100% off extreme coupon riot

100% Off coupon causes fight between store owner and Extreme Coupon shoppers

A 100% off coupon caused  a near riot with Hundreds of shoppers in McComb, Mississippi fashion store.

100% off coupon

McComb Mississippi:   In an ugly scene normally saved for Black Friday, hundreds of angry shoppers vandalized De Loxy Fashions. The customers were excited by the store’s 100% off coupons. They were expecting to use them to get free clothing.

It was like a food fight with clothes!

The store’s owner Roy De Lox was happy with the shopping frenzy until the customers tried to pay with just the coupons. When he realized what they were trying to do he threw everyone out of the store  and locked the door.

Store staff said “it was like a food fight with clothes” as customers made an angry exit. “Then they started messing up the front of the store with garbage, lipstick anything they could find.”

We mark things up 100%, so 100% Off means everything is half price!

Mr De Lox was very upset with the customers“We wanted to clear out inventory to make room for spring fashions.” “Since we mark things up 100%, so 100% off means everything is half price, not free!” “These people are crazy if they think we are giving the whole store away for free.”

” We work hard and give 110% every day and then a bunch of crazy customers show up and try to take things for free” continued Mr De Lox

Police cleared the shoppers away and no charges were laid. The Federal Bureau of consumer protection is investigating.

100% off extreme coupon riot
The fashion store was vandalized by the Angry Extreme Coupon crowd

McComb is the hometown of superstar Brittney Spears and her sister Jamie Lynn Spears. It is not known if they shop at this store.

100% off extreme coupon riot
The 100% Off coupon that started it all




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