Dogs early adopters for Self Driving Cars

  Creative car companies find solving roadblocks can take on a life of their own

They can build driver-less cars – but can they get rid of back seat drivers?

Bad drivers are one of the things people complain about most.  So companies are betting that we are angry enough about it that they can sell us cars we can’t drive ourselves.

You can take humans out of nature, but can you take out human nature?

Designers have solved many problems but a few unforeseen things have blindsided them including:

Problem: Driving without a  drivers license.

People can’t do it so why should a car get to? Politicians, bureaucrats, police no one asked them about driverless. When manufacturers tied to set up road tests they were told no. “You can’t drive a car without a license.” “it might drive perfectly, but it could be used for drive by shootings, drug deals or a robbery get away car without a driver who to we arrest?”  

Solution: International licenses

Those international travel licenses they give you online for $20. Seems they don’t do a lot of background checks on these but you can use them almost everywhere. Manufacturers got them for their test cars.



Problem: testing the cars with live occupants

Manufacturing laws require thorough safety testing before humans can use the vehicles.


Solution: Copy the early tests of space travel – Dogs.

Manufacturers found that dogs made great test passengers – except they always want their paws on the steering wheels.

Problem: Dog owners want cars for their pets

Dogs love the freedom of the open road

Owners of test dogs quickly found their pets couldn’t wait to go for a ride in the car – they loved it. Many refused to do for their daily walks,  they only wanted to ride in the car.

Researchers discovered that for dogs the car ride was as beneficial  as a walk – even better as they could do it any time, not just when their owner wanted.

Like flies at a picnic -dogs made a bee line for every drive through on the route

New Problem:  Soon dogs were seen driving all over the test cities. They quickly sniffed out every local restaurant drive-through. The car would get them to the window alright, but how was a dog to place it’s order?

Drive up windows became jammed with cars in dogs looking for a snack and it looked like authorities were going to stop the tests.

Quick thinking by manufacturers came up with a solution. They supplied dog owners with a talking parrot who could order for the problem solved.

With the potential for thousands of cars being sold for dog use pet shops are scouring tropical counties for talking parrots – a boom for their poor economies.

Parrots will need constant retraining as they will switch from barking out food orders to barking like the dogs


Driver-less, Self Driving, Autonomous or Out of Control –  The Gold-Rush is on for Idiot Proof Cars. Read More>


Solving these initial problems opened up a huge new market for driverless cars but there will be many others to  resolve.

Next problem – Self driving Cars  verses  the Police

How do police pull over a self driving car? Who gets the ticket?  If a car is impounded do police have to read it it’s rights?

Car Companies will avoid black cars – they get pulled over automatically

CBC Execs Scramble to Cover-Up Ad Removal Oversight

Earlier this month the CBC announced a plan to remove all commercial advertising from its television programing – it was a huge mistake!

CBC spent Millions before they realized TV shows are too short to show on their own!

If the Government replaced this $400M ad revenue advertisers would focus their spending on private Canadian Broadcasters. Industry insiders say that this will help beleaguered broadcasters such as CTV, whose parent company Bell has been hit hard by the Canadian Government’s continual denial for increased cellphone rates.

Left with the hard decision between paying shareholders record high dividends and programing they chose the dividends. A spokesperson commented “This increased ad revenue will allow Bell the same license for profits as banks. Allowing steady reduction in providing service while maintaining high profits and dividend payouts for the foreseeable future”.

CBC Brain-trust forgot half hour TV shows are only 22 minutes long!

This is a great plan except CBC planners forgot that without commercials the TV shows won’t fit the time-slot. Every hour of TV there is 15-16 minutes open for advertising. Even sporting events have a TV timeout included in the game. There was no thought in how these gaps could be filled. Extra programing could be developed but this could cost millions. The original Gap fillers like Hinterland Who’s Who, and Heritage Moments are unavailable. (See below). They could also forget about traditional show timing and run 22 minute programs but this will confuse watchers and cost millions in extra programing.

Regular Fillers Hinterland Who’s Who and Heritage Moments are no longer produced

CBC’s regular go to time fillers are currently unavailable for use. Hinterland Who’s Who is tied up in a legal battle with the Dr. Seuss rights holders because of conflicts with Grinch characters.  Heritage Moments are no longer being produced as insiders claim “Canadian history isn’t all that interesting”.


So far Executives are ignoring the announcement as if it never happened. Insiders say this decision could easily be reversed if it were not for CBC investing millions in a new venture that will only work if ads are removed. CBC planned on launching Porn programing to generate a lot of revenues. Read More. The problem is current advertisers will not accept porn so the CBC is caught in a tough position.

Trudeau Government has Arctic Sovereignty Solution

    The Canadian Government will soon release plans for a 7,000km long Arctic Great Wall Mega project to protect the country’s arctic border.

Artist’s rending of the Arctic ice wall concept

  Following plans for Canada to build a wall on the US border nicknamed “The Bords” the plans are in the works for another wall at the north pole.

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 An unnamed Quebec contractor, experienced at profiting from large government contracts, may have the ideal solution for protecting Canada’s north border from Russia. “I was being consult about the project on the US border and was realizing the same molds can make an ice wall.  We got excited to build a wall at the North Pole to prove Canada owns it. At first they thought it was a joke.”

When we Doubled Down, Doubling Up was the answer and Canadians love Double Doubles

   Once the government planners realized the benefits of the plan they were sold. “At first we thought it was a funny idea, however when we doubled down on the solutions-  reusing the Chinese Wall molds and using free building materials – frozen water – it was clear that doubling up the number of walls made sense, and Canadians love their Double Doubles, Ha Ha.”  

 There was also a concern for aboriginal interests in the area.  Indian and Northern affairs states “it is so far north that even the Inuit aren’t using it, but it could provide them with needed jobs so we will go ahead with it.

The 7,000km Great Wall of Ice will protect Canada’s ownership of the North Pole against Russia


 Canada’s southern border wall is functional focusing on the private transportation of crude oil and taxing travelers.   The plan for the northern was replicates the Mexican wall plan – event based tourism.

The Government sees the Arctic as a burden. It is underdeveloped, unused and costs a lot to protect the border. This plan can change all of that and the tourism potential is enormous. Using Ice hotels, with power from wind generators it can be a haven for winter sports and Arctic tourism. I would be an ideal neutral location to permanently host the winter Olympics.

Liberal Electoral Reform Survey Based on Cosmo Quizzes

 The Liberals have been ridiculed for spending millions on the simplistic and biased MyDemocracy Survey. Now it has been discovered why – it is based on quizzes from Cosmo Magazine.

Both P.M. Trudeau and Maryam Monsef claim they didn’t see the survey


It seems that the high paid team the Liberals put in place for their election reform survey did their research while waiting at the hairdressers. It has been revealed that the survey has plagiarized past quizzes from the back of Cosmo Magazine.

How big are your ovaries? Are you a secret Bitch? Is this a sex toy or a piece of Jewelry?

The survey has been strongly ridiculed online, in media and in parliament. They may have not been so harsh if they realized it was based on a hard hitting Magazine quiz, known for cracking such hard hitting questions as: How big are your ovaries? Are you a secret Bitch? Is this a sex toy or a piece of Jewelry?

Prime Minister Trudeau has been quoted as saying:

 Maryam I said – Reform My Election –  not –  Re-Form My Erection!”

The concept of First-Past-the-Post looks a bit different in this light.

Cosmo may ask Trudeau to do a topless spread or else face plagiarism charges 

  These MyDemocracy Survey questions have been matched up with the Cosmo Quiz questions

My Democracy: Governments should have to negotiate their policy decisions with other parties in Parliament, even if it is less clear who is accountable for the resulting policy.

Cosmo: Cosmo Girls should have to negotiate their sex positions with partners in Bed, even if it is less clear who is accountable for the resulting orgasm.

My Democracy: Voters should be able to express multiple preferences on the ballot, even if this means that it takes longer to count the ballots and announce the election result.

 Cosmo: Lovers should be able to express multiple preferences in the bed, even if this means that it takes longer to achieve all the positions and scream the orgasmic results.


Cosmo: It is better for both partners to have to decide together than for one partner to make all the decisions in where to eat out, even if it takes longer to book a reservation.

My Democracy: The day of a federal election should be a statutory holiday.

Cosmo: The day of your Birthday should be a Day off from Work.


Members of Parliament should reflect the diversity of Canadian society, even if it means putting in place special measures to increase the representation of certain groups.

Cosmo: Outfits at for dating should reflect the diversity of a girl’s wardrobe, even if it means putting in place special combinations to make sure he sees everything only once.



Montreal Mayors Support Right-On Red! Light District Program

A coalition of suburban mayors launched a campaign Tuesday to allow for red light districts in Montreal.

Mayors say they will keep going on the prostitutes until they are satisfied

The city will be the only one in Canada allow official Red light areas. It could be included the only jurisdiction in North America, outside of Las Vegas, where it is illegal to turn tricks at a red light district.

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Montreal Mayors say right turning tricks in red lights could improve traffic flow

Montreal’s Red Light Decision Postponed for 1 Year

Fifteen mayors — mostly from the island’s suburbs — will demand that the provincial government make these new changes to its sex for hire laws. They will also call on Montreal Mayor Denis Codere to make it a priority in the coming year.

We have better prostitutes here than the rest of the world

One source said the mayors believe more flexible laws would help with the congestion right-onrelated to an unprecedented number of horny men on the city’s highways and streets.

But many pedestrians don’t agree with the idea.

“I don’t know. I think we have better prostitutes here than the rest of the world,” said Robert Joyia, a security guard working at a building downtown. “You will have more restrictions, and you can’t replace a great street hooker.”

Proposal for Montreal’s island wide red light district

Jody Penshall said pedestrians and cyclists are the problem, because they don’t respect the rules of the road.

Turning tricks in a red light district is an idea whose time has come

“People are always cutting off Johns by crossing the street when they shouldn’t and the cyclists too, so it’s not a good idea,” Penshall said on her way to her work downtown.

Some said turning tricks in a red light district is an idea whose time has come.

“I think it’s a great idea,” said Gord Lebash, a lifelong Montrealer. “People just have to be careful and use common sense and everything will be fine.”

Montreal Mayors say turning tricks in red lights could improve traffic flow

 A group of mayors from de-merged municipalities in Montreal wants Turning Tricks in Red Light Districts to be permitted on the island, a move they say may speed up traffic.


Mayors say turning tricks in Red Light Districts will speed up Montreal traffic

The 15 mayors have a news conference scheduled for 10 a.m. today, where they will ask the province to look at the law.

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Montreal’s Red Light Decision Postponed for 1 Year

Every time we stop to check out a prostitute it takes 15 seconds

Eastern Mayor Robert Coutoe is one of them.

“It’s a matter of time and money, because every time we stop to check out a prostitute it takes 15 seconds,” Coutue told CBC.

The maneuver has been stopped in many places by introducing an official Red Light District, but it’s still not allowed in Montreal.

Mayors want to green light a red light district

Coutue said statistics show red districts are not as unacceptable as they were was once thought to be.

He said allowing turning tricks with some restrictions, such as not allowing it at busy downtown intersections, would be a safe way to improve Montreal.

Montreal Mayor Denis Codere is not part of the group but did say he supported making red light districts legal on the island during the last election campaign.



Montreal’s Red Light Decision Postponed for 1 Year

Montrealers and tourists will not be seeing any prostitutes in the Old Port this summer as Mayor Denis Codere announced a one-year moratorium on the city’s sex industry.

Decision was put on hold after a prostitute was hit by a Caleche in Old Montreal

Codere said the ban will last until next spring and will give the city time to professionalize the industry and establish a committee that will ensure optimal conditions for the hookers are being met.

“The Prostitutes are part of the identity of our city,” said Codere. “We have to protect them and make sure they’re treated like they should be. I wasn’t at all satisfied with how things were working. The best thing is to start from zero and give all the tools necessary to make sure it’s a source of pride and not a source of shame.”

The Sex industry has come under fire in recent years. As prostitutes are often forced to work nine hours per day, seven days per weeks, even in extreme heat.

Prostitutes should be a source of pride for the city

Calls for a Red Light District have gone on for years. Last summer, a photo circulated of a fallen hooker in Old Montreal, prompting Codere to call for a report into the health of sex workers. The report concluded they have never been healthier.

The controversy was reignited in April, when video was captured of a Caleche colliding with a prostitute in the Old Port. The worker’s pimp was nowhere to be found.

“There are two priorities, to make sure that there’s safety – safety for the people and safety for the sex workers” he said.

Codere said prostitutes should be a source of pride and not shame for the city.

Critics call it a good start, but want more options for sex in the city.



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