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Trump-Russian Emails Confirm – Memorizing Pi World Record Broken by Russian Savant

  Russian Claims of Reciting Pi to Over 200,000 Digits are Real!

Russian breaks Pi World Record
The Savant had to stop after 17 hours when he lost his voice

A side effect of the Trump-Russia Investigation scandal emails is the confirmation of the rumor that a Russian smashed the world record for memorizing Pi in 2016.  The emails  explained that an unnamed Russian savant was able to recite Pi to over 200,000 digits. This is almost 3 times the Previous record  of 70,030  held by Suresh Kumar Sharma of India.

The emails included quotes from Russian President Vladimir Putin: “We break the record, and backwards.” “…starting at 3.14 is simple, everyone know it… we  start at infinity and work back.” “No one has achieved this before, they will not be able to counter our counter”

Count half way to infinity from 3.14 and determine which number was in the exact middle.

It was like the American story of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire Dancing – they both danced the same moves but she did hers in high heals and in reverse.

The emails also mention that Pi Day – 3.14 (March 14th) will soon be celebrated on a different date in Russia. This is a shock to many mathematicians who believed that Pi would end in a mirror image of itself 41.3 then Infinity.

 Remember when it comes to math there are 3 kinds of people – those who understand it and those who do not.

There was an “Arms Race” to build powerful computers that would be able to count half way to infinity from 3.14 and determine which number was in the exact middle. This is the holy grail of numbers.  It is not required to prove any current theories or mathematical laws, there are just a lot of curious people who want to know this number.

A sample of the Pi digits taken from the email:



Can an Autistic Savant be Made?

To date nothing has been discovered about the savant, who was the subject of the rumors in 2016. Many suspect that Russia has been trying to develop an army of  Autistic Savants through the use of vaccines. The belief that vaccines cause autism has been pushed further by helicopter parents and countries that disregard human rights. They believe that  regular or under performing kids can be made into an autistic savant through mega doses of vaccines.

Parents who don’t want to be embarrassed by kids who are not living up to expectations have been finding ways to trick schools, medical professionals, clinics, pharmacies, and veterinarians, into giving their kids vaccinations. When the rumors began spreading in 2016 that Russia was experimenting on “slow” kids, these parents were very excited. Finally there was some credible science on vaccines and autism that would give the results they were looking for.



Organised Crime, Bikers disrupt Trudeau’s legal marijuana plans with “free” pot across Canada.

When Justin Trudeau legalises pot in 2018 it will kill the profits of current growers including biker gangs and organised crime. Now they are fighting back with free pot.

Justin Trudeau Legalizes Pot
Expect to Find pot plants growing in many public places – even on Parliament Hill.

Illegal pot growers including biker gangs and organised crime are planning a Johnny Appleseed type protest to get revenge on Justin Trudeau. His plan to legalise marijuana will them out of the illegal pot supply business and cost them millions of dollars.

The gangs have decided to take an eye for an eye approach. They will be planting thousands of pot plants across the country to provide Canadians with free pot. They hope to reduce sales of legal pot to prevent Trudeau’s government from collecting taxes on it.

Biker Gangs Growing Pot
The wild plantings have started in BC and will spread to the rest of Canada when the weather is right.

The legal marijuana business is projected to be worth over $2.5 billion within 2 years. The bikers feel that if they can’t profit from pot neither will the government. They will use tree planting techniques to quickly plant clones in public parks, flowerbeds and roadsides.

Bikers hope by 2018 the country will be covered in wild pot plants

They have developed genetic strains that will quickly grow wild in the Canadian climate. Testing of the idea in BC showed that people started to look for the plants. Many were quickly relocated to more private areas or camouflaged with tall plants or things like fences or signs.   This helps hide the plants from the police so they can’t find and destroy them.


Montreal to be Marijuana Capital as Justin Trudeau approves Big “O” for growing Pot!

The bikers hope that by the time pot is legal in 2018 the country will be covered in wild pot plants that Canadians can pick and smoke for free.  Gang insiders say they will lose millions on the pot business but the free pot will provide many other business opportunities for them. At worst they will have a good laugh at Justin Trudeau’s expense.


Ivanka Trump and Justin Trudeau are hot for her to become Canadian Ambassador.

Since meeting in Washington last month Justin Trudeau and Ivanka Trump have been close. If she becomes the Ambassador to Canada they will be inseparable.

Canadian Ambassador Ivanka Trump and Justin Trudeau
Ivanka Trunp is hot for the job of Canadian Ambassador. Will Justin Trudeau satisfy her ambitions to work with a foreign leader?

It may be a coincidence but before Justin Trudeau and Ivanka Trump met Sarah Palin was to be the American Ambassador to Canada. Once they met that decision was overturned and the announcement of the new Ambassador has been put on hold.

Now it seems that the plan is for Ivanka to take the role. Her clothing business is on hold due to many retail boycotts  and she is no longer working with her father Donald Trump who is very occupied with trying to run the country.

So Ivanka has a lot of time on her hands and an interest in working with Justin Trudeau. They have tried to meet on a regular basis but sometimes it doesn’t go as well as Ivanka would like.

Meetings between Ivanka and Justin:

Justin Trudeau and Ivanka Trump together again on Game of Thrones Season 7

Ivanka Trump disappointed by Justin Trudeau and “Come From Away”

Canadian Ambassador Ivanka Trump and Justin Trudeau
It isn’t clear if Ivanka wants to be ambassador or would prefer to be a chargé d’affaires

The Canadian Ambassador would be an ideal position for her and Justin to work together in. The could do a lot for international relations. The question is will President Donald “Daddy” Trump let her have the position?




Ivanka Trump disappointed by Justin Trudeau and “Come From Away”

Ivanka Trump went from elated to dejected when she realized Come From Away was a new Broadway play, not an intimate encounter with Justin Trudeau

Ivanka Trump meeting Justin Trudeau
Ivanka Trump was clearly disappointed that Justin Trudeau wouldn’t see what she had on under her trench coat

Ivanka Trump was clearly confused and disappointed by her “Come from Away” encounter with Justin Trudeau in New York. She had prepared for an intimate night alone in an old theater with Justin, but she was embarrassed and saddened by her mistake.

  Ivanka showed up in a black trench coat with little on under it

Trudeau is building a relationship with Ivanka to influence her father in future NAFTA negotiations. So he invited her to a Broadway play based on Americans taking sex vacations in a remote Canadian city. (Funny fact that the city is called St. John’s for the Johns who travel their for sex).

Ivanka – who like her father lusts after exotic foreigners – took the invitation literally and showed up in a black trench coat with little on under it.

Ivanka Trump Lingerie
No one but Ivanka knows what she had on under her trench coat – if anything – but it must have been interesting……

Trudeau seemed flattered by her intent, but was officially introducing the show and speaking to the crowd so he could not slip away with her.

Since meeting in Washington they have fed their mutual attraction by meeting at least once every week.

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Ivanka Trump and Justin Trudeau
Justin Trudeau and Ivanka Trump have been an item since the met and had lunch together in Washington


New Vancouver Trump Hotel Presidential Suite has custom Golden Showers, Locker rooms.

Donald Trump leveraged his presidential status to customize the new Vancouver Trump Hotel Presidential Suites. His first guests might be the best thing about it.

Vancouver Trump Presidential Suite: all the pleasures a creepy old guest would want- at his fingertips!

President Donald Trump is not one to miss a money making or ego boosting opportunity. Now he is leveraging his position as President in his hotel business. His goal is to own the Presidential Suite name worldwide, stops others from using it, and make a load of cash.

The Vancouver Trump Hotel was still under construction when President Trump was elected. He quickly upgraded the plans for the Presidential Suite to reflect his new status.


Trump added photos of himself and Ivanka to turn up the sexiness of master the bedroom 

New additions to the President’s customized suite include:


  • Golden Showers in the main bedroom bathroom
  • A customer locker room. Guests can be assured they can walk in at any time and surprise pretty young women getting undressed. They are experienced with creepy men who want to get a grip on things or engage in “locker Room Talk”.
    • (Ultra Right Wing guests can also role play their “Co-ed / Transgender washroom fantasies by sneaking in wearing women’s clothing and peep at women using the toilets.)   
  • Photos of Trump and his daughter Ivanka – she will be around longer than his wives so the photos will not have to be changed over time.
  • Staff that has personally worked with the President. Since KellyAnne Conway has stepped back from public appearances at the Whitehouse she has been seen working the doors at the main entrance of the hotel.

Presidential suites have been around since 1913 when President Wilson insisted on having certain things in his hotel rooms – like toilets. Luxury Hotels soon caught on that they could upgrade the services, charge ridiculous rates and people would pay. Generally the most expensive room in the hotel, top Presidential Suites cost tens of thousands of dollars. The art deco Presidential Suite at the Grand Hyatt Martinez Cannes as much as $51,800 per night.

What is a Presidential Suite?

It must be south-facing in the Northern Hemisphere and north-facing in the Southern Hemisphere, containing an “en-suite” bathroom and walk-in closet (in Wilson’s era en-suite bathrooms were uncommon).  Read More>

Unfortunately in Donald Trump’s view the Presidential Suite did not get off to a good start. It is rumoured that the first guests were a queer married Hispanic couple from San Diego. They spent a week there “breaking in the suite” knowing that Trump would hate it.

It will be interesting to see if the suite  becomes a rich gay bucket list destination and how the Donald will deal with it. Heavy Vetting of Guests perhaps?

trump-hotel vancouver
The Trump Tower Hotel in Vancouver


Suites have exclusive access to many rooms and services to justify the premium ego trip for the guest.

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President trump’s dream would be to have the rights the name Presidential Suite




Canada Post hoping frenzy for Hot young Justin Trudeau photos will sell stamps

Every few months since he came to prominence in politics, photos of Justin Trudeau have been blowing up the internet. This week topless photos of a young Justin have been trending and Canada Post hopes it will lead them to big sales.

New ink technology allows the stamps to be lovingly licked on both sides – these may be the first interactive Stamps!

  Canada Post has been bleeding profits for years. Now they hope Justin Trudeau stamps help get things back on track.  The timing is good as new photos of a hot young Justin are trending.

See Photos of a young, shirtless Justin Trudeau send the internet into a frenzy

The range in age and Justin’s styles will appeal to his female and male fans

Most of the stamps are made for international sales to bring in new business to Canada from Trudeau’s legions of fans worldwide.

Initially the stamps were to be introduced in 2016 but were held back due to issues in early market tests. They found the stamps were being licked repeatedly on both sides causing them to disintegrate.

Slick new ink formulas were produced to protect the stamps without reducing the pleasure of licking them.

It is clear that many of Justin’s admirers will love the stamps – but they won’t likely  be mailing many letters.


Royal Canadian Mint struggles to make money, hopes Justin Trudeau topless coin is the answer.


Trump Mass Deportations leave pet lovers horrified. Fear cities will be overrun with animals.

President Trump’s mass deportation of 8 Million people could result in 3-4 million stray pets roaming cities – or worse.


Pet lovers worldwide are horrified as they know that President Trump’s mass Deportation plan does not include pets. Roughly 36% of households have dogs (1.6 / household) and 30% cats (2.1 / per household) (Read More>) plus birds, fish, lizards, snakes, turtles, horses,  and chickens.

There could be over 3 million homeless pets let loose across the country. Worse – there could be over 3 million pets to be exterminated.

Either way the results will be extremely sad. Local communities and animal shelters will be overrun trying to manage. Finding the funds to pay for looking after them will be a huge challenge.

Now is the time to act to get enough resources before it happens.

There are many hidden costs to Trump’s deportation plans – pets, property, jobs. It is hoped people realize this and end the plan before the price and number of victims become too large.


Detroit’s Epidemic of 50,000 Abandoned Dogs

7 Years After Katrina, New Orleans Is Overrun by Wild Dogs

The Weather Channel – 20 places overrun by animals