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Donald Trump traded the Environment for Amazing Coal Mining Jobs!

Kids dream about growing up to work in Coal Mines, President Trump is helping to bring that dream to the whole world.

Donald Trump Art of the Deal


President Trump Reveals The Alternative facts About Clean Coal




Sean Spicer – Joe Trudeau – The return of Joe who?

Sean Spicer – get your stick on the ice!

Sean Spicer – Prime Minster Joe Trudeau



The Return of Joe Rockhead

trump-kidsTrump’s Pitfall? Bannon has separated him from his Helicopter Kids


ivanka-trump-designsAustralian protesters burning Ivanka’s dresses!

Trump takes a “hands-on” approach with White House interns

After 10 days in office President Trump has made it clear that he will be involved with the White House interns

President Trump keeps a close eye on his interns

President Trump has shown that he is committed to taking a hands-on approach with his White House interns.  What else is there to say?

  • A watchful eye?
  • Working under him?
  • Lend them a hand?
  • Put himself in their shoes?
  • Handle them himself?
  • Under his thumb?
  • Get a grip on the interns?
  • They say he is always handy?
  • The Nicknamed him the “Handler”?
Being covered in orange spray tan is like a badge of approval for Interns


Read about Trump’s changes to the Secret Service

Donald Trump’s Big Inauguration Surprise



Montreal Suburb Okays Clear Cut of Rare Trees

This West Island parkette has some of the last rare elm trees on Montreal Island and they will soon be destroyed.


50 years ago Elm Trees with their beautiful umbrella-like canopy could be seen lining streets and fence lines all across Southern Canada. Nearly every town and city has an Elm Street, Rue Elm or Elm Avenue.

Unfortunately most of these trees were hit hard by the accidental (lumber shipments) introduction of Dutch Elm Disease from Asia in the mid 20th century.  Of the estimated 77 million elms in North America in 1930, over 75% had been lost by 1989.

The recent spread of Dutch Elm Disease originated in Asia. The Dutch name comes from the identification of the disease in 1921 by Dutch Scientist Bea Schwarz.

This sign went up announcing a new housing project. It was like the park and trees were put on death row with months to live.

Although the disease killed millions of trees, there is evidence that Elm trees were able to survive century long outbreaks for thousands of years. The main difference is that humans have been cutting these trees and tipped the balance in favour of the disease.

in 1993 the old growth forest in Clayoquot Sound BC was the site of major anti-logging protests.  In this pre-social media protest, thousands went from their cities and towns up to the remote site to stop  the clear cut logging in this important forest.

More trees were cut in urban areas than were to be cut in Clayoquot Sound

What they missed was that each year where they live hundreds of trees are being cut down.  Many would say these trees are important offering large benefits  environmentally and culturally because they are growing where people live.

Almost 25 years later thousands more trees were cut in urban areas than were to be cut in Clayoquot Sound and few have noticed.

Most of Montreal’s suburbs do have tree replacement programs. The issue is they replace full size trees with saplings, and lose a lot of species diversity in the process. A lesson to be learned from the Emerald Ash Borer issue.

Take a look at the trees – or lack or trees in your neighborhood. They are quickly disappearing.

The Zen like Park interior is popular for outdoor fitness, meditation. relaxation. It blocks the sun to provide cooling relief on a hot day and the smells are amazing.

Many large urban trees could be a top quality source for lumber for hardwood floors, furniture and decorative construction. In most cases though, it is either dumped in landfills or burned – adding to the urban winter smog issue.

Elm Street was named for the trees which are now rare. This park has a few of the last ones on the Island. Left uncut elms can live for hundreds of years. Their wood is some of the hardest known.
The majestic Elm has adapted to grow in both rural and urban settings. Survivors of Dutch Elm disease – that are valued by their community – can grow to an enormous and beautiful shade tree.

Read More about Elm Trees:

Visit this park before it is destroyed:      Location on Google Maps

Sauble Elm Famous Tree 1700 -1968

Elm Tree – Wikipedia


Trump’s America 1st Policy Hits 2017 Oscars. Takes Revenge On Streep

President Trump’s new policy takes Oscar front-runners Florence Foster Jenkins and Manchester by the Sea out of running.

When Meryl Streep criticized Donald Trump at the Golden Globes she could not have imagined what President Trump had in store for her. He has flipped her industry on it’s ear and thrown any hope for a Streep Oscar out the window.

La La Land the only Oscar front runner that fits new criteria for Best Film category

President Trump went beyond implementing a policy promoting films produced in America. He is insisting that the 2017 Oscar Awards Fall follow the policy too.

LA LA Land a shoe-in for Best Picture Oscar now!

This means any movie not 100% American will be in the Foreign Film Category. This includes American actors that are in foreign made productions. 90% of the movies will fall into the  Foreign Film category.

The new policy says films must be 100% American made or face heavy foreign film taxes. Is including the Oscars Propaganda?  Read More >

Oscar Organizers are not sure if they can meet Trump’s wishes for the 2017 Awards. Most of the voting for nominations is done and there is no time for Academy members to start again with new films. There may be a lot of empty categories and surprise winners.

Front runner for Best Picture Florence Foster Jenkins and Manchester by the Sea will be out of the running. The only major film left that fits the Trump criteria is LA LA Land and it was to be in the Best Musical category.

Changing the Oscars will only give Black Movies a bigger audience

There is no response yet from Meryl Streep – the obvious Trump target with nominations expected in Best actress, and Best Movie for Florence Foster Jenkins.

Reaction of Trump supporters is mixed; “We like bringing the jobs back to America but changing the Oscars will only give Black Movies a bigger audience.”



Montreal’s War on Transit – Conspiracy or Stupidity

 Montreal had unsafe roads and inadequate transit. The roads are fixed, so now they are replacing them. Why not upgrade transit first?

Getting trial is a marketer’s goal. Forced trial is a dream.

Montreal is in over a decade of road construction. Main roads accessing downtown are systematically reduced to one lane weekdays and are closed on weekends – a commuter’s nightmare – for years!

 Montreal Commuters have little choice but to sit in gridlock – for years

Fix the roads first, worry about commuters…well… I guess never

The perfect opportunity for transit to gain trial by thousands of new riders just by being there. It may not be forced trial but it’s close. Who chooses hours of gridlock in a car when you can take the train and play with your phone.

If the roads are gridlocked let’s add more buses

Their brilliant solution?

Add more buses  to the same roads that are gridlocked by construction!  Right up there with drilling a hole in a leaky boat to let the water out.

They have many problems  (see below) but there was a better solution than adding buses.

Montreal just spent years and $100’s of millions repair their roads so they would last long enough for them to be replaced (a story for another time).

As soon as the repairs were done they immediately started tearing it all down. The start of 7-8 years of  traffic gridlock. Then, then they will upgrade the train and metro system. IT MAKES NO SENSE!

Hurry up on the repairs, we have to tear it down

A solution:

How about after they fix the roads, keep using them for a few years while the transit is updated?

Then, when they do,  the roads people will have a great transit system to use. If they get good service they won’t switch back to cars.

The question is what is going on? Is the Transit management team that bad? Unable to plan for the future?  Possibly Stupid?

Transit is tough to access for many Montreal residents

 Are road construction companies still calling the shots in Montreal?

Some think it is the construction industry, still in control of the government’s construction. They can’t get 30% kickbacks now but they can do big projects and cut on quality.

They repaired the bridges and overpasses just well enough to tear them down again .Maybe they won’t last 3-4 years without showing the poor workmanship.

The transit construction will involve other companies for the bulk of the work. If road construction is cut for a few years what will these road construction companies do?

We may never know the truth other than Montreal commuters are getting the shaft again.

The Montreal Transit System is a Mess.

  • They don’t have the infrastructure of trains to properly service the whole city. Bus routes are mismanaged and unreliable for many customers.
  • Management seems out of touch with technology. There is no current technology to provide transit info, sell tickets or give real time system updates to riders. They seem to always be testing but never implement. They don’t realize we know other cities have had this technology for years.
  • Customer service is not a priority. If there is a breakdown or delay riders have no info on what to do. Drive-thru quality intercoms garble something and ask the staff for help and you will quickly understand what the trolls do when they are not accosting someone on twitter.
  • The Metro is constantly having shutdowns stranding commuters for hours.
Guess how long we have to wait?