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Hockey China releases New NHL style Jerseys – Fuqing Coals, Tianjin Reefs among Favorites.

  The Chinese original 6 hockey jersey designs have been released. Designs are based on their NHL Partner uniforms.

NHL Style Chinese Hockey Jerseys
The original 6 teams play in cities with populations totaling 46 million people. Almost 1.2 billion people have access to televisions.

The NHL has taken a visible leap in it’s quest to develop hockey as a profitable worldwide sport. The original 6 teams have released their future hockey jersey designs. To NHL fans they will look familiar as they are based on their partner teams from the NHL.

Chinese Hockey Edmonton Oilers Jersey
The partnership makes sense as it has been the Fuqing! Oilers for many years.

Fuqing Coals logo is based on the Edmonton Oilers. The team choose coals as it is a more common fuel used in China than oil. They also like how the logo looks like Goals and is very lucky for the team.

Chinese Hockey Boston Bruins Jersey
Ironically the Beijing team will play at a rink in the Olympic site

Beijing Bruins are the only team with Chinese writing on the logo, the Boston Bruins “B” is translated to  the symbol .

Chinese Hockey Buffalo Sabres Jersey
The Sabres owners laugh that Buffalo has a Bison on their logo – we pointed out that they don’t have a Bengbu on theirs….

The Bengbu Sabres logo replaces the Buffalo Sabres Bison and Calvary swords with an actual Buffalo and Chinese fighting Sabres.


China Hockey Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey
Tianjin is a center for martial arts. While the NHL is trying to phase out fighting. The Tianjin the locals look forward to it and would like to take on some Canadians.

The NHL wanted a name change for the Tianjin Reefs thinking that racist North Americans would joke that it is how Chinese Pronounce Leafs as in their partner the Toronto Maple Leafs.  The team owners assured the NHL that pronouncing “L” like “R” is a Japanese thing not Chinese.

Chinese Hockey Anaheim Ducks Jersey
Possibly the first sports team to put food on their Jersey – the citizens of the city formerly known as Peking are proud of their roasted Peking ducks.

Beijing “Peking” Ducks are the second team for China’s capital city Beijing. With a population of over 21 million people there is room for many more teams. They may have one of the ugliest logos in the history of sports.

Chinese Hockey New York Islanders Jersey
As expected the Hong Kong jerseys were knocked off and for sale in the  Mongkok Ladies Market and Temple Street shops weeks before the design was presented by the league.

The Hong Kong Islanders – New York Islanders – boast that most of the hockey equipment used by they NHL players are manufactured in their city. They hope to research and test new equipment directly with the local teams without having to do to North America.

The NHL passed on the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang South Korea to focus on developing the Hockey World Cup. The NHL Team owners saw few benefits of shutting down the league and loaning their players to the IOC who make millions on hockey in the games.

Hockey is preferred over American sports who arrogantly claim world championships

The NHL Prefers to expand the hockey world cup to a worldwide event like Soccer.     Chinese hockey is a big step as they have large population, resources and interest to quickly grow the sport. Even a passing interest by a fraction of the population could match the revenues and popularity that hockey has in the rest of the world.

Hockey also is preferred over American sports like Baseball and Football who arrogantly claim to play for the world championship when they are the only country involved.

More on the NHL’s plan to skip the Olympics and develop the multi Billion $ World Cup:

Bettman’s Plan to Sell NHL to the World

iihf-member countries
Current countries involved in IIHF Hockey





NHL GM Meetings 2017 – Agreement on 5 big changes to Pro Hockey.

 Testing Automated Refs, Night Games and 4 on 4 hockey among the top  ideas in 2017 NHL GM meetings

It is clear that the National Hockey League game is quickly evolving and opportunities for profit are increasing. Team Owners are challenging their General Managers to make changes that will assure them maximum profits. In the 2017 NHL GM Meetings in Boca Raton Florida 5 main changes were approved for implementation:

NHL Outdoor Game at Night
Night Hockey will be comparable to Superbowl Halftime shows – spectacular with a deep  meaningful message  

 Issue:  Outdoor games are getting boring

They bring a lot of new fans to the game and help build the NHL brand but they are becoming repetitive.

Answer: Outdoor Games at Night

These definitely won’t be called “Classic” match-ups. Hockey GMs hope these night-light events will be as successful as the NASCAR Night races that began in 1992.

Night games will be a spectacular event appealing to neon loving fans of figure skating, dancing and electronica clubs.  Most of the light technology is available now including skates with colored LEDs that the pro players will love.

The league will also be testing embedding light in the concrete slab to make back-lit glowing ice.

NHL Hockey Auto Referees
“Hey Ref you Suck!”  Might even use these puppies to continually clean the ice – not just between periods

Issue: there is not enough room on the ice and instant replays are taking too long.

Bigger faster players are making the ice crowded and injuries are up. Owners don’t want to incur the costs of building larger ice surfaces. Instant replays are adding time to the games which owners don’t want. They make as much money on short games as long ones with fewer staff costs.

Answer: Automated Referees

Roomba has perfected the robotic vacuum. Replacing the dirt bag with cameras and adding studs to the wheels will make the perfect referees. They will roam the ice and feed data back to a supercomputer. Calls will be made in milliseconds so there will be no questionable calls or replays required.

They will have a larger version which can drop pucks for faceoffs. Since the league has ended fighting there is no need to have any human Refs on the ice.

Broadcasters like TSN, Sportsnet and NBC will love all the extra content and gladly pay millions to the league for it.

NHL 4 on 4 Hockey
Dropping positions is not new, approx. 100 years ago all hockey leagues outside of Ireland dropped the Rover position.

Issue: Lack of #1 Centers

The NHL is pushing for parity but there are not enough 1# centers with the size and skill to be competitive the league wants to continue expanding.

Answer: Drop the Center position from the game for permanent 4 on 4 hockey.

There are not enough quality centers to go around so the NHL will make them wingers. 4 on 4 hockey will resolve the issue with the ice surface being too crowded and lead to more goal scoring entertainment.

NHL GMs think this will also allow owners to add more games and increase profits. Fewer players on the ice mean that more are on the bench resting so fans at back to back games won’t be bored by tired players.

NHL Hockey Analytics
Many players have been finding ways to build stats away from the action of the game,  this will support them.

Issue: Businesses profits are easier maximize with statistics and numeric results.

Hockey has thousands of measurable statistics but they aren’t being fully utilized by the NHL.

Answer: Proliferate hockey analytics and use the numbers to drive profits.

Before the players union was formed NHL owners had total control of the league. Players now have power that interferes with the owner’s profits. Some of the expected results of this move include:

  • Accurate 3 star selection. Player with the highest stats gets picked
  • Pay parity across the league. The stats would segment players into specific pay groups make the salary cap easier to manage. This idea is loved by the broadcasters such as TSN and Sportnet. The highlight of their broadcast year is Trade Deadline Day. Reducing salary cap restrictions will return it to the excitement of the past.
  • Contract negotiation leverage. Owners can push players to a compensation package that’s mostly commission and performance based. They love that this will mess with Player Agent’s pay.
  • Increased App sales. The league will be able to sell more technology to help fans understand the complicated stats. They also believe they can sell this to other leagues and video game companies.
  • Better coaching. The numbers can be crunched and simulations run to determine effective line combinations, optimum player Player ice time (including what part of the game they play the best), and match-ups against opposing teams.

Related: Bettman’s Plan to Sell NHL to the World

Individually these may not be liked by fans and players but many people complain that things were better in the past “Original 6” days. The owners had more control over profits then and this will help get back to that situation.


Hab Brendan Gallagher Re-injured by Spell-Check Mistake

 A mix-up in equipment for his safety caused Gallagher to re-break his hand a third time!

Brendan Gallagher’s first time on the ice this year will be his last for a while. Team Training staff were concerned that he would try to take shots while he was on the ice and put stress on his healing injuries.

 He landed directly on his hands and there was a large pop

They sent a text to the equipment manager to remove the blade on his stick so he could not take shots.


Gallagher hit the ice hard then – hit the ice harder

Unfortunately spell check changed the message so that they removed his metal skate blades. Gallagher not realizing this hit the practice ice hard and went flying. Those watching the practice said “He landed directly on his hands and there was a large pop. He won’t be texting for a while”

We are expecting an announcement about the extent of his injuries, from the team, later today.

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Trump Policy Forces NHL Canadian Players out of U.S -Will Leafs Lose Matthews?

Don Cherry reacts to Trump Forcing Canadian NHL’ers out of US

Bettman’s Plan to Sell NHL to the World


Don Cherry reacts to Trump Forcing Canadian NHL’ers out of US

One of the President Trumps first actions hits Canadians right in the heart – Hockey

We can’t wait until Don Cherry officially reacts to this one.

President Trump’s America First policy means that Canadian NHL players can’t work full time for American teams. American  NHL players only take up 15% of the league, so filling US teams will be a challenge.

Don’t mess with my good Canadian Boys!

Don Cherry has always been a fighter, but it is hard to take a piece out of a president without getting arrested or worse. So we will wait to see what Cherry has to say about this in the next Hockey Night In Canada broadcast.

Imagine Sydney Crosby or Jonathan Toews playing for Team USA at The Olympics?

The full extent of the policy is not yet known but here are a few things we would like to get Cherry’s reaction to:

  •  There are more Canadian players in the US than the teams in Canada can carry – will they be unemployed? Will they go to Europe?
  • Some Player’s could take US Citizenship – What does Cherry think of Sydney Crosby or Jonathan Toews  playing for Team USA at The Olympics?
  • What will be the reaction to Toronto fans / Leafs Nation when they lose Auston Matthews?
  • What will the TV Broadcasters do with their huge contracts – can they sue?
  • What happens when American Minor league pros, college players and the National team get called up to the NHL. Who will replace them in the minor leagues?
  • Will Some US Teams fold due to lack of quality players?
  • Can Canadians take Scholarships from US colleges?

The NHL League office has not yet reacted to this new policy. It will be interesting to see how American Hockey fans react when their teams are decimated.


Don Cherry and Donald Trump have many similarities – and a lot of differences

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Trump Policy Forces NHL Canadian Players out of U.S -Will Leafs Lose Matthews?

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Bettman’s Plan to Sell NHL to the World

Trump Policy Forces NHL Canadian Players out of U.S -Will Leafs Lose Matthews?

President Trump’s America First policy will hit the NHL harder than other sports leagues.

With the majority of NHL teams located in the US but only 15% of it’s players American, it will be a disaster. There will have to be a major swap of players. Fans won’t know their teams anymore.

It’s Great to have Crosby in Canada but will the Leafs Lose Matthews?

President Trump’s policies are true to his campaign promises to create American jobs, but he does it like a showman. “Trump’s forte is promotion, he knows that job creation takes a while to have impact so he is looking at hitting industries with high visibility.” Say spokes insiders.

Trump tweets showed what was coming for the NHL


Imagine what Leafs Nation will do if  Auston Matthews goes back to Arizona?”

With all Canadian and other foreign Players leaving the US there will be a huge void of professional players.

 American players only take up 15% of the NHL

American’s will want (or may be forced by Trump) to go back to play in the US.

 “Auston Matthews is the best thing to happen to the Toronto Maple Leafs in decades. Imagine what the fans and Leafs Nation will do if he goes back to Arizona?”

This means most American Minor League professionals, College players, and Junior National team players will be called up.

It’s not clear if Canadians will still be allowed to take US Hockey scholarships.

Many Canadian Players will have the opportunity to get US citizenship and green cards. Read More> However this will prevent them from representing Canada at the Olympics.

NHL Commissioner has not yet commented on the situation or how it impacts his league expansion plans.


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