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Trump-Russian Emails Confirm – Memorizing Pi World Record Broken by Russian Savant

  Russian Claims of Reciting Pi to Over 200,000 Digits are Real!

Russian breaks Pi World Record
The Savant had to stop after 17 hours when he lost his voice

A side effect of the Trump-Russia Investigation scandal emails is the confirmation of the rumor that a Russian smashed the world record for memorizing Pi in 2016.  The emails  explained that an unnamed Russian savant was able to recite Pi to over 200,000 digits. This is almost 3 times the Previous record  of 70,030  held by Suresh Kumar Sharma of India.

The emails included quotes from Russian President Vladimir Putin: “We break the record, and backwards.” “…starting at 3.14 is simple, everyone know it… we  start at infinity and work back.” “No one has achieved this before, they will not be able to counter our counter”

Count half way to infinity from 3.14 and determine which number was in the exact middle.

It was like the American story of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire Dancing – they both danced the same moves but she did hers in high heals and in reverse.

The emails also mention that Pi Day – 3.14 (March 14th) will soon be celebrated on a different date in Russia. This is a shock to many mathematicians who believed that Pi would end in a mirror image of itself 41.3 then Infinity.

 Remember when it comes to math there are 3 kinds of people – those who understand it and those who do not.

There was an “Arms Race” to build powerful computers that would be able to count half way to infinity from 3.14 and determine which number was in the exact middle. This is the holy grail of numbers.  It is not required to prove any current theories or mathematical laws, there are just a lot of curious people who want to know this number.

A sample of the Pi digits taken from the email:



Can an Autistic Savant be Made?

To date nothing has been discovered about the savant, who was the subject of the rumors in 2016. Many suspect that Russia has been trying to develop an army of  Autistic Savants through the use of vaccines. The belief that vaccines cause autism has been pushed further by helicopter parents and countries that disregard human rights. They believe that  regular or under performing kids can be made into an autistic savant through mega doses of vaccines.

Parents who don’t want to be embarrassed by kids who are not living up to expectations have been finding ways to trick schools, medical professionals, clinics, pharmacies, and veterinarians, into giving their kids vaccinations. When the rumors began spreading in 2016 that Russia was experimenting on “slow” kids, these parents were very excited. Finally there was some credible science on vaccines and autism that would give the results they were looking for.