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Popeyes, Burger King sold to avoid Trump policies, to be run by Tim Horton’s in Canada

 The uncertainty of President Trump’s policies is causing American Fast food chains to bail out. Seeking economic and political stability outside America is their plan for future success.

Brazilian mega investor 3G Capital, is taking advantage of President Trump uncertainty to buy Popeyes and Burger King. Operations moving to Canada to be run by the Tim Horton’s coffee chain.  

Uncertainty over President Trump’s policies on corporate tax rates, International business relations, and immigration policies has left American businesses wide open for sale to foreign companies.

They are preparing to close American restaurants when Trump deports thousands of their employees and customers

Fast food chains Burger King and Popeyes are some of the first to go and have been purchased by 3G Capital of Brazil.   Both companies – major employers of new immigrants – have watched President Trump try to deport many of their staff and has put others under constant harassment.

His secrecy around his economic policies and restrictions on foreign expansion proved too risky for them. They quickly sold to 3G who will run them out of their Tim Horton’s Coffee business in Canada.

Refugees enter Canada during Black History Month event – Escape Trump Policy

Trump’s Pitfall? Bannon has separated him from his Helicopter Kids

President Trump already planning legacy statue to dominate Washington skyline

This move will allow them to take advantage of lower Canadian corporate taxes and the political stability of Justine Trudeau’s Liberal government. They feel they have a better opportunity to manage any crises caused by Trump policies and continue to grow internationally. They are preparing to close American restaurants when  Trump deports thousands of their employees and customers.

After President Trump leaves office their international business will put them in a strong position to rebuild verses the companies that stay in America and try to weather the storm.



Loblaw resets passwords for all PC Plus accounts to stop counterfeit points scam

 Disgruntled  Ex-employees hacked into the PC Plus program and increased member’s points by millions. Loblaw reset all passwords to stop access to the points until they could resolve the problem.

Hackers added millions of counterfeit PC points to member’s accounts. If redeemed it would have cost the grocery chain $100s of millions.

Quick thinking at Loblaw may have saved the company millions of dollars. After it was discovered that hackers had added hundreds of millions  in counterfeit PC points to member accounts they reset all of the passwords on the system to buy time to remove the fake points before they are redeemed.

Find the poorly trained staff who would redeem the points without noticing.

It seems that ex-employees had hacked the system and added the points – both to redeem themselves with fake cards – and to cost the company millions in redemptions.  It is not clear how many points were redeemed so far. The hackers had targeted one of Loblaw’s  hiring periods where they over-hire part-time staff and provide little training. This helps weed out new hires without experience proper training.

Knowing this practice, the hackers understood it would be weeks before their unusually  large redemptions would be noticed – they just had to find the poorly trained staff who would redeem the points without noticing.

Recent issues with Canadian Rewards Programs:

  • Tim Hortons increased the prizes for Roll up the Rim to Win and missed their profit objectives Read More>
  • Air Miles changed the terms of their expiry policy Read More>

An adjustable pricing program designed to gouge customers was canceled abruptly when people caught on. The employees on the project were also fired and it is believed they are behind the hack. If they had no problem gouging customers why not the company?

Insiders say the problem goes back to a pricing program they were developing and testing in Provigo and Loblaw stores in 2015/16.  Company analysts were using their customer’s shopping data from their PC Card to develop variable pricing programs designed to charge customers the highest price possible.

Shoppers noticed the checkout price was higher than what they saw on the shelf

In the dairy department for example, they knew that stay at home women are generally more price conscious with milk men or working women. So they would adjust prices up or down depending which of these groups was shopping.  Catching men who were picking up milk on the way home from work was a prime target. They didn’t worry about the price – they just wanted to make a quick purchase and leave.

The problem with the program is that when they put the price up price sensitive shoppers noticed the price at the checkout was more than the shelf price. They started to realize that the price was being changed throughout the day and complained.  This caused executives to immediately drop the program and the staff was fired.

We will have to wait and see:

  • Will the hackers be caught and charged with an offense?
  • How many of the counterfeit points were redeemed?
  • Will members who redeemed their PC Plus points have to pay them back?
  • Did Loblaw have time to remove the extra points?

We would be interested to hear from PC Plus members – do you have a story to share?


The reason why so many $60 Million Lotto Max and 649 Jackpots are won in Quebec

The reason for the jackpot wins- a new tax break has led to record setting ticket sales.

In the first 6 weeks of 2017 Quebec residents have claimed more lottery Jackpot wins than the rest of Canada put together. This includes 2 $60 Million Lotto Max jackpots a $25 Million 649 Jackpot plus numerous other wins.

For years Quebec calculated it’s Quebec Sales Tax (QST) including the amount of GST – basically charging residents tax on the tax they were paying.

The Federal government withheld transfer payments until the government stopped the practice. It meant $ millions in lost revenue for the province. Not they have implemented a way to recoup the losses through a lottery ticket program.

Customers who purchase lottery tickets don’t pay the sales tax

Beginning in 2017 anyone in Quebec who made a purchase of more than $50 at retail could be exempt from paying the provincial sales tax of 9.975% if they purchased $5 worth of lottery tickets. It is basically playing the lotteries for free.

The province has calculated that the lost tax will be more than offset by the increased lottery sales. The government already collects most of the revenue from lottery sales. The also  economic boost when the winners

The big part which has paid off quicker than expected, is winning the jackpots. This money – much of it financed by lotto sales outside Quebec (like a transfer payment) is spent, invested and taxed in the province. The trickle down effect of a few hundred million dollars has a huge effect on the economy and makes this program payoff.

The key is winning Jackpots that come from tickets sold across Canada.

This radical program was implemented quietly by the Quebec Government allowing residents a chance to get hooked on it before it could be opposed. Word was spread quickly by retailers who make more money selling lottery tickets than they do collecting tax. The only problem is that retailers who do not have lottery sales are victims of tax discrimination. The government officials had not thought of this problem but will launch an app where customers can purchase their tickets online for this program.

Having multiple $60Million Lotto Max winners has led to an increase in inter-provincial shopping that the government planners had not expected.

If you are looking for a similar program in you province it isn’t likely to happen. Many provinces have implemented HST taxes which integrate the calculation provincial taxes and GST. This would make a program like this to complicated.

Other Provinces also have a much lower tax rate than Quebec so the numbers wouldn’t work. (See the tax rates in your province)   The key financial point is in winning the Jackpots that come from tickets sold across Canada. If all the provinces hads a chance at winning it wouldn’t work as well.

For once the highly taxed Quebec residents are getting a break.

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Australian protesters get under Pres Trump’s skin by burning Ivanka’s dresses!

  When Aussies realized Ivanka Trump’s dresses mean more to Donald Trump that the US flag they knew they had a way to get back at him.

Even though they were purchased, President Trump could not believe Australians would burn Ivanka’s clothes in protest.

When President Trump insulted and hung up on Australian PM Malcolm TurnBull the protests began. Aussies have a lot of nationalistic pride, so they don’t like being pushed around by a bully like Donald Trump.

Similar protests will soon happen in countries like North Korea and Iran

There were dozens of protests against President Trump and his policies. They were largely ignored outside of the country until they caught on how to get to Trump – through his daughter Ivanka.

When they saw how upset Trump was over his daughter’s clothing line being dropped by retailers like Nordstrum, the quick witted Aussies jumped at the opportunity.

Ivanka Trump is know for letting her clothing designs stand on their own merit – they are designed by the daughter of a man who could screw over anyone who stands in her way.

They took advantage of the fact that at the height of summer Australian beaches like Bondi Beach are packed. They had no problem getting huge crowds and incredible support for the dress burning.

Indications are that similar protests will happen in countries like North Korea and Iran shortly. Korea will get some of the dresses from the manufacturer in China. Iran has terrorist links in countries like Saudi Arabia where the Trumps do business.

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Trump’s Pitfall? Bannon has separated him from his Helicopter Kids

Donald Trump was one parent who benefited from the  trend of Helicopter Kids – until he became President.

Donal Trump had a good run under the thumb of his kids, now without them the rookie mistakes are piling up -Bad clothes, the Twitter Easy D slip up, weak Executive Orders – every day now he embarrasses his kids.

Before his kids grew up Donald Trump had a never ending parade of issues in all aspects of his life. When his children grew up they became the first real “Helicopter Kids” and for a time kept his nose clean.

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Helicopter Parent backlash, their Helicopter Kids are taking over!

Donald Trump upset “President Bannon” could cost him the Nobel prize

They found him a new wife to keep him out of sexual trouble, ran his businesses properly and developed his media empire. They found a way to keep him occupied and out of trouble while they grew his financial empire – somewhat honestly.

Donald Jr, Eric and Ivanka Trump were tough Helicopter Kids until their dad went to the White House and the arms of President Bannon

The problem was they could not compete with Steve Bannon and the lure of the Presidency. He has managed to separate them from their father and does not care what happens to Donald Trump and his image, as long as “President Bannon is calling the shots. We are in for a long, eventful four years…..

President Trump’s troubled past

Donald Trump is now president and not just a private citizen, but that doesn’t mean he’s free of the controversies that dogged him in his former life. An Overview of Donald Trump’s troubled past.

Sexual-Assault Allegations Read More>

Accusations filed in court against Trump

  • Ivana Trump (1989)
  • Jill Harth (1992)

Allegations of unwanted physical contact

  • Jessica Leeds (1980s)
  • Kristin Anderson (1990s)
  • Cathy Heller (1997)
  • Temple Taggart McDowell (1997)
  • Karena Virginia (1998)
  • Mindy McGillivray (2003)
  • Rachel Crooks (2005)
  • Natasha Stoynoff (2005)
  • Jessica Drake (2006)
  • Ninni Laaksonen (2006)
  • Summer Zervos (2007)

Allegations of pageant dressing room visits

  • Miss Teen USA contestants
  • Bridget Sullivan (2000)
  • Tasha Dixon (2001)
  • Unnamed contestants (2001)
  • Samantha Holvey (2006)

Trump denies all sexual-assault cases, even though he brags about the same behavior he is accused—whether grabbing or forcibly kissing.

Read more:The New York TimesPeopleBuzzFeed,

The Beauty Pageant Scandals  

 Accused of barging in changing rooms, groping contestants and organizers, multiple accusations and court cases.

Read more:The Boston GlobeVanity Fair

Racial Housing Discrimination   

 The dirt: The Department of Justice sued Trump and his father for housing discrimination in New York. “The government contended that Trump Management had refused to rent or negotiate rentals ‘because of race and color,’”

Read more:The New York TimesThe Washington PostThe New York Times

Mafia Ties    The dirt: Trump has been linked to the mafia many times. Although much of it was due to their mutual interests in the construction business, there have been many interactions outside of regular business activities that led to fines and allegations.

Read more: Wayne BarrettMichael IsikoffTimeYahooDavid Cay Johnston

Trump University   

  Trump University was founded to teach his real-estate secrets. Many students claimed it was a scam, it operated without an education license and was hit with a number of lawsuits. It settles out of court in 2016 for $25 Million.

Read more: Tom McNicholSteven BrillNational Review,

The Four Bankruptcies   

Four times in his career, Trump’s companies have declaired bankruptcy.

  • 1991 Atlantic City Trump Taj Mahal Casino.
  • 1992 Atlantic City Trump Plaza
  • 2004 Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts
  • 2009 Trump Entertainment Resorts once again went bankrupt. Trump resigned from the board, but the company retained his name.

Read more: The Washington PostWilliam Cohan

The Undocumented Polish Workers   

To construct his signature Trump Tower in New York, he had to demolish the Bonwit Teller store. The work had to be done fast they hired 200 undocumented Polish workers, paying them substandard wages. $5 per hour, when they were paid at all. The workers didn’t wear hard hats and often slept at the site. When the workers complained about not getting paid, they were allegedly threatened with deportation.    Trump said he was unaware that illegal immigrants were working at the site. 1991, a federal judge found Trump and other defendants guilty of conspiring to avoid paying union pension and welfare contributions for the workers Read more:Michael DalyThe New York TimesTime

Alleged Marital Rape   

Read more:The Daily Beast

Breaking Casino Rules   

Antitrust Violations   

Condo Hotel investment Lawsuits

Read more:Los Angeles TimesThe New York Timesibid.The Wall Street Journal

Suing Journalist Tim O’Brien for Libel  

 Read more: O’Brien’s original reportO’Brien in 2015William CohanThe Washington Post

Refusing to Pay Workers and Contractors

Read more: USA TodayThe Wall Street JournalThe Washington Post

Trump Institute

Read more:The New York TimesArs TechnicaThe Daily Beast

Buying Up His Own Books

 Read more: The Daily Beast

Undocumented Models

Read more: Mother Jones     

The Trump Foundation

 Read more: David Fahrenthold (several times over), meThe New York TimesFahrentholdFahrentholdFahrentholdFahrentholdFahrentholdFahrenthold

The Cuban EmbargoRead more: BusinessWeekNewsweek


New Donald Trump turnip toy a hit in Russia, Eastern Europe

Donald Turnip Head a Mr Potato head knockoff based on Donald Trump is the hottest toy in Eastern Europe.

Someone in Eastern Europe took some anti Trump sentiment and channeled it into a toy. Now it is one of the fastest selling things in Russia, Poland, Belarus, and the Ukraine.

Like the original Mr Potato Head, you need to supply the vegetable that will be Mr Trump. Some have been using a large orange pumpkin for a more realistic Trump look

People in countries that are unhappy with President Trump’s behavior are after retailers to buy stock the store as they don’t trust Russian online shopping web sites.  So far stores in   Germany, Australia claim to have orders placed and even Nordstum in the US  is looking for it to replace their top selling Rock In A Bag.

Russian President Putin – a close friend of Donald Trump – has been bringing the toy everywhere and is always joking as if it is the real Trump.

Rumours are that the original doll was to be a talking Trump doll, but translators could not make sense of President Trump’s speech and grammar.

Sales have been the best of any non Christmas toy

They decided to go ahead with selling the pieces that could be used on a real turnip. They planned on launching the full body talking Turnip once they figured out what the hell Trump was saying, but sales have been the best of any non Christmas toy,  so good they may not need to do it.

Boys will love playing with the soon to be launched Kellyanne Conway Corn Cob Doll.



As we post this Nordstrum announced they would drop Ivanka Trump’s line of clothing and jewelry. This will really upset President Trump knowing they will stoop to sell a rock in a bag but dump his daughter’s designs. Read More: Nordstrum drops Trump line