KellyAnne Conway Saturday Night Live

Trump approves KellyAnne Conway appearance on SNL with new Microwave cameras.

For months Saturday Night Live producers have been asking KellyAnne Conway to join the show.  Finally Steve Bannon has allowed President Trump to let her join the cast.

KellyAnne Conway SNL Microwave Camera
Saturday Night Live will be the first show to broadcast using only microwave cameras and compulsive liars.

Donald Trump is a natural showman and has built a White House staff that has some of the most talented comics in the world. Shows like Saturday Night Live have been struggling to come up with comedy sketches that are funnier than the real thing.

Now the show’s producers have taken the opportunity to grab KellyAnne Conway – a key Trump advisor that the President has tossed aside.

KellyAnne Conway Saturday Night Live
KellyAnne brings a lot of characters to SNL – Woody Woodpecker, Ivanka Trump, 1st lady Jackie Kennedy, and the Legless Fact Checker!

Conway has a huge following on social media and traditional media where people love to laugh at her. She has many popular characters that have gone viral, but she excels at Improv. In interviews with news media she has made up facts on the spot delivered them with a serious deadpan face. She is not a afraid to break boundaries as when she made up terrorist attacks on American soil.

Microwave cameras KellyAnne Conway SNL
Crews are working fast to setup the new microwave cameras Russia and CIA offices are excited about getting the broadcast directly.

The show will be a first as it will be filmed exclusively by microwave cameras. These were brought to the forefront by Conway (in a rare fit of seriousness). She explained to CNN that while popular in Russia,  most Americans were unaware their microwaves had cameras. The exact date of the show is still to be announced by Saturday Night Live Staff.

KellyAnne Conway SNL Parody
KellyAnne is a great singer and does a Conway Twitty cover – Lying here with Donald on my mind!


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