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Dogs early adopters for Self Driving Cars

  Creative car companies find solving roadblocks can take on a life of their own

They can build driver-less cars – but can they get rid of back seat drivers?

Bad drivers are one of the things people complain about most.  So companies are betting that we are angry enough about it that they can sell us cars we can’t drive ourselves.

You can take humans out of nature, but can you take out human nature?

Designers have solved many problems but a few unforeseen things have blindsided them including:

Problem: Driving without a  drivers license.

People can’t do it so why should a car get to? Politicians, bureaucrats, police no one asked them about driverless. When manufacturers tied to set up road tests they were told no. “You can’t drive a car without a license.” “it might drive perfectly, but it could be used for drive by shootings, drug deals or a robbery get away car without a driver who to we arrest?”  

Solution: International licenses

Those international travel licenses they give you online for $20. Seems they don’t do a lot of background checks on these but you can use them almost everywhere. Manufacturers got them for their test cars.



Problem: testing the cars with live occupants

Manufacturing laws require thorough safety testing before humans can use the vehicles.


Solution: Copy the early tests of space travel – Dogs.

Manufacturers found that dogs made great test passengers – except they always want their paws on the steering wheels.

Problem: Dog owners want cars for their pets

Dogs love the freedom of the open road

Owners of test dogs quickly found their pets couldn’t wait to go for a ride in the car – they loved it. Many refused to do for their daily walks,  they only wanted to ride in the car.

Researchers discovered that for dogs the car ride was as beneficial  as a walk – even better as they could do it any time, not just when their owner wanted.

Like flies at a picnic -dogs made a bee line for every drive through on the route

New Problem:  Soon dogs were seen driving all over the test cities. They quickly sniffed out every local restaurant drive-through. The car would get them to the window alright, but how was a dog to place it’s order?

Drive up windows became jammed with cars in dogs looking for a snack and it looked like authorities were going to stop the tests.

Quick thinking by manufacturers came up with a solution. They supplied dog owners with a talking parrot who could order for the problem solved.

With the potential for thousands of cars being sold for dog use pet shops are scouring tropical counties for talking parrots – a boom for their poor economies.

Parrots will need constant retraining as they will switch from barking out food orders to barking like the dogs


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Solving these initial problems opened up a huge new market for driverless cars but there will be many others to  resolve.

Next problem – Self driving Cars  verses  the Police

How do police pull over a self driving car? Who gets the ticket?  If a car is impounded do police have to read it it’s rights?

Car Companies will avoid black cars – they get pulled over automatically