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The Reason Justin Trudeau had NYE Celebrations on Parliament Hill Cancelled

It’s Not The Cold, It’s the Potential of Harm From Security Technology.

Reason NYE on Parliment will was cancelled
Trudeau agreed that NYE should be cancelled for public safety.

In the summer of 2017 security was beefed up for public events in many countries. In Canada two big summer events with maximum security were; the Charles and Camila Royal tour and the Canada Day celebrations on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

They were bombarded by EMF Radiation from all sides

The security on Canada Day in Ottawa was slow and disorganized. Tens of thousands of people waited up to 8 hours in the streets around the hill trying to get through the security to the event. If terrorists had attempted an attack, these people would have been sitting ducks.

Canadians Bombarded by EMF
On Canada Day Canadians were bombarded by EMF Radiation for many hours

Instead they were more like roast ducks. As they waited they were bombarded by Electromagnetic Field Radiation (EMF) from all sides. The metal detectors and scanners as they passed through the security tent, thousands of cell phones and police radios, wireless from computers. Plus technology hidden behind the scenes, scanning for potential threats and large microwave dishes for communication.

On their own the government says they are safe, but when they are used together and for hours bombard people of all ages – including young children and babies – it is another story.

Police, military and security officers working in the area wore Film Badge Dosimeter tags like those used by staff in nuclear reactors. These measure the amount of radiation they have been exposed to over time. They were able to leave the area before they had reached unhealthy doses. The spectators waiting in line were not aware and some waited in the area for up to 8 hours.


Tags measure Exposure to High Levels of EMF Radiation at Events
Only Police and security staff wore Dosimeter tags to show when they had too much exposure to EMF.

So now with New Years Eve celebrations on the Hill they have the added issue of winter clothes. The sub zero temperatures mean that everyone will have heavy winter hats, mitts, coats, boots – clothes that make personal searches very slow. Many of the hidden scanners will have to be turned up to penetrate the extra layers and this will add to the dangerous amounts of EMF people will be exposed to.

This is why the decision was made to stop the main stage events and stick to events that do not rely on high security to protect a crowd like fireworks and skating. May be on of Justin Trudeau’s best decisions.


Driverless Cars mean Retailers can sell parking lots for $Millions

Retailers hit hard by online shopping will sell their parking lots for $millions when driverless cars become popular. They can cruise the streets while their owners shop.

Autonomous Driverless car parking
Signs will evolve from words and pictures to scanable symbols the cars can pick up to completely wireless signs. Governments will save millions on signs.

After years of being hit hard by online shopping retailers and shopping malls will shed the expense of large parking lots in prime urban locations. They will be set up with drop off and pickup zones for customers who will then send their cars back home or to cruise on the road until they are needed.

The efficiency of the driverless cars will prevent traffic jams and eventually roads will be build where the cars can drive a circuit until needed. The land will be used for housing, businesses, parks and entertainment.

Other things these driverless cars will change include: insurance as there will be few accidents. The need for drivers licenses and testing, traffic cops, road signs and even traffic lights. Governments are determining of the lost revenues are off-set by the savings.


Dogs early adopters for Self Driving Cars

Trudeau Government gives Ford $200Mil to develop Driverless Car horns



Ivanka Trump could make $ millions as a White House intern.

 After President Trump announced increased military spending, Ivanka Trump was put in charge of military uniforms. Her clothing business could make millions supplying them.

Ivanka Trump clothes Designs
Sexy clothes for women, bright Camo for men are expected to make a huge sales in Army surplus.

After Donald Trump’s policies caused Ivanka Trump’s clothes to be dumped by big retailers, she wanted compensation. Ivanka (and Justin Trudeau) would like her to  become the Ambassador to Canada. President Trump seems to want to keep her close by in the White House.  So he has offered up the opportunity to design and supply the uniforms for the military. Each year the military spends  millions of dollars on uniforms and this could flow through Ivanka’s fashion business.


Ivanka Trump and Justin Trudeau are hot for her to become Canadian

Ambassador.Australian protesters get under Pres Trump’s skin by burning Ivanka’s dresses!

Trump’s Pitfall? Bannon has separated him from his Helicopter Kids

Most military personnel who wear uniforms are not in combat. Ivanka and her designers have realise this and want to turn uniform designs on their ear. Bright new designs with a street cred look will make her uniforms popular with the poor people the military is trying to attract. They also hope that celebrities will embrace the new designs and make then popular.

Under a military label Ivanka should be able to get her fashion business back into big retailers.


Justin Trudeau and Ivanka Trump together again on Game of Thrones Season 7

 Justin  and Ivanka have been close since they met last month in Washington, now they are hooking up again on the set of Game of Thrones.

Justin Trudeau Ivanka Trump Game of Thrones
It is not clear how big their roles will be but Justin Trudeau and Ivanka Trump will be joining the cast of Game of Thrones this season.

Justin  Trudeau has put government activities on hold until he better understands what President Trump’s economic policies will be. Ivanka Trump has stopped designing clothes until retailers confirm they will carry her lines. So the opportunity for them to make a guest appearance on Season 7 of HBO’s most popular show is perfect.

Justin Trudeau Game of Thrones
Justin’s Trudeau’s long hair from the past would have suited him better in this role.

The main role of a Prime Minister is to get re-elected and Justin Trudeau seems perfect for it. His looks and charisma have carried him for a few years without implementing any new government policies.

His Liberal government has focused on spending to the point where it will take years for Canadians to pay it off. So he needs to find a new way to remain popular with voters.

Ivanka became interested when she heard that Trudeau would be guesting.

Trudeau’s advisors worked hard to set this up hoping that it will appeal to young Millennial voters. He has been seen at his regular gym practicing with swords so there could be some interesting fight scenes planned for him.

It is not know if he will get the customary G.O.T. tattoo that the show guests get as a badge of honor after being on the show.

Ivanka Trump Game of Thrones

Ivanka Trump’s plucked eyebrows and heavy model’s makeup will not suite the show, where are rumors she may even wear blue contacts to make her character more believable.

Ivanka became interested in the show when she heard that Trudeau would be guesting. It will be an adventure for her as she has never been outside of a city for any length of time and this show is filmed in beautiful but rural locations.

“You don’t put a bumper sticker on a Porsche!”

Ivanka admitted that she did not know much about the Adventure Fantasy show but claimed any time spent with Justin Trudeau was an adventure and her fantasy would be to act in a romantic scenes.

As for the G.O.T. tattoo – Ivanka’s father did not want to approve her getting one as he doesn’t find them sexy. However when Steve Bannon heard Trump say “You don’t put a bumper sticker on a Porsche!” He told him he had to make sure she got one as Porsche’s are foreign cars and they need to break the rules.

The date the show will be aired has not yet been released by HBO.

Ivanka Trump and Justin Trudeau
People believe Ivanka Trump wants more of  Justin Trudeau’s attention.



NHL GM Meetings 2017 – Agreement on 5 big changes to Pro Hockey.

 Testing Automated Refs, Night Games and 4 on 4 hockey among the top  ideas in 2017 NHL GM meetings

It is clear that the National Hockey League game is quickly evolving and opportunities for profit are increasing. Team Owners are challenging their General Managers to make changes that will assure them maximum profits. In the 2017 NHL GM Meetings in Boca Raton Florida 5 main changes were approved for implementation:

NHL Outdoor Game at Night
Night Hockey will be comparable to Superbowl Halftime shows – spectacular with a deep  meaningful message  

 Issue:  Outdoor games are getting boring

They bring a lot of new fans to the game and help build the NHL brand but they are becoming repetitive.

Answer: Outdoor Games at Night

These definitely won’t be called “Classic” match-ups. Hockey GMs hope these night-light events will be as successful as the NASCAR Night races that began in 1992.

Night games will be a spectacular event appealing to neon loving fans of figure skating, dancing and electronica clubs.  Most of the light technology is available now including skates with colored LEDs that the pro players will love.

The league will also be testing embedding light in the concrete slab to make back-lit glowing ice.

NHL Hockey Auto Referees
“Hey Ref you Suck!”  Might even use these puppies to continually clean the ice – not just between periods

Issue: there is not enough room on the ice and instant replays are taking too long.

Bigger faster players are making the ice crowded and injuries are up. Owners don’t want to incur the costs of building larger ice surfaces. Instant replays are adding time to the games which owners don’t want. They make as much money on short games as long ones with fewer staff costs.

Answer: Automated Referees

Roomba has perfected the robotic vacuum. Replacing the dirt bag with cameras and adding studs to the wheels will make the perfect referees. They will roam the ice and feed data back to a supercomputer. Calls will be made in milliseconds so there will be no questionable calls or replays required.

They will have a larger version which can drop pucks for faceoffs. Since the league has ended fighting there is no need to have any human Refs on the ice.

Broadcasters like TSN, Sportsnet and NBC will love all the extra content and gladly pay millions to the league for it.

NHL 4 on 4 Hockey
Dropping positions is not new, approx. 100 years ago all hockey leagues outside of Ireland dropped the Rover position.

Issue: Lack of #1 Centers

The NHL is pushing for parity but there are not enough 1# centers with the size and skill to be competitive the league wants to continue expanding.

Answer: Drop the Center position from the game for permanent 4 on 4 hockey.

There are not enough quality centers to go around so the NHL will make them wingers. 4 on 4 hockey will resolve the issue with the ice surface being too crowded and lead to more goal scoring entertainment.

NHL GMs think this will also allow owners to add more games and increase profits. Fewer players on the ice mean that more are on the bench resting so fans at back to back games won’t be bored by tired players.

NHL Hockey Analytics
Many players have been finding ways to build stats away from the action of the game,  this will support them.

Issue: Businesses profits are easier maximize with statistics and numeric results.

Hockey has thousands of measurable statistics but they aren’t being fully utilized by the NHL.

Answer: Proliferate hockey analytics and use the numbers to drive profits.

Before the players union was formed NHL owners had total control of the league. Players now have power that interferes with the owner’s profits. Some of the expected results of this move include:

  • Accurate 3 star selection. Player with the highest stats gets picked
  • Pay parity across the league. The stats would segment players into specific pay groups make the salary cap easier to manage. This idea is loved by the broadcasters such as TSN and Sportnet. The highlight of their broadcast year is Trade Deadline Day. Reducing salary cap restrictions will return it to the excitement of the past.
  • Contract negotiation leverage. Owners can push players to a compensation package that’s mostly commission and performance based. They love that this will mess with Player Agent’s pay.
  • Increased App sales. The league will be able to sell more technology to help fans understand the complicated stats. They also believe they can sell this to other leagues and video game companies.
  • Better coaching. The numbers can be crunched and simulations run to determine effective line combinations, optimum player Player ice time (including what part of the game they play the best), and match-ups against opposing teams.

Related: Bettman’s Plan to Sell NHL to the World

Individually these may not be liked by fans and players but many people complain that things were better in the past “Original 6” days. The owners had more control over profits then and this will help get back to that situation.


China, México acompaña para construir Gran Muro del Presidente Trump para un beneficio

  China ha hecho México una oferta que esto no puede rechazar – construyen una pared por la frontera con América y beneficio de ello.


Presidente De China Xi Jinping  Presidente del México Enrique Peña Nieto planifique a Americano muro fronterizo


Frontera de plan Pared

Fotos recientes del marco exterior de la ventana de China ellos hacen los moldes(las montillas) de Gran Muro de China. Los moldes(las montillas) les permitirán para construir México una pared de imitación a una fracción de los gastos y el tiempo como el original.

great-wall-mold-butisitChina hace los moldes(las montillas) de la Gran Pared
mexico-great-wall-moldTécnicas de construcción probadoras han comenzado

China tiene una historia larga de falsificar cosas del oeste. Ahora esto copiará su propia Gran Pared y hará una fortuna – en el costo de América

El plan de economía de costes es de llenar el interior de la basura, piedras, y la arena, independemente de es práctico y libre(gratis) para la toma. Entonces cúbralo del hormigón moldeado para dar el famoso ” la Gran Pared ” la mirada. Ellos predicen que esta pared atraerá enormes dólares turísticos (Pesos) como es más accesible que el que en China.

El dinero que hace el plan debe vender la publicidad y derechos de nombramiento a la pared. Algunos mundos las empresas más grandes trepan para acertar en el nombramiento, y la publicidad de compra. La cartelera líder mundial más grande será visible del espacio.

La Gran Muralla es solamente(justo) un pedazo de China que se desarrolla / el México la Sociedad(Asociación)

China, México para profundizar sociedad(asociación) comprensiva estratégica

….los dos lados para hacer el pleno uso de sus ventajas complementarias, alinee el 13o Plan De cinco años de China y el desarrollo conducido por innovación con la reforma estructural del México, y refuerce la cooperación en la inversión industrial, la infraestructura, zonas especiales económicas, finanzas, telecomunicaciones, la nueva energía, geo-spacial la información y la tecnología nano.


Los dos lados deberían facilitar cambios de la gente-a-gente, guardar(mantener) la comunicación cercana en publicaciones(cuestiones) principales internacionales y regionales, la Xi dijo, esperando México mostrar su influencia regional en relaciones de China-América-Latina que avanzan y edificio del Foro de China y la Comunidad de Estados latinoamericanos y caribeños (CELAC). Leer Más (Inglés)>

La recepción de las Olimpiadas De verano podría proporcionar una suerte inesperada en el $ de mil millones para la nueva pared Mexicana – La Gran Muralla.

La pared inmediatamente se haría el lugar de acontecimiento más grande en el mundo. Esto atraerá acontecimientos deportivos incluyendo el ciclismo y la carrera automática, conciertos de maratones, y festivales.

Hay aún la conversación de sostener los Juegos Olímpicos De verano. Este solo dibujaría ingresos en el $ de mil millones. Habrá un auge de construcción en México con hoteles, restaurantes y centros comerciales siendo construidos para apoyar las actividades de la pared. Ellos estiman que la pared de 2000 millas generará al menos 200,000 dólares por milla cada año basada en el patrocinio y honorarios de usuario – no incluyendo los acontecimientos principales como la taza mundial de fútbol y Fórmula 1 Carrera.


La pared de 2,000 millas será el generador de ingreso de acontecimiento más grande en el mundo

 Cómo hace México el Triunfo pagar el precio? ¡Por sacando su trabajo de América!


 La utilización de moldes(montillas) y recogiendo materiales de edificio no tradicionales permite a la pared para ser construida con más trabajo que la tecnología.

Con la financiación de inicial de China, Representantes gubernamentales mexicanos creen que ellos pueden atraer algunos millones de mexicanos actualmente que trabajan en América con la promesa de empleo de largo plazo con la educación(el entrenamiento), la paga justa y ventajas. Esto podría mutilar la fruta americana y la cosecha de verduras que directamente beneficiará a los productores del México.

China también planifica en el enviar sobre trabajadores chinos conseguir ” una educación occidental ” mientras ellos trabajan sobre la pared. México se desarrollará como la atracción turística para turistas chinos. Ellos controlarán una gran parte del negocio alrededor de la pared y ganarán un equilibrio grande en Norte América.

La utilización de moldes(montillas) en el proceso de construcción quiere decir que China podría reproducir su Gran diseño De la pared en muchas posiciones(ubicaciones).

Mientras esperan que la pared pague por sí sobre el largo plazo – ellos doblan abajo a la publicidad agresiva Canadá sobre una pared rebajada(descontada) que usa los mismos moldes(montillas). La realmente enorme ventaja a China es la ventaja económica sobre América. Mientras América cierra sus fronteras y tratando con las consecuencias, China rentabiliza inversiones y sociedades(asociaciones) por todo el mundo. América nunca puede ponerse al corriente.


China, Mexico partner to build President Trump’s border wall for a profit

   China has made Mexico an offer it can’t refuse – build a wall on the border with USA and profit from it.


Recent photos from China reveal they are making molds of the Great Wall of China. The molds will allow them to build Mexico a knock-off wall in a fraction of the costs and time as the original.

China is taking live molds from the Great Wall
Testing of the final construction techniques have already begun

  China has a long history of counterfeiting things from the west. Now it will be copying its own Great Wall and make a fortune – at America’s expense

The  cost saving plan is to fill the inside with trash, stones, and sand, whatever is handy and free for the taking. Then cover it with molded concrete to give the famous “Great Wall” look.  They predict this wall will attract huge tourist dollars (Pesos) as it is more accessible than the one in China.

The money making plan is to sell advertising and naming rights to the wall. Some of the worlds biggest companies are scrambling to get naming rights, and buy advertising.  The world’s biggest billboard will be visible from from space.

La Gran Muralla is just one piece of a developing China / Mexico Partnership

China, Mexico to deepen comprehensive strategic partnership

…. the two sides to make full use of their complementary advantages, align China’s 13th Five-Year Plan and innovation-driven development with Mexico’s structural reform, and strengthen cooperation in industrial investment, infrastructure, special economic zones, finance, telecommunications, new energy, geo-spacial information and nano technology.

 The two sides should facilitate people-to-people exchanges, keep close communication in major international and regional issues, Xi said, expecting Mexico to display its regional influence in advancing China-Latin America relations and building the Forum of China and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC). READ MORE:

Hosting the Summer Olympics could provide a windfall in the $ billions for the new Mexican wall  – La Gran Muralla.

The wall would immediately become the largest event venue in the world. It will attract sporting events including cycling and auto racing, marathons concerts, and festivals.

There is even talk of holding the Olympic Summer  Games. This alone would draw revenues in the $ billions. There will be an construction boom in Mexico with hotels, restaurants and shopping centers being built to support the wall activities. They estimate that the 2000 mile wall will generate at least $200,000 per mile yearly based on sponsorship and user fees – not including the major events like world cup of soccer and Formula 1 Racing.


The 2,000 mile wall will be the largest event revenue generator in the world

How does Mexico make Trump pay the price? By pulling their labor out of America!

 Using molds and collecting non-traditional building materials allows the wall to be built with more labor than technology.

With initial financing from China, Mexican Government officials believe they can attract some of the millions of Mexicans currently laboring in America with the promise of long term employment with training, fair pay and benefits. This could cripple the American fruit and vegetable harvest which will directly benefit Mexico’s producers.

China also plans on sending over Chinese laborers to get a “western education” while they work on the wall. Mexico will develop as tourist attraction for Chinese tourists. They will control a large part of the business around the wall and gain a large foothold in North America.

 Using molds in the construction process means China could replicate their Great Wall  design in many locations.

While the wall is expected to pay for itself over the long term – they are doubling down to hard sell Canada on a discounted wall using the same molds. The really huge benefit to China is the economic advantage over America. While America is closing its borders and dealing with the consequences, China is making profitable investments and partnerships worldwide. America may never catch up.


Truth Behind Trudeau’s Meeting with Chinese Investors Build a wall against Trump’s USA