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Royal Canadian Mint struggles to make money, hopes Justin Trudeau topless coin is the answer.

The Royal Canadian Mint isn’t as profitable as it used to be – it wants to make more money.

Many Trudeau fans would like a life sized Trudeau coin but will have to settle for a pocket sized version

The Mint is struggling financially. Sales are down, layoffs, poor morale, and business lines being shut down all add up to a 61% drop in profits.

The executive tried to turn things around by spending millions of dollars on new executive offices. So far this hasn’t worked.  (Rumors are they got a deal on the construction because they pay in cash.)

Another idea is to capitalize on the worldwide popularity of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by striking a new coin with his image. The Mint chose a popular topless image of Trudeau sporting a “Sunny Ways” tattoo.

The coin sports the same image on both sides as Trudeau did not want the coin to be used for games of chance. A 2 headed coin makes it impossible to flip.

Although many Albertans are saying it has 2 tails as it has the picture of an ass on it.

tRUDEAU Penny loafers.jpg
Just in time for summer – the Mint is partnering with Stylists and Fashion Designers to bring back penny loafers matched to the Trudeau coin.



Some are calling it the Nudie, the Trudie, or the Sunny what would you call this coin?