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CBC Announces Winter 2018 Premiere of Hoarder Reality Show

New CBC Show Recognizes Hoarding has Reached Epidemic Proportions in Canada

Snow Hoarding
Snow Hoarding has reached epidemic proportions in Canada this winter

CBC has announced a new reality show to be added to its winter lineup in 2018. Snow Hoarders will try to capture the ugly reality of Canadian Hoarders.

Host Walter Windchill said “Recent studies have shown over 80% of Canadians admit they have too much snow, but are powerless to get rid of it. In many homes, backyards, and driveways are overflowing with the cold white substance and seemingly overnight they bring in more.” He explained, “Each show we will try to expose Canadians to the cold truth of  Snow Hoarding. The may seem like flakes but we want to help them.”

Snow Hoarding
Pelee Island man uses fridges to hoard snow

In the show’s premiere two hoarders are focused on. One, a man living at Canada’s most southerly and snow free point – Pelee Island – uses hundreds of refrigerators to collect snow. The other is a woman who began hoarding after a surprise divorce. She uses her stockpile of snow to build thousands of snowmen. Perhaps trying to make the perfect husband to put her frosty divorce behind her.

Snow Hoarders
Woman uses hoarded snow to build thousands of snowmen


Early reviews by critics say this new show will take the country by storm.






The Reason Justin Trudeau had NYE Celebrations on Parliament Hill Cancelled

It’s Not The Cold, It’s the Potential of Harm From Security Technology.

Reason NYE on Parliment will was cancelled
Trudeau agreed that NYE should be cancelled for public safety.

In the summer of 2017 security was beefed up for public events in many countries. In Canada two big summer events with maximum security were; the Charles and Camila Royal tour and the Canada Day celebrations on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

They were bombarded by EMF Radiation from all sides

The security on Canada Day in Ottawa was slow and disorganized. Tens of thousands of people waited up to 8 hours in the streets around the hill trying to get through the security to the event. If terrorists had attempted an attack, these people would have been sitting ducks.

Canadians Bombarded by EMF
On Canada Day Canadians were bombarded by EMF Radiation for many hours

Instead they were more like roast ducks. As they waited they were bombarded by Electromagnetic Field Radiation (EMF) from all sides. The metal detectors and scanners as they passed through the security tent, thousands of cell phones and police radios, wireless from computers. Plus technology hidden behind the scenes, scanning for potential threats and large microwave dishes for communication.

On their own the government says they are safe, but when they are used together and for hours bombard people of all ages – including young children and babies – it is another story.

Police, military and security officers working in the area wore Film Badge Dosimeter tags like those used by staff in nuclear reactors. These measure the amount of radiation they have been exposed to over time. They were able to leave the area before they had reached unhealthy doses. The spectators waiting in line were not aware and some waited in the area for up to 8 hours.


Tags measure Exposure to High Levels of EMF Radiation at Events
Only Police and security staff wore Dosimeter tags to show when they had too much exposure to EMF.

So now with New Years Eve celebrations on the Hill they have the added issue of winter clothes. The sub zero temperatures mean that everyone will have heavy winter hats, mitts, coats, boots – clothes that make personal searches very slow. Many of the hidden scanners will have to be turned up to penetrate the extra layers and this will add to the dangerous amounts of EMF people will be exposed to.

This is why the decision was made to stop the main stage events and stick to events that do not rely on high security to protect a crowd like fireworks and skating. May be on of Justin Trudeau’s best decisions.

Driverless Cars mean Retailers can sell parking lots for $Millions

Retailers hit hard by online shopping will sell their parking lots for $millions when driverless cars become popular. They can cruise the streets while their owners shop.

Autonomous Driverless car parking
Signs will evolve from words and pictures to scanable symbols the cars can pick up to completely wireless signs. Governments will save millions on signs.

After years of being hit hard by online shopping retailers and shopping malls will shed the expense of large parking lots in prime urban locations. They will be set up with drop off and pickup zones for customers who will then send their cars back home or to cruise on the road until they are needed.

The efficiency of the driverless cars will prevent traffic jams and eventually roads will be build where the cars can drive a circuit until needed. The land will be used for housing, businesses, parks and entertainment.

Other things these driverless cars will change include: insurance as there will be few accidents. The need for drivers licenses and testing, traffic cops, road signs and even traffic lights. Governments are determining of the lost revenues are off-set by the savings.


Dogs early adopters for Self Driving Cars

Trudeau Government gives Ford $200Mil to develop Driverless Car horns



Trudeau Government gives Ford $200Mil to develop Driverless Car horns

Car horns offer the most complex challenges for driverless car developers. The Trudeau government has given Ford over $200 Million to bring their problems to Canada.

Trudeau gives Ford 200 million for driverless cars
Whether you call them self driving, Autonomous or driverless cars they still need a working horn. How else could you pick up your date – oh ya text him from the curb.

The use of car horns includes safety and cultural situations. This makes it challenging for car designers. They have to differentiate between a person texting through a green light, telling someone they cut you off, and admiring long legs in a short skirt.

Each of these requires split second timing and the right tone, volume and cadence to have proper effect. It has to change to the situation and personality of the car occupants.  Imaging following a funeral procession and your car keeps honking, or a wedding procession where it won’t.


Dogs early adopters for Self Driving Cars

Billions in Trudeau Govt infrastructure cash was spent on cosmetics

Trudeau Government has Arctic Sovereignty Solution

Honking at a green light depends who is in the car. It can range from a quick beep saying “Sorry – you didn’t notice but the light changed” to a long, loud “Hey @$$hole they light changed an hour ago drop the phone and get going before I ram my chrome horn right up your…….” Like automatic seat belts and talking cars of the past, if it is annoying people won’t buy the cars.

So the Trudeau government has given ford $200 million to develop solve their horn issues in Canada.

Driverless cars covered in snow
Ford also wanted money to solve the snow problem – if you don’t clean off your car the sensors won’t work. Maybe roof heaters are coming.

Organised Crime, Bikers disrupt Trudeau’s legal marijuana plans with “free” pot across Canada.

When Justin Trudeau legalises pot in 2018 it will kill the profits of current growers including biker gangs and organised crime. Now they are fighting back with free pot.

Justin Trudeau Legalizes Pot
Expect to Find pot plants growing in many public places – even on Parliament Hill.

Illegal pot growers including biker gangs and organised crime are planning a Johnny Appleseed type protest to get revenge on Justin Trudeau. His plan to legalise marijuana will them out of the illegal pot supply business and cost them millions of dollars.

The gangs have decided to take an eye for an eye approach. They will be planting thousands of pot plants across the country to provide Canadians with free pot. They hope to reduce sales of legal pot to prevent Trudeau’s government from collecting taxes on it.

Biker Gangs Growing Pot
The wild plantings have started in BC and will spread to the rest of Canada when the weather is right.

The legal marijuana business is projected to be worth over $2.5 billion within 2 years. The bikers feel that if they can’t profit from pot neither will the government. They will use tree planting techniques to quickly plant clones in public parks, flowerbeds and roadsides.

Bikers hope by 2018 the country will be covered in wild pot plants

They have developed genetic strains that will quickly grow wild in the Canadian climate. Testing of the idea in BC showed that people started to look for the plants. Many were quickly relocated to more private areas or camouflaged with tall plants or things like fences or signs.   This helps hide the plants from the police so they can’t find and destroy them.


Montreal to be Marijuana Capital as Justin Trudeau approves Big “O” for growing Pot!

The bikers hope that by the time pot is legal in 2018 the country will be covered in wild pot plants that Canadians can pick and smoke for free.  Gang insiders say they will lose millions on the pot business but the free pot will provide many other business opportunities for them. At worst they will have a good laugh at Justin Trudeau’s expense.


Canada Post hoping frenzy for Hot young Justin Trudeau photos will sell stamps

Every few months since he came to prominence in politics, photos of Justin Trudeau have been blowing up the internet. This week topless photos of a young Justin have been trending and Canada Post hopes it will lead them to big sales.

New ink technology allows the stamps to be lovingly licked on both sides – these may be the first interactive Stamps!

  Canada Post has been bleeding profits for years. Now they hope Justin Trudeau stamps help get things back on track.  The timing is good as new photos of a hot young Justin are trending.

See Photos of a young, shirtless Justin Trudeau send the internet into a frenzy

The range in age and Justin’s styles will appeal to his female and male fans

Most of the stamps are made for international sales to bring in new business to Canada from Trudeau’s legions of fans worldwide.

Initially the stamps were to be introduced in 2016 but were held back due to issues in early market tests. They found the stamps were being licked repeatedly on both sides causing them to disintegrate.

Slick new ink formulas were produced to protect the stamps without reducing the pleasure of licking them.

It is clear that many of Justin’s admirers will love the stamps – but they won’t likely  be mailing many letters.


Royal Canadian Mint struggles to make money, hopes Justin Trudeau topless coin is the answer.


Royal Canadian Mint struggles to make money, hopes Justin Trudeau topless coin is the answer.

The Royal Canadian Mint isn’t as profitable as it used to be – it wants to make more money.

Many Trudeau fans would like a life sized Trudeau coin but will have to settle for a pocket sized version

The Mint is struggling financially. Sales are down, layoffs, poor morale, and business lines being shut down all add up to a 61% drop in profits.

The executive tried to turn things around by spending millions of dollars on new executive offices. So far this hasn’t worked.  (Rumors are they got a deal on the construction because they pay in cash.)

Another idea is to capitalize on the worldwide popularity of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by striking a new coin with his image. The Mint chose a popular topless image of Trudeau sporting a “Sunny Ways” tattoo.

The coin sports the same image on both sides as Trudeau did not want the coin to be used for games of chance. A 2 headed coin makes it impossible to flip.

Although many Albertans are saying it has 2 tails as it has the picture of an ass on it.

tRUDEAU Penny loafers.jpg
Just in time for summer – the Mint is partnering with Stylists and Fashion Designers to bring back penny loafers matched to the Trudeau coin.



Some are calling it the Nudie, the Trudie, or the Sunny what would you call this coin?