Billions in Trudeau Govt infrastructure cash was spent on cosmetics

The Trudeau Liberals promised that infrastructure cash would be spread easily across Canada and it was – in a layer 1 inch thick.

The Liberals gave out buckets of infrastructure money in 2016 most of it was used for cosmetic road repairs

After their election win the Trudeau Government smugly handed out billions in infrastructure cash. They talked about big projects to get the economy going. What they gave us was a national pavement cosmetic facelift.

The provincial and municipal governments on the receiving end of the cash wanted to maximize their spending power to gain the most votes for themselves. They paved every road they could.

We need good roads, the problem is they didn’t do the traditional tear down and repave the whole road. They scraped off the top inch of pavement and and put down a nice looking – but superficial – 1″ layer of asphalt.

So everyone is happy with a all these smooth new roads, until a year or so down the road when it cracks and falls apart.

Paving companies doubled down on their profits by recycling the 1″ of pavement they removed and sold it to homeowners as new driveway pavement.

So the National Debt increases, Paving companies line their pockets (knowing they will get to repave these roads again in a year or two) and politicians take credit for all these great roads they gave us. Lucky us….


Trump takes a “hands-on” approach with White House interns

After 10 days in office President Trump has made it clear that he will be involved with the White House interns

President Trump keeps a close eye on his interns

President Trump has shown that he is committed to taking a hands-on approach with his White House interns.  What else is there to say?

  • A watchful eye?
  • Working under him?
  • Lend them a hand?
  • Put himself in their shoes?
  • Handle them himself?
  • Under his thumb?
  • Get a grip on the interns?
  • They say he is always handy?
  • The Nicknamed him the “Handler”?
Being covered in orange spray tan is like a badge of approval for Interns


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White House Kitchen Staff Surprised President Trump likes their food!

After 2 weeks he hasn’t complained about the additives in his food

White House Kitchen staff won’t admit to rumors that they are spitting in President Trump’s food, but they are surprised at how much he likes the food.

White House Staff enjoy giving Trump payback for being so rude. They just can’t believe he doesn’t notice -especially the amount of “Chic Pea”

Obviously they can’t admit the special food additives bugs and phlegm to the President’s diet. Especially if they want to keep doing it and to keep their jobs. They are just having problems keeping it a secret because of the shock of him not noticing -they just keep talking about it.


Donald Trump was an early adopter of food additives

Members of the Press Core say they know the reason why – He has been eating spit in his food for years.

 “It’s been an inside joke in the Hospitality industry for years. Staff fight over the change to spit in or do other gross things to his meals.” “He has been eating shit in his food for so long that if he ate something without it would taste funny.”

Others added , “Trump hasn’t had a home cooked meal since the 1980’s so you can imagine how creative these Chefs have become” “But it took sick turn when the story broke about Trump with the Russian Hookers”  “He’s had every variety of “Chic Pea” if you know what I mean.”    \

Whether you like President Trump or not – You have to hope that he will hire a food taster soon.


Helicopter Parent backlash, their Helicopter Kids are taking over!

 Millennials embarrassed by their parents inability to keep up with change are taking over their parents lives.

Whether a Hipster, Haul Girl, SeaPunk, Goth, Nerd, or Geek Feminist they are all concerned about their parent’s image

Controlling helicopter parents are now getting the backlash from their adult children. Raised under the umbrella of perfection they are turning the tables on their parents.

When they were younger it was funny when their parents were scared of technology – smart phones, the internet, programing VCR clocks

When they were kids Millennials joked about their parents not being able to program their VCR clock, save numbers on their flip phone, and showed fear of the internet. As adults they don’t find it funny anymore. They don’t want to be embarrassed in front of their friends or work colleagues in public or online. So they are flipping roles with their helicopter parents.

When the kids were young their parents could wear terrible clothes but their friends rarely saw them so they didn’t care.

As millennial kids hit their late teens they began with  giving parents direction and advice about what was appropriate. But they never crossed paths socially  so that was as far as it went.

Over time this advice backfired as parents became more courageous with technology and social media. This made their lifestyle intersect with their adult children and it was not pretty.

Taking over their parents social media profiles like a corporate webmaster

Embarrassing social media posts left the kids wide open for ridicule from their online friends and they did not like it. The solution was something they learned directly from their parents as they were growing up – the Helicopter method.

Helicopter kids drew the line when their parent’s “inappropriate” content hit social media

They have taken to going through their parents wardrobe like a reality show – purging what they don’t approval of and giving direction on what to buy. Many are using apps to put together and schedule their parents daily wardrobe choices.

They are also taking over their parents social media profiles like they are a corporate webmaster. They approve any photos that are uploaded, and have passwords so they can delete any comments, tweets or likes they don’t approve.

It sounds pretty harsh but that is the way they were brought up.

Have you seen this behavior in your circle of friends?

What you must always remember is that change is good for you, that in the long-term everything transforms itself from the lower to the higher.


Alec Baldwin’s impression of Trump is a step towards him running in 2020 Election

Democrats are pinning their hopes on Alec Baldwin as their Presidential candidate in 2020. Katy Perry a potential VP!

Democrats feel Alec Baldwin and Katy Perry would be the ideal tag team to take on Trump.

As Democrats recover from their election loss they looks towards rebuilding the party for the 2020 election. Many say that they need to get someone with celebrity status like Donald Trump who can have a populist impact in the election.

Insiders feel that Alec Baldwin would be idea in the role of President. He is intelligent, politically aware -a Washington outsider – and can imitate Trump in all the ways people like.

Seeing Katy Perry with a Baldwin would make voters very happy

Democratic Party members revealed:  “People think that Alec imitated Trump just for fun, but he is building up his credibility with Trump haters who think it’s funny and Trump lovers who can’t tell them apart.” “He will be a shoe-in for President”

As much as they like  Alec Baldwin, party insiders much prefer Katy Perry as a candidate. “We love Katy but think 2020 is too soon for her. It would make sense for her to run as Baldwin’s VP and then shoot for President in 2024.” “When we reveal Katy with a Baldwin all Americans will be happy.

Baldwin and Perry are expected to spend the next 4 years trashing Trump at every opportunity.