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Trump’s wonderful “New” Healthcare bill – how did he do it?

The Trump administration basically dropped the nickname “Obamacare” and gave the same plan back to the people. Is Trump a Sales guru a Branding genius or something more sinister?


Trump Pense healthcare scam
Trump is good a selling but no-one is that good!

President Trump is starting to get freaked out about how much he can get away with. Even a group of complete idiots shouldn’t be this dumb.

Like a Teflon flim flam man the crazier he gets them more it seems to make sense to his followers.

Is Donald Trump a Master… of Mass Hypnosis?

Trumps ability to say and do whatever he wants unnatural and people are beginning to think his show The Apprentice was some sort of mass hypnosis tool. Trump put viewers under during commercials and at the start of the show to keep the ratings up. The at the end he would say the key phrase  “your fired”to wake them up.

Donald Trump negotiation secrets
Has Trump found the secrets to mass hypnosis or Jedi mind tricks? Seems he can do ridiculous things and get away with it.Enter a caption


Trump hasn’t said “your fired” for a while so the theory is that he was able to put people under during his inauguration ceremony. Security kept people away from the live proceedings so  Trump could hypnotize them through the TV and social media.

Star Wars fans think Trump is using Jedi mind tricks

Others liken President Trump’s abilities to a Jedi from Star Wars. They know an experienced Jedi can use the Force to implant a suggestion in the minds of those they encounter, encouraging them to comply with the Jedi’s wishes.

President Trump rarely gives plans, facts or figures to convince people. Instead he makes Jedi like suggestions – “I am the only one who can do it”, “it will be bigger and better”, “trust me”, “the media is fake news”.

His craziest tweets are made at night so people see them as they are waking up and a bit hazy. No other politician has been able to do what he has – is he a Jedi master?

Trump the Conman

Trump Obamacare scam
Obamacare vs Affordable Healthcare – Easier than a bait and switch – just change the name and they love it.

Now Trump has successfully convinced the nation that Obamacare – the nickname for the Affordable Healthcare program – is a completely separate healthcare plan that must be cancelled. Then he can kill the nickname and give the same thing back without any changes and people love it. It could be the biggest con since Bre-X gold investment scam of the 1990’s The more ridiculous it sounds the more believable it is to his followers.

Have you fallen under Trump’s powers?

Do people know the two plans are the same?

Obamacare vs Affordable Care 2013

Obamacare vs Affordable Care 2017




Trump, Putin Russia-Gate Conspiracy Theory – why Trump “skips” security briefings

 Russia-gate, Obama wiretaps, Trump security briefings, Alien technology. This conspiracy theory connects so much it is hard to know where to start.

Russia-gate could make Trump and Putin $billions
With Trump and Putin it’s all about power and money


The Russia-gate rumor is all about power and money. Presidents Trump and Putin crave it and are in a political struggle over it.

Basically the Russian leader wants Trump to reveal the secrets of Area 51. He wants access to the Alien technology the US has hidden there. Reverse engineering it could lead to a boom in the Russian economy through innovation and manufacturing.

If President Trump gives Russia access to Area 51 they would let him bring Trump Hotels to Russian. It would be a profitable business move for Trump but also allow the Russians to make $ billions in payments for the Alien Technology.

This is why Putin helped Trump get elected and why Trump advisors have had numerous meetings with Russia that are getting them into trouble.

Trump also has the option to use the technology at home in his Make America Great Again campaign. He wouldn’t make as much money but it would make him a stronger President and feed his ego.

Fear Russians could build weapons by reverse engineering the alien technology

Prior to his inauguration it looked like Trump would partner with the Russians and choose the $ billions. Since then things have gotten pretty tricky for Trump.

The American President claims that he is too smart to attend security briefings, the truth is they won’t let him attend. That explains why he is Tweeting about Ivanka Trump fashions being dumper by Nordstrums during a security briefing – he wasn’t in the meeting.

The reason why Donald Trump can’t attend is that he is seen as an “Insider Threat” by the  National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC):

 “An insider threat arises when a person with authorized access to U.S. Government resources…. to harm the security of the United States.  They enable the enemy to plant boots behind our lines and can compromise our nation’s most important endeavors.”

The NCSC knows Trump wants access to Area 51 (and other National Secrets). They believe that if the Alien Technology is released to him the public and others will soon know it. If  UFOs are proven as real and this would create havoc and fear worldwide.

They also fear Russians could build weapons by reverse engineering the alien technology – a huge threat to American national and worldwide security.

People have come forward about UFOs in the past, including Paul Hellyer a retired Canadian Minister of Defense, but he wasn’t take seriously (See Below). If the President – the leader of the free world announced it – even if Trump Tweeted it at 3:00AM, people would believe him.

Canadian Defence Minister Reveals Extra Terrestrials are Real>

In early September 2005, Hellyer made headlines by publicly announcing that he believed in the existence of UFOs…….

n 2007, the Ottawa Citizen reported that Hellyer is demanding that world governments disclose alien technology that could be used to solve the problem of climate change:

I would like to see what (alien) technology there might be that could eliminate the burning of fossil fuels within a generation…that could be a way to save our planet…We need to persuade governments to come clean on what they know. Some of us suspect they know quite a lot, and it might be enough to save our planet if applied quickly enough.[11]

So Trump claims he doesn’t need to go to the security briefings when in reality they won’t let him in.The Russians are pushing him to make a deal but he can’t get clearance for area 51 to see what is really there and make his decision.

There are also jokes around the pentagon that President Trump can’t remember the nuclear launch codes.

Now his political enemies have evidence of the meetings with Russians and want to investigate. If they could find proof of this rumor Trump wouldn’t just be impeached, he and his advisors would go to jail for treason.

Trump made a big mistake when he tweeted about the Obama wiretap claim. The wire-tap was to investigate Russian activities – but Trump slipped and assumed they were after him – an indirect  admission he was dealing with Russians: Trump’s claim that Obama tapped phones directly linked himself to Russia

Russia-gate could make Trump and Putin $billions
It’s a chess game to see who benefits from area 51 technology: Putin and Trump,  American manufacturers, or they are kept secret.

If this Trump, Putin Conspiracy Theory is true something will happen soon.

  • North Korea is pushing their Missile program and testing how far they can go before America steps in.

North Korea fires four missiles toward Japan, angering Tokyo and South Korea

  •  Trump’s political opponents are pushing hard to start the Russia-gate inquiry against Trump and his team.
  •  Putin is getting impatient and wants Trump to start providing the information from Area 51.  Russia took risks to get Trump elected – now they want the payback.
  • The American people who supported Trump in the election are looking for jobs. The more Trump flounders in Washington the more upset they are getting.

One thing is clear, if there really is significant Alien Technology in Area 51, releasing it will forever change the world.

Trump David Grossman Tweet
A sign of how much pressure President Trump is under, causing him to do scatterbrained things! @davidgross_man


Trump’s claim that Obama tapped phones directly linked himself to Russia

 Donald Trump slipped-up when he said Obama’s warrant for tapping Russian phones was directed at him. Now he is trying to provide his own proof as a smoke screen.

Trump advisors claim this photo is proof of Obama involvement in wire taps.

A Trump insider found court documents showing a request for a warrant to place wiretaps investigating Russian activities during the election.

Why else would Trump think the Russian taps were targeting him?

President Trump – who’s administration is under investigation for working with the Russians – quickly responded through tweets that the phone taps were targeted at him.

It was a big mistake, basically admitting that he was directly communicating with the Russians.  Why else would he think the taps were targeting him?

Now Trump’s team has come forward with a photo saying it is proof that Obama was involved in the wire tap. Their hope is that the idea of a president involved in bugging phones will take the attention away from Trump’s slip-up.

The Trump’s Tweets:

“How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!”

“I’d bet a good lawyer could make a great case out of the fact that President Obama was tapping my phones in October, just prior to Election!”

“Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!”

“Is it legal for a sitting President to be “wire tapping” a race for president prior to an election? Turned down by court earlier. A NEW LOW!”



New Donald Trump turnip toy a hit in Russia, Eastern Europe

Mexican Workers Make Trump A Secret Offer

Evidence Behind Trump’s Vote Fraud Claim

Trump fires Schwarzenegger, wants Hillary Clinton to host The Apprentice.

Hillary Clinton was Donald Trump’s first choice to replace him as host of The Apprentice, with Schwarzenegger out he has asked her again.

Hillary Clinton would be the first female host of a reality TV show.

With Donald Trump firing Arnold Schwarzenegger as the host of The Apprentice (definitely not an arms length relationship with the show) Trump needs to quickly find a replacement. He has gone back to his surprise first choice for the role – Hillary Clinton.

Behind the scenes the Donald Trump and the Clintons have renewed the close relationship they had before the election. Trump has been looking to support them as his election attacks on the Clinton Foundation have caused donations to dry up. This has greatly reduced the Clinton’s income.

Trump has been using Bill Clinton as a paid consultant to his team. His mastery of Double Speak (“I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.” Read More>)

has helped President Trump’s team deal with the media on the allegations about their relationship with Russia.

Now Trump has gone back to Hillary with an offer to host The Apprentice again. We should know shortly if she accepts. Original Story: Trump To Make Clinton New Host of The Apprentice

Other choices – following the “I keep my friends close and my enemies closer philosophy” include:

  • Meryl Streep – who Trump wants to play host as her character Miranda Priestly from the film The Devil Wears Prada (weird idea as this is a reality show)
  • Alec Baldwin – I would get him off Saturday Night live – but he is rumored to want to do the show in character as Trump. The real Trump may agree to this if the ratings continue to dip.
  • Micheal Scott  -From The Office, Trump was heard to ask for him by name. It is thought that he thinks it is a reality show and does not realize Scott is played by actor Steve Carell.
The fight for ratings means that the “reality” show The Apprentice could have Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, or Steve Carell in character as the show’s host  


Alec Baldwin’s impression of Trump is a step towards him running in 2020 Election




最近的照片来自中国揭露他们的模具, 中国的长城。 该模具将允许他们构建墨西哥-敲掉墙上的一小部分的费用和时间。


  中国有着悠久的历史, 复制东西的西。 现在它将会复制其自己的长城和使《财富》-在美国的费用。

成本节省的计划是以填补内垃圾、石头、沙子、无论是方便和自由的考虑。 然后用模制具体给著名的 “长城” 的外观。 他们预测这座墙将会吸引大量的旅游美元(比索), 因为它是更容易比一在中国。

赚钱的计划是在销售广告和命名权在墙上。 全世界的大公司纷纷来获取命名的权利, 并购买广告。 世界上最大的布告栏将显示从空间。



…双方充分利用他们的优势互补, 使我国的第 13 届 “九五” 计划和创新-推动的发展与墨西哥的结构性改革, 并加强合作以工业投资、基础设施、特别经济区、金融、通讯、新能源、geo-空间信息和纳米技术。


双方应促进人们对–人交流, 保持紧密的沟通。 在主要的国际和区域问题, 十一说, 期待墨西哥以显示其区域的影响力, 推动中拉关系和建立论坛和中国社会的拉丁美洲和加勒比国家(切拉克)。 阅读更多内容(英文版)


这堵墙将立即成为全球最大的活动场所在的世界。 它将吸引体育活动包括骑自行车、赛车、马拉松音乐会和节日庆典。

有消息说, 举行的夏季奥运会。 仅这一项就将抓收入在 10 亿美元。 将会有一项建筑的喷杆在墨西哥有酒店、餐馆和购物区的中心的内在支持的墙上的活动。 他们估计, 在 2000 英里的墙将产生至少 200,000美元 每英里每年根据赞助费和用户费-不包括重大的事件就像世界杯的足球和公式 1 赛事。



“2,000 哩隔离墙将是最大的事件收入生成器在世界

如何使墨西哥的王牌付出代价吗? 通过拉动他们的劳动的美国!



与最初的筹资从中国、墨西哥政府官员相信他们能吸引数以百万计的墨西哥人目前在美国的承诺的长期就业与培训、公平的薪酬和福利。 这有可能破坏美国的水果和蔬菜收获后, 将直接受益于墨西哥的生产商。

中国还计划向中国劳工获得 “西方教育” 工作时在墙上。 墨西哥将发展成为旅游景点的中国游客。 他们将会控制的很大一部分的业务周围的墙上和获得较大的立足之地在北美。


而这堵墙是预期支付本身的长期-他们是成倍的硬盘卖加拿大打折的墙面使用的是相同的模具。 真正的巨大的优势是对中国经济的优势。 虽然美国是关闭其边界, 并处理冲突的后果, 中国正在盈利的投资和合作伙伴关系全球。 美国可能永远也不会赶上。

Royal Canadian Mint struggles to make money, hopes Justin Trudeau topless coin is the answer.

The Royal Canadian Mint isn’t as profitable as it used to be – it wants to make more money.

Many Trudeau fans would like a life sized Trudeau coin but will have to settle for a pocket sized version

The Mint is struggling financially. Sales are down, layoffs, poor morale, and business lines being shut down all add up to a 61% drop in profits.

The executive tried to turn things around by spending millions of dollars on new executive offices. So far this hasn’t worked.  (Rumors are they got a deal on the construction because they pay in cash.)

Another idea is to capitalize on the worldwide popularity of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by striking a new coin with his image. The Mint chose a popular topless image of Trudeau sporting a “Sunny Ways” tattoo.

The coin sports the same image on both sides as Trudeau did not want the coin to be used for games of chance. A 2 headed coin makes it impossible to flip.

Although many Albertans are saying it has 2 tails as it has the picture of an ass on it.

tRUDEAU Penny loafers.jpg
Just in time for summer – the Mint is partnering with Stylists and Fashion Designers to bring back penny loafers matched to the Trudeau coin.



Some are calling it the Nudie, the Trudie, or the Sunny what would you call this coin?

Trump mass deportations -Travel companies with apps will make $billions

 President Trump’s plan to quickly deport millions of families will cost $billions. This provides an opportunity for travel companies with effective apps to make huge profits.

UberAir apps will find loads for the thousands of underused aircraft in the world by hauling the deportation victims out of America.

President Trump’s new executive order could mass deport over 8 Million people. Insiders estimate that the cost of arrest, detainment, and transportation will cost America at least $5,000 each or $40,000,000,000!

When it comes to deportations, the standard for efficiency was set by Germany in the 1940’s

This requires staff, equipment and facilities that the American government does not have. They don’t want to spend billions on a project they will complete in a few years. The final solution will come from fast adapting travel companies. An instant gold rush for companies who have the technology and flexibility to supply these resources under contract. UberCuff, Airbednbars, and even the Trump Organization are acting fast to cash in on the spending spree.

Hauling offenders to the station is not a great use of Police resources. UberCuff is looking for long term military police opportunities after the victims are deported.

How it works – The Arrest:

The Department of Homeland Security will hire a large force of officers to investigate and arrest the illegal families (another large expense). They will have an UberCuff app to call up the closest armed detainment vehicle, of the right size, to haul deportees to the nearest detainment center. The app will sort them and they will be held until there is a full load to deport.

Google Location and phone provider tracking technology could give Homeland Security valuable information to easily locate their targets. Wireless companies are losing these customers anyway so it will be a last chance to make some money off them. They might also be able to work out a deal to get the phone back for resale.

How it works – Sorting and Detention:

Like UberCuff, Airbednbars has the ability to use applications to provide detention centers.They can hold and sort the families with maximum efficiency and lowest cost to the American Government.

The Airbednbars  app will manage vacancies cell in jails, and prisons nationally. Motel chains are considering temporarily converting their rooms to holding cells to get in on the deportee gold rush as well.

They can manage the vacancies for all available detention centers nationally and make them available as soon as the victims are arrested. They are also sourcing cheaper facilities in Mexico and Canada.

Dropping off a planeload during a full blown Somalia famine is not a cakewalk!

When it comes to deportations, the standard for efficiency was set by Germany in the 1940’s. ” We would love to do things as well as they did but they had it easier using trains for shipping and the loads all went to the same destination.”  “We have families who came from the Middle East, South America, and Africa. Dropping off a planeload during a full blown Somalia famine is not a cakewalk, but with modern technology and the right funding it can be done.”    

Other business opportunities:

  • What will happen to their personal belongings after the arrest? The producers of reality shows  could be interested. Storage Wars could auction it off but the government would want a share in the profits,the Trump Organization would want the broadcast rights. Some have suggested that producers of Hoarders could use their connections to manage the belongings for free.
  • Medical Tourism. Returning empty planes is not cost effective. With the cancellation affordable healthcare Americans could travel to third world counties for their medical treatments and save.
  • Destiny Diets. A new trend where people travel to places with a lack of food (Sudan) or food that they don’t like (China). It forces them to loose weight without challenging their willpower.
  • Legal Immigration. Deporting millions of workers will lead to large levels of unemployment in certain sectors. Immigration numbers will have to be greatly increased, applications fast tracked to replace the workers. These travel companies could be used to bring them in.   Trump’s new deportation rules could cost the economy trillions! Read More>

The cost of properly figuring out where to deport them to could take months. To save on costs Homeland Security will use profiling apps to quickly separate the families into loads based on race, religion, and citizenship. Within days – even hours they could be on a plane leaving the country.

As Trump Airlines 2.0 DonAir will focus on government contracts and refugee charters rather than commercial airlines. Trump’s team feel the name is enough different to keep it at arm’s length from the President.

How it works – Shipping:

Two companies seek contracts to supply planes for the deportation – UberAir and DONAIR (a division of the Trump Organization). UberAir has the apps that will make the process efficient. UberAir apps will take real time inventories at the detention centers and match them to available airplanes. Once they have a load that fits the available planes they can ship it.  The app will also send reports back to the arresting agents informing them of demographic gaps that are holding up current shipments.

DONAIR does not have the apps but it has the connections politically and through it’s investors. It is predicted that UberAir will only get the contract if they share the app technology with President Trump’s company.

Under Trump’s orders, however, everyone will be detained. The mandatory detention of all undocumented immigrants would cost $902 million a year, or $9 billion over a decade. Read More>

Trump’s plan is to ship refugees back to countries devastated by famines. By dumping thousands in the disasters unfolding Somalia, Sudan and Yemen President Trump is certain these Muslims won’t come back.

How it works – after:

The Trump team wants to make sure they have a one time Final Solution to insure the  families don’t return to America. In many cases the country they are shipped to will take care of it through things like – government oppression / violence or natural disasters such as the famine in Africa.

Others will be trickier, but many have been working in America and have great skills they could be shipped to countries that would value them and support them.

As many as 6 million people could be deported back to Mexico. It is rumored that Prime Minister Trudeau wants them in Canada. Low cost skilled labour, coupled with the low Canadian dollar and abundant natural resources could make Canada a manufacturing powerhouse. If the price of oil rises again the cost of shipping from factories in Asia would put them out of business. Trudeau’s multicultural vision could make Canada an economic powerhouse.

After the American  workers are deported to Mexico the same companies will take them to Canada where their skills will be put to work.

Where the Deportees come from: Read More>

Country of origin (January 2006)

Mexico 6,840,000 56%
Latin and Central America 3,000,000 24%
Asia 1,080,000 9%
Europe and Canada 720,000 6%
Rest of World 480,000 4%