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Trudeau Government has Arctic Sovereignty Solution

    The Canadian Government will soon release plans for a 7,000km long Arctic Great Wall Mega project to protect the country’s arctic border.

Artist’s rending of the Arctic ice wall concept

  Following plans for Canada to build a wall on the US border nicknamed “The Bords” the plans are in the works for another wall at the north pole.

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China, Mexico Turn the Tables on Trump’s Border Idea

 An unnamed Quebec contractor, experienced at profiting from large government contracts, may have the ideal solution for protecting Canada’s north border from Russia. “I was being consult about the project on the US border and was realizing the same molds can make an ice wall.  We got excited to build a wall at the North Pole to prove Canada owns it. At first they thought it was a joke.”

When we Doubled Down, Doubling Up was the answer and Canadians love Double Doubles

   Once the government planners realized the benefits of the plan they were sold. “At first we thought it was a funny idea, however when we doubled down on the solutions-  reusing the Chinese Wall molds and using free building materials – frozen water – it was clear that doubling up the number of walls made sense, and Canadians love their Double Doubles, Ha Ha.”  

 There was also a concern for aboriginal interests in the area.  Indian and Northern affairs states “it is so far north that even the Inuit aren’t using it, but it could provide them with needed jobs so we will go ahead with it.

The 7,000km Great Wall of Ice will protect Canada’s ownership of the North Pole against Russia


 Canada’s southern border wall is functional focusing on the private transportation of crude oil and taxing travelers.   The plan for the northern was replicates the Mexican wall plan – event based tourism.

The Government sees the Arctic as a burden. It is underdeveloped, unused and costs a lot to protect the border. This plan can change all of that and the tourism potential is enormous. Using Ice hotels, with power from wind generators it can be a haven for winter sports and Arctic tourism. I would be an ideal neutral location to permanently host the winter Olympics.


China, Mexico turn the tables on Trump’s border wall idea

   China has made Mexico an offer it can’t refuse – build a wall on the border with USA and profit from it.


Recent photos from China reveal they are making molds of the Great Wall of China. The molds will allow them to build Mexico a knock-off wall in a fraction of the costs and time as the original.

China is taking live molds from the Great Wall
Testing of the final construction techniques have already begun

  China has a long history of counterfeiting things from the west. Now it will be copying its own Great Wall and make a fortune – at America’s expense

The  cost saving plan is to fill the inside with trash, stones, and sand, whatever is handy and free for the taking. Then cover it with molded concrete to give the famous “Great Wall” look.  They predict this wall will attract huge tourist dollars (Pesos) as it is more accessible than the one in China.

The money making plan is to sell advertising and naming rights to the wall. Some of the worlds biggest companies are scrambling to get naming rights, and buy advertising.  The world’s biggest billboard will be visible from from space.

La Gran Muralla is just one piece of a developing China / Mexico Partnership

China, Mexico to deepen comprehensive strategic partnership

…. the two sides to make full use of their complementary advantages, align China’s 13th Five-Year Plan and innovation-driven development with Mexico’s structural reform, and strengthen cooperation in industrial investment, infrastructure, special economic zones, finance, telecommunications, new energy, geo-spacial information and nano technology.

 The two sides should facilitate people-to-people exchanges, keep close communication in major international and regional issues, Xi said, expecting Mexico to display its regional influence in advancing China-Latin America relations and building the Forum of China and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC). READ MORE:

Hosting the Summer Olympics could provide a windfall in the $ billions for the new Mexican wall  – La Gran Muralla.

The wall would immediately become the largest event venue in the world. It will attract sporting events including cycling and auto racing, marathons concerts, and festivals.

There is even talk of holding the Olympic Summer  Games. This alone would draw revenues in the $ billions. There will be an construction boom in Mexico with hotels, restaurants and shopping centers being built to support the wall activities. They estimate that the 2000 mile wall will generate at least $200,000 per mile yearly based on sponsorship and user fees – not including the major events like world cup of soccer and Formula 1 Racing.


The 2,000 mile wall will be the largest event revenue generator in the world

How does Mexico make Trump pay the price? By pulling their labor out of America!

 Using molds and collecting non-traditional building materials allows the wall to be built with more labor than technology.

With initial financing from China, Mexican Government officials believe they can attract some of the millions of Mexicans currently laboring in America with the promise of long term employment with training, fair pay and benefits. This could cripple the American fruit and vegetable harvest which will directly benefit Mexico’s producers.

China also plans on sending over Chinese laborers to get a “western education” while they work on the wall. Mexico will develop as tourist attraction for Chinese tourists. They will control a large part of the business around the wall and gain a large foothold in North America.

 Using molds in the construction process means China could replicate their Great Wall  design in many locations.

While the wall is expected to pay for itself over the long term – they are doubling down to hard sell Canada on a discounted wall using the same molds. The really huge benefit to China is the economic advantage over America. While America is closing its borders and dealing with the consequences, China is making profitable investments and partnerships worldwide. America may never catch up.

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