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Trudeau ordered CBC to stop selling counterfeit Trump merchandise Now!

CBC staff caught selling cheap T-shirts out of a 1/2 ton truck on the street. Have budget cuts to the  gone too far?

PM Trudeau was stunned, saddened, incredulous, angry and concerned when he heard what the CBC was doing. He asked advisors “can we help the CBC move forward – Is there hope?

After a week of Tough Town Hall meetings Prime Minster Justine Trudeau was hit with the incredible news that CBC staff have been selling T-Shirts on the street. The cash strapped broadcaster has been looking for ways to make money to support it’s programing commitments.

Selling out of a truck was not classy but it got them into some busy downtown locations. The problem was the staff seemed focused on sales prevention.

It’s not a bad thing for a crown corporation to show a little entrepreneurial spirit, but the CBC  was way off track on this idea. Staff from the CBC produced show Marketplace were selling T-Shirts out of the back of a pickup truck in Southern Ontario cities.

It wasn’t a classy retail venue but that was the least of their problems. A good salesperson can sell anything, (Trump is President isn’t he?) but they hired an actor to do sales.  A big mistake.

Actors might be stereotypical great wait staff in bars and restaurants but they don’t do so well at sales.  Proving of his lack of sales finesse – This actor picked a fight with almost every potential customer. Many were angered and hostile towards him. He barely closed a sale.

 CBC staff should have known that in Toronto’s  Beaches neighborhood the Sunset Grill is as good as a Tim Horton’s for a Police hangout. The CBC staff and their “Pop up Store” were parked to close to make a sneaky-quick getaway from the Cops.

Added to this gap in sales abilities was a group of aggressive market researchers. Research is a good idea to improve a business but in this case it was ridiculous.  They argued with passers by and chased them away before they had a chance to look at the merchandise. Then they chased down customers who made a purchase and argued with them about their purchase.

It is also hard to see how they could do this on a scale large enough to make it profitable.   Based on the observed sales results, there is no way to cover staff labour costs and vehicle expenses let alone the cost of producing the T-shirts.


Some brilliant strategist decided to jump on the Donald Trump “Retro Racist” bandwagon. They were trying to sell counterfeit Trump White Power T-shirts in Canada. They would have done much better with Anti American – Anti Trump Slogans.

CBC would have had much better results if they filmed this for broadcast purposes. If they are smart they will feed this line to Trudeau – “we were filming a new episode of Mr D.”

Lets hope the Actor/Salesman was on straight commission.



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CBC Execs Scramble to Cover-Up Ad Removal Oversight

Earlier this month the CBC announced a plan to remove all commercial advertising from its television programing – it was a huge mistake!

CBC spent Millions before they realized TV shows are too short to show on their own!

If the Government replaced this $400M ad revenue advertisers would focus their spending on private Canadian Broadcasters. Industry insiders say that this will help beleaguered broadcasters such as CTV, whose parent company Bell has been hit hard by the Canadian Government’s continual denial for increased cellphone rates.

Left with the hard decision between paying shareholders record high dividends and programing they chose the dividends. A spokesperson commented “This increased ad revenue will allow Bell the same license for profits as banks. Allowing steady reduction in providing service while maintaining high profits and dividend payouts for the foreseeable future”.

CBC Brain-trust forgot half hour TV shows are only 22 minutes long!

This is a great plan except CBC planners forgot that without commercials the TV shows won’t fit the time-slot. Every hour of TV there is 15-16 minutes open for advertising. Even sporting events have a TV timeout included in the game. There was no thought in how these gaps could be filled. Extra programing could be developed but this could cost millions. The original Gap fillers like Hinterland Who’s Who, and Heritage Moments are unavailable. (See below). They could also forget about traditional show timing and run 22 minute programs but this will confuse watchers and cost millions in extra programing.

Regular Fillers Hinterland Who’s Who and Heritage Moments are no longer produced

CBC’s regular go to time fillers are currently unavailable for use. Hinterland Who’s Who is tied up in a legal battle with the Dr. Seuss rights holders because of conflicts with Grinch characters.  Heritage Moments are no longer being produced as insiders claim “Canadian history isn’t all that interesting”.


So far Executives are ignoring the announcement as if it never happened. Insiders say this decision could easily be reversed if it were not for CBC investing millions in a new venture that will only work if ads are removed. CBC planned on launching Porn programing to generate a lot of revenues. Read More. The problem is current advertisers will not accept porn so the CBC is caught in a tough position.

CBC to Embrace Trudeau’s Plan for Canadian Porn

CBC has long been challenged with profitably supporting original Canadian content. A controversial new program will allow them to do it.

Broadcasting Canadian made porn will be the focus for CBC revenue gains


The recent Trudeau government announcement of plans to jump start the economy includes porn production, was a surprise, but the CBC was quick to accept it. The porn industry is worth billions worldwide and Canadian has played a small role – until now.

It seems there were many scripts and ideas developed for Canadian porn (See Below), there was just little support to develop it. With the government support product began almost immediately and the CBC Execs we quick to buy the rights. They realized they could promote the adult shows on late night TV and drive views to their website where they could cash in on the internet porn mother-lode.


The new porn programs to be launched in early 2017

Canadian Porn coming soon

New programming will be available to go to air in early 2017. There are fresh new ideas as well as new takes on old Canadian favorites.

Canadians love to watch men in short pants, stockings and garter belts

View shows include: The Topless PM, Trans Canada, Large Double Double, Roll up the Rim and the hockey themed Shoot for the 5 hole.

Canadians will be familiar with updates on old favorites including: – This Howard has 22”, Slitts Creek, Kenny on Spenny, North of 60 (Mature), The Littlest Ho. The first handyman / cooking / sex show – Whack with Yan, and of course Mr Dress Up.

The outdoor adventure sex show Sex in a Canoe was rejected because of its close ties to American Beer (It’s f*%king Near Water!)

Initially French programing was not included in the government program so CBC will utilize Bleu Nuit classics like the Russian inspired Raspoutine, Le Gala Juste pour rire.


No Quebec productions were included in the Government grant program so CBC will air French classics previously aired on Blue Nuit.


This seems like a big move for the CBC, but executives say: “Canadians are ready for hockey-gartersporn on TV”. “Hockey night In Canada has helped make porn acceptable to Canadians”. They stated “Over the years Canada has grown accustomed to spending their Saturday nights watching men short pants, stockings and garter belts, holding their sticks, and checking each other in the corners”.   This has pushed Canadians to hold more liberal views towards sex.