmetics

The Trudeau Liberals promised that infrastructure cash would be spread easily across Canada and it was – in a layer 1 inch thick.

The Liberals gave out buckets of infrastructure money in 2016 most of it was used for cosmetic road repairs

After their election win the Trudeau Government smugly handed out billions in infrastructure cash. They talked about big projects to get the economy going. What they gave us was a national pavement cosmetic facelift.

The provincial and municipal governments on the receiving end of the cash wanted to maximize their spending power to gain the most votes for themselves. They paved every road they could.

We need good roads, the problem is they didn’t do the traditional tear down and repave the whole road. They scraped off the top inch of pavement and and put down a nice looking – but superficial – 1″ layer of asphalt.

So everyone is happy with a all these smooth new roads, until a year or so down the road when it cracks and falls apart.

Paving companies doubled down on their profits by recycling the 1″ of pavement they removed and sold it to homeowners as new driveway pavement.

So the National Debt increases, Paving companies line their pockets (knowing they will get to repave these roads again in a year or two) and politicians take credit for all these great roads they gave us. Lucky us….


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