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Trump-Russian Emails Confirm – Memorizing Pi World Record Broken by Russian Savant

  Russian Claims of Reciting Pi to Over 200,000 Digits are Real!

Russian breaks Pi World Record
The Savant had to stop after 17 hours when he lost his voice

A side effect of the Trump-Russia Investigation scandal emails is the confirmation of the rumor that a Russian smashed the world record for memorizing Pi in 2016.  The emails  explained that an unnamed Russian savant was able to recite Pi to over 200,000 digits. This is almost 3 times the Previous record  of 70,030  held by Suresh Kumar Sharma of India.

The emails included quotes from Russian President Vladimir Putin: “We break the record, and backwards.” “…starting at 3.14 is simple, everyone know it… we  start at infinity and work back.” “No one has achieved this before, they will not be able to counter our counter”

Count half way to infinity from 3.14 and determine which number was in the exact middle.

It was like the American story of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire Dancing – they both danced the same moves but she did hers in high heals and in reverse.

The emails also mention that Pi Day – 3.14 (March 14th) will soon be celebrated on a different date in Russia. This is a shock to many mathematicians who believed that Pi would end in a mirror image of itself 41.3 then Infinity.

 Remember when it comes to math there are 3 kinds of people – those who understand it and those who do not.

There was an “Arms Race” to build powerful computers that would be able to count half way to infinity from 3.14 and determine which number was in the exact middle. This is the holy grail of numbers.  It is not required to prove any current theories or mathematical laws, there are just a lot of curious people who want to know this number.

A sample of the Pi digits taken from the email:



Can an Autistic Savant be Made?

To date nothing has been discovered about the savant, who was the subject of the rumors in 2016. Many suspect that Russia has been trying to develop an army of  Autistic Savants through the use of vaccines. The belief that vaccines cause autism has been pushed further by helicopter parents and countries that disregard human rights. They believe that  regular or under performing kids can be made into an autistic savant through mega doses of vaccines.

Parents who don’t want to be embarrassed by kids who are not living up to expectations have been finding ways to trick schools, medical professionals, clinics, pharmacies, and veterinarians, into giving their kids vaccinations. When the rumors began spreading in 2016 that Russia was experimenting on “slow” kids, these parents were very excited. Finally there was some credible science on vaccines and autism that would give the results they were looking for.



Ivanka Trump could make $ millions as a White House intern.

 After President Trump announced increased military spending, Ivanka Trump was put in charge of military uniforms. Her clothing business could make millions supplying them.

Ivanka Trump clothes Designs
Sexy clothes for women, bright Camo for men are expected to make a huge sales in Army surplus.

After Donald Trump’s policies caused Ivanka Trump’s clothes to be dumped by big retailers, she wanted compensation. Ivanka (and Justin Trudeau) would like her to  become the Ambassador to Canada. President Trump seems to want to keep her close by in the White House.  So he has offered up the opportunity to design and supply the uniforms for the military. Each year the military spends  millions of dollars on uniforms and this could flow through Ivanka’s fashion business.


Ivanka Trump and Justin Trudeau are hot for her to become Canadian

Ambassador.Australian protesters get under Pres Trump’s skin by burning Ivanka’s dresses!

Trump’s Pitfall? Bannon has separated him from his Helicopter Kids

Most military personnel who wear uniforms are not in combat. Ivanka and her designers have realise this and want to turn uniform designs on their ear. Bright new designs with a street cred look will make her uniforms popular with the poor people the military is trying to attract. They also hope that celebrities will embrace the new designs and make then popular.

Under a military label Ivanka should be able to get her fashion business back into big retailers.


Liberal MPs in Ottawa for rare weekend meeting – Justin Trudeau too focused on Ivanka Trump

Since meeting Ivanka Trump PM Justin Trudeau has lost focus. Election reform, Pot Legalization and Budget slipping through the cracks

Ivanka Trump Justin Trudeau attraction
If Ivanka Trump was adopted she would be much more attractive and easier to like.

The Liberal government is in crisis mode as they try to bring Justin Trudeau’s focus back to Canadian Politics.

Key party leaders including: Finance Minister Bill Morneau, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland and Andrew Leslie, the Liberals’ parliamentary secretary for Canada-U.S. relations  have called a rare weekend caucus meeting to stage an intervention with their leader.

Since meeting Ivanka Trump in Washington the PM has canceled election reform and has been procrastinating on legalizing marijuana and presenting a detailed budget and plan for the economy. Ivanka seems to have been a distraction and Trudeau’s main focus has been on meeting with her in New York and trying to get Ivanka moved to Ottawa permanently in the role of US Ambassador to Canada.

Ivanka Trump Sexy Lingerie
It is not clear what Justin Trudeau finds attractive about Ivanka Trump – possibly her New York accent?


The liberal team wants to bring their leader back to reality before Canadians catch on. It is not clear whether having Trump permanently in Ottawa as Ambassador will help the problem or make it worse!


President Trump can’t stop Putin’s new “legal” attack on American Businesses!

Putin’s Russian legal team has begun targeting Automakers, Social media, and power companies through class action suits.

Putins Russian Lawyers attack USA
Putin is using cutthroat lawyers to attack America through it’s own legal system

Russian President Vladimir Putin has pulled together a team of lawyers to turn America’s legal system against it’s businesses, and Trump can’t stop it.

After months of research Russian lawyers working in America have found 3 class action lawsuits to attack businesses with. Putin calls them “Clash” Action Suits.

 First they will be going after US car makers focusing on injuries from distracted drivers.

Each day in the United States, over 8 people are killed and 1,161 injured in crashes that are reported to involve a distracted driver. Much of it is due to talking on phones and eating or drinking. In the past lawyers tried to sue cellphone companies or restaurants with takeout food and drive thru’s with no luck.

Now car makers are partnering with consumer electronics companies to give drivers a fully “wired” experience with in car technology.

Learn More:

Samsung Partners With German Carmakers Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi

Samsung to buy car tech company Harman for $8 billion

They want their cars to take over what smart phones are doing now.    This means they are consciously doing things to make drivers more distracted.

Old style control knobs could be manipulated by touch alone, but you need to look at touch screens to find the right screen and button. 

The Russians  expect and easy road to get their law suit certified.  The suit could be worth 100’s of $ billions and cause car companies to redesign their cars.

Read More: In 2013, 424,000 people were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving a distracted driver

The second point of the Russian legal attack will be social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook.

The initial social media websites were prevented from charging fees for using them. Governments were unsure of where the future of the internet lay but they wanted to keep access to websites relatively free.

This decision led to huge profits for the sites they would never have collected through fees. Their profits come from using the detailed information they collect from users and selling it to advertisers.

Advertisers can’t get this type of information from traditional types of advertising on television and in print so they will spend more on targeted social media ads.

Russian Class action suit against social media
Social media website collect billions of bits of information they can resell to advertisers at a premium

The angle the Russians are using for their lawsuit is that the companies are collecting $ billions more in profit than the value of website is giving members. It is a sliding scale in the Russian Lawyers favor. The more data they collect the more ads they sell at a higher price to advertisers.

Imagine President Trump’s reaction if Twitter was shut down

Selling more ads takes away from the user’s experience. Sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are publicly traded so they have been focusing more on shareholder profits than added value to members.

A class action suit would wreak havoc on the internet. If 100’s of millions of members sued Facebook they could go bankrupt or have to stop collecting info and selling ads. Imagine President Trump’s reaction if Twitter was shut down.

Law suit for electric shock
Who hasn’t been shocked or worried about it? A class action suit that included every single American citizen (and the married ones too) would be groundbreaking


The third Russian lawsuit would be against power companies

Who hasn’t been shocked by electricity? Wall sockets don’t come with warnings but appliances do. Why are power companies exempt from responsibility for electric shocks?  In the past they argued that electrical safety is common knowledge but  when people get  $ millions from McDonalds for coffee burns the situation changes.

Electric companies worry about making the power grid crash crash but legal action against every American electric company would be worse.

The Russian legal team is just finding opportunities to turn the American Legal system against itself. President Trump can’t prevent that from happening.



GOP Healthcare plan includes coverage for TransRace surgery – will Trump end racism?

 Radical race tolerance groups believe that Transrace Operations will end Racism and  TrumpCare is financing it!

Trans Race Surgery Trump Healthcare
Though still underground TransRace Surgery could become very popular soon.

Transgender surgery is well known in popular culture bit soon it may be overshadowed by TransRace surgery. Michael Jackson was well known for his ethnic modification surgery that he undertook for personal reasons.

Now radical racial tolerance groups are trying to use surgery to blur the visible lines between ethnic groups thereby ending racism.

Trump Healthcare Supports TransRacial Surgery
President Donald Trump and his TrumpCare Bill could be the key to ending racism in America.

With approximately .03% of the American population as transgender it has been given relative mainstream acceptance in culture. While having debates about Gender Specific washrooms is not acceptance, it shows that it a mainstream issue not an underground subculture.

How the movement started:

During some of the Anti-police / race riots of 2016 various groups of people showed up with makeup to change their race image and see how police and others reacted. The results radicalized white people who went as African Americans.

They were shocked and outraged by how the police reacted to them with violence. Then  how the police covered up the treatment when they learned they were white. Since then they have been  promoting the blurring of visual race differences through makeup and ultimately through surgery.

With TransRace groups they are hoping that if they can get 1% of the population to switch their ethnicity through looks, they can have the same effect and be on the path to ending racism. The could have more impact if they can get some popular celebrities on board as Caitlyn Jenner did for transgender.

It is not clear that President Trump is on board with this type surgery rather another case where he did not look at the details before signing it.

Regardless Trump could help end racism in America.

Trump Trans Race Healthcare Coverage
Page from the TrumpCare Bill showing the TransRace coverage.



Ivanka Trump and Justin Trudeau are hot for her to become Canadian Ambassador.

Since meeting in Washington last month Justin Trudeau and Ivanka Trump have been close. If she becomes the Ambassador to Canada they will be inseparable.

Canadian Ambassador Ivanka Trump and Justin Trudeau
Ivanka Trunp is hot for the job of Canadian Ambassador. Will Justin Trudeau satisfy her ambitions to work with a foreign leader?

It may be a coincidence but before Justin Trudeau and Ivanka Trump met Sarah Palin was to be the American Ambassador to Canada. Once they met that decision was overturned and the announcement of the new Ambassador has been put on hold.

Now it seems that the plan is for Ivanka to take the role. Her clothing business is on hold due to many retail boycotts  and she is no longer working with her father Donald Trump who is very occupied with trying to run the country.

So Ivanka has a lot of time on her hands and an interest in working with Justin Trudeau. They have tried to meet on a regular basis but sometimes it doesn’t go as well as Ivanka would like.

Meetings between Ivanka and Justin:

Justin Trudeau and Ivanka Trump together again on Game of Thrones Season 7

Ivanka Trump disappointed by Justin Trudeau and “Come From Away”

Canadian Ambassador Ivanka Trump and Justin Trudeau
It isn’t clear if Ivanka wants to be ambassador or would prefer to be a chargé d’affaires

The Canadian Ambassador would be an ideal position for her and Justin to work together in. The could do a lot for international relations. The question is will President Donald “Daddy” Trump let her have the position?