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Montreal to be Marijuana Capital as Justin Trudeau approves Big “O” for growing Pot!

 From Pot holes to Pot Growing – Montreal is set to become the Marijuana Capital of Canada. Will it take the “Big Smoke” nickname from Toronto?

Growing pot in Montreal's Olympic Stadium
The government is planning big celebrations when they legalize pot in Canada. This includes a National Olympic style torch run where all of Canada can be smoking from the same flame.

For years Montreal’s Olympic Stadium has been sitting empty and costing taxpayers $ millions in maintenance costs. Studies showed that it would cost almost as much to tear it down as it did to build it. Now Prime Minister Trudeau has approved a plan to convert it to the world’s biggest Marijuana grow-op.

It is estimated that the legal marijuana industry in Canada could exceed $22 Billion.

The potential capacity of the “Big O” could supply half of the market. This type of revenue could make Montreal a tax free city and cause a huge boom in the economy.

Trudeau insiders say he agreed to the plan because Quebec has the most potential new votes for his liberal government in the next election. It would also be key to keeping the province of Quebec in Canada. With that kind of wealth they would be able to maintain their culture.

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Approving the plan now will allow the site to be in production when the Trudeau government legalizes marijuana later this year. It is not clear who will be running the operation but indications are it will be handed over to contractors currently doing construction work for the city.

Montreal Pot

Ebay is terrible – I was searching for a lighter and all they had was 12,768 matches!




The possible reason Montreal Police left 300 Cars Stranded on Hwy 13

Snow covered cars make driver profiling impossible, witnesses say Police leave people on road overnight rather than take risks with visible minorities.

Cars stranded on Hwy 13 Montreal
Montreal Police and SQ left 300 cars stranded on the hwy overnight

In a year that has started with many allegations of racist police profiling  things may not be getting better for police. When the biggest store of the year led to a major accident on Hwy 13 over 300 vehicles were left stranded.

Normally  if the cars were stuck for more than a few hours, then police would take steps to remove occupants of the cars to shelter. Witnesses say Police began to go car to car directing drivers to drive in the wrong direction so they could take the Cote des Neiges exit. Then they stopped.

Police have been relying on profiling to proactively arrest black people prior to committing their crimes.

Those on site said the police stopped removing the cars when they became so snow covered that they could not see inside and profile the drivers. They said they were short staffed because of the storm and did not want to be surprised by cars with black people without backup.  They decided to leave the people stranded on the highway until they could get backup.

Montreal Police and SQ have long been accused of racism by relying on profiling to proactively arrest black people prior to committing their crimes.  In this case it backfired as it prevented them from doing their job in such a public situation – the Blizzard of 2017.

No comments have been made from the Center on Research-Action on Race Relations (CRARR), or the Montreal Mayors Office.


Millennial spends 30 hours stranded in car – next to a payphone




New Vancouver Trump Hotel Presidential Suite has custom Golden Showers, Locker rooms.

Donald Trump leveraged his presidential status to customize the new Vancouver Trump Hotel Presidential Suites. His first guests might be the best thing about it.

Vancouver Trump Presidential Suite: all the pleasures a creepy old guest would want- at his fingertips!

President Donald Trump is not one to miss a money making or ego boosting opportunity. Now he is leveraging his position as President in his hotel business. His goal is to own the Presidential Suite name worldwide, stops others from using it, and make a load of cash.

The Vancouver Trump Hotel was still under construction when President Trump was elected. He quickly upgraded the plans for the Presidential Suite to reflect his new status.


Trump added photos of himself and Ivanka to turn up the sexiness of master the bedroom 

New additions to the President’s customized suite include:


  • Golden Showers in the main bedroom bathroom
  • A customer locker room. Guests can be assured they can walk in at any time and surprise pretty young women getting undressed. They are experienced with creepy men who want to get a grip on things or engage in “locker Room Talk”.
    • (Ultra Right Wing guests can also role play their “Co-ed / Transgender washroom fantasies by sneaking in wearing women’s clothing and peep at women using the toilets.)   
  • Photos of Trump and his daughter Ivanka – she will be around longer than his wives so the photos will not have to be changed over time.
  • Staff that has personally worked with the President. Since KellyAnne Conway has stepped back from public appearances at the Whitehouse she has been seen working the doors at the main entrance of the hotel.

Presidential suites have been around since 1913 when President Wilson insisted on having certain things in his hotel rooms – like toilets. Luxury Hotels soon caught on that they could upgrade the services, charge ridiculous rates and people would pay. Generally the most expensive room in the hotel, top Presidential Suites cost tens of thousands of dollars. The art deco Presidential Suite at the Grand Hyatt Martinez Cannes as much as $51,800 per night.

What is a Presidential Suite?

It must be south-facing in the Northern Hemisphere and north-facing in the Southern Hemisphere, containing an “en-suite” bathroom and walk-in closet (in Wilson’s era en-suite bathrooms were uncommon).  Read More>

Unfortunately in Donald Trump’s view the Presidential Suite did not get off to a good start. It is rumoured that the first guests were a queer married Hispanic couple from San Diego. They spent a week there “breaking in the suite” knowing that Trump would hate it.

It will be interesting to see if the suite  becomes a rich gay bucket list destination and how the Donald will deal with it. Heavy Vetting of Guests perhaps?

trump-hotel vancouver
The Trump Tower Hotel in Vancouver


Suites have exclusive access to many rooms and services to justify the premium ego trip for the guest.

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President trump’s dream would be to have the rights the name Presidential Suite




Toronto City Council approves new slogan: Toronto the Middle of Somewhere!

Since the passing of Mayor Rob Ford Toronto has fallen off the world map. Now city councilors want to bring it back to prominence.

Toronto city slogan

Toronto is feeling left out this year. Vancouver is the king of real estate prices, Emerson has refugees, Montreal has it’s 375th anniversary party, but Toronto is needing a boost.So enterprising city councilors decided to start with some re-branding and passed a new slogan this week.

Toronto: the Middle of Somewhere!

City Councilors were looking for a hook to promote the city with they found options were lacking. “Our official slogan is “Diversity Our Strength”, but that is kind of boring, and Justin Trudeau has been using it to promote refugees.” 

‘Diversity is our strength’: Justin Trudeau says refugees are welcome in Canada

“We the North is great but it is taken by the Raptors, we wanted something for the city” “Some liked the big smoke, the 416, and TDot but these are more like nicknames and don’t appeal to everyone.”

Others wanted to do something around the lake, but we don’t really use it. We don’t swim or do much boating it’s more just to look at.”  “If we could change the name to Lake Toronto it would be better but we didn’t know who to talk to in the States to get approval.”

The breakthrough came when they were watching the news and a guy in Calgary referred to Toronto as the Center of The Universe.

“People who live here believe it, and love hearing it, but we though scientists might not like it”   

 “Then working on the same theme, we realized that whenever someone is leaving Toronto for a trip, whether they go to Pickering or Hamilton, or Milton people say: Peterborough  – that’s in the middle of nowhere!” 

“It’s true once you get north of Steeles it’s way out of the city in the middle of nowhere.”

‘So we turned it outside the box on it’s ear and thought – if we aren’t in the middle of nowhere – we must be somewhere, and if we are somewhere we would definitely be in the middle of it.   So that was it – Toronto: in the Middle of Somewhere.”


Montreal375 Surprise “ICE” Event Took City By Storm

 Montreal Ice375 was an unexpected surprise for all Montrealers, even city staff

montreal-ice-375Montreal is pulling out all the stops as it celebrates it’s 375th Anniversary.

Tuesday the city threw it’s first big surprise event. As residents awoke they found the whole city transformed for Montreal Ice. Cars and trees were beautifully frosted, while streets and sidewalks had a skating rink motif.

The joy could be seen city wide as pedestrians felt the need to wrap arms and hold hands while they strolled the glass-like sidewalks. Many were so overcome they felt the immediate urge to kneel or even lie down on the ground.


Most drivers took their time going to work through the ice themed streets. Driving in unison like many long Tonga lines, they coordinated the pace by honking horns, shouting loudly and using hand gestures. Some spent the whole morning going to work so they would not miss the event.

City staff took the morning off, schools closed, workers stayed home

The level of excitement continued into the afternoon. City Hall and local talk radio shows were inundated with people eager to share their experiences.

In the absence of alternative facts, it is certain that the event set attendance records. Events like this had happened in the past, but for this, . It’s estimated that close to 100% of residents took part in the Montreal Ice 375 Festival.

 Future events include:

  • A downtown interactive maze for cars made entirely out of traffic cones.
  • A farcical street play called Construction Holiday.
  • The Mayor’s ceremonial Cleansing of the Pipes on the shores of the Mighty St. Laurence.

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Montreal’s War on Transit – Conspiracy or Stupidity

 Montreal had unsafe roads and inadequate transit. The roads are fixed, so now they are replacing them. Why not upgrade transit first?

Getting trial is a marketer’s goal. Forced trial is a dream.

Montreal is in over a decade of road construction. Main roads accessing downtown are systematically reduced to one lane weekdays and are closed on weekends – a commuter’s nightmare – for years!

 Montreal Commuters have little choice but to sit in gridlock – for years

Fix the roads first, worry about commuters…well… I guess never

The perfect opportunity for transit to gain trial by thousands of new riders just by being there. It may not be forced trial but it’s close. Who chooses hours of gridlock in a car when you can take the train and play with your phone.

If the roads are gridlocked let’s add more buses

Their brilliant solution?

Add more buses  to the same roads that are gridlocked by construction!  Right up there with drilling a hole in a leaky boat to let the water out.

They have many problems  (see below) but there was a better solution than adding buses.

Montreal just spent years and $100’s of millions repair their roads so they would last long enough for them to be replaced (a story for another time).

As soon as the repairs were done they immediately started tearing it all down. The start of 7-8 years of  traffic gridlock. Then, then they will upgrade the train and metro system. IT MAKES NO SENSE!

Hurry up on the repairs, we have to tear it down

A solution:

How about after they fix the roads, keep using them for a few years while the transit is updated?

Then, when they do,  the roads people will have a great transit system to use. If they get good service they won’t switch back to cars.

The question is what is going on? Is the Transit management team that bad? Unable to plan for the future?  Possibly Stupid?

Transit is tough to access for many Montreal residents

 Are road construction companies still calling the shots in Montreal?

Some think it is the construction industry, still in control of the government’s construction. They can’t get 30% kickbacks now but they can do big projects and cut on quality.

They repaired the bridges and overpasses just well enough to tear them down again .Maybe they won’t last 3-4 years without showing the poor workmanship.

The transit construction will involve other companies for the bulk of the work. If road construction is cut for a few years what will these road construction companies do?

We may never know the truth other than Montreal commuters are getting the shaft again.

The Montreal Transit System is a Mess.

  • They don’t have the infrastructure of trains to properly service the whole city. Bus routes are mismanaged and unreliable for many customers.
  • Management seems out of touch with technology. There is no current technology to provide transit info, sell tickets or give real time system updates to riders. They seem to always be testing but never implement. They don’t realize we know other cities have had this technology for years.
  • Customer service is not a priority. If there is a breakdown or delay riders have no info on what to do. Drive-thru quality intercoms garble something and ask the staff for help and you will quickly understand what the trolls do when they are not accosting someone on twitter.
  • The Metro is constantly having shutdowns stranding commuters for hours.
Guess how long we have to wait?



Montreal Pit bull ban – Anglophones fear they are next!

The recent Montreal Pit bull ban has created fears in the English community that they will be next to go.

The ambiguous details of the ban could be used against people

The ban outlines specific terrier breeds and anyone with similar characteristics.

The visual identification of Pit bulls has historically been: “They are labeled as “pit bulls” if they have certain physical characteristics such as a square shaped head or bulky body type.”

This is in line with the common view of Square Headed Anglos – Tête carrée!

The law is enforced by a team related to the mayor who are capture, deport or euthanize offending dogs. Their initial focus will be on  square headed dogs in public, specifically those with homeless people. However they can search private homes as they choose to capture the dogs.

The term pit bull is often used loosely to describe dogs with similar physical characteristics, and the morphological (physical) variation amongst “bully breed” dogs makes it difficult for anyone, even experts, to visually identify them as distinct from “non-pit bulls”

Square Headed Anglophones don’t fit the cool image of Montreal

In criminal science it is known that bad behavior against animals indicates future behavior against people. So once all square headed dogs are eliminated it is feared they will target the square headed Anglophones.

This falls in line with the plans for Montréal’s 375th anniversary party in 2017. Anglos don’t have the cool image they want to project so they are looking for ways to keep them out of the celebrations. One of the planners stated “If we were putting up a bunch of statues or putting tacky lights on bridge they might be okay to have around, but  we want to have a cool celebration so they won’t fit in. The quicker we rid the city of all square heads the better”.