Trump Obamacare scam

Trump’s wonderful “New” Healthcare bill – how did he do it?

The Trump administration basically dropped the nickname “Obamacare” and gave the same plan back to the people. Is Trump a Sales guru a Branding genius or something more sinister?


Trump Pense healthcare scam
Trump is good a selling but no-one is that good!

President Trump is starting to get freaked out about how much he can get away with. Even a group of complete idiots shouldn’t be this dumb.

Like a Teflon flim flam man the crazier he gets them more it seems to make sense to his followers.

Is Donald Trump a Master… of Mass Hypnosis?

Trumps ability to say and do whatever he wants unnatural and people are beginning to think his show The Apprentice was some sort of mass hypnosis tool. Trump put viewers under during commercials and at the start of the show to keep the ratings up. The at the end he would say the key phrase  “your fired”to wake them up.

Donald Trump negotiation secrets
Has Trump found the secrets to mass hypnosis or Jedi mind tricks? Seems he can do ridiculous things and get away with it.Enter a caption


Trump hasn’t said “your fired” for a while so the theory is that he was able to put people under during his inauguration ceremony. Security kept people away from the live proceedings so  Trump could hypnotize them through the TV and social media.

Star Wars fans think Trump is using Jedi mind tricks

Others liken President Trump’s abilities to a Jedi from Star Wars. They know an experienced Jedi can use the Force to implant a suggestion in the minds of those they encounter, encouraging them to comply with the Jedi’s wishes.

President Trump rarely gives plans, facts or figures to convince people. Instead he makes Jedi like suggestions – “I am the only one who can do it”, “it will be bigger and better”, “trust me”, “the media is fake news”.

His craziest tweets are made at night so people see them as they are waking up and a bit hazy. No other politician has been able to do what he has – is he a Jedi master?

Trump the Conman

Trump Obamacare scam
Obamacare vs Affordable Healthcare – Easier than a bait and switch – just change the name and they love it.

Now Trump has successfully convinced the nation that Obamacare – the nickname for the Affordable Healthcare program – is a completely separate healthcare plan that must be cancelled. Then he can kill the nickname and give the same thing back without any changes and people love it. It could be the biggest con since Bre-X gold investment scam of the 1990’s The more ridiculous it sounds the more believable it is to his followers.

Have you fallen under Trump’s powers?

Do people know the two plans are the same?

Obamacare vs Affordable Care 2013

Obamacare vs Affordable Care 2017




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