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Facebook Fake News Censorship Plan Was Challenged by Trump, Jokes, Ads

 Early fake news algorithm censored Jokes, Oxymorons, Extended Sales and Donald Trump!

Facebook’s launched a toned down Fake News censoring Algorithm was today after months of failures.

Early Algorithms took the fun and money out of Facebook


Facebook’s first tries at censoring fake news had some big effects on it’s content and advertising revenues that had to be quickly repaired. Including:

  • Ads for extended sales like Black Friday “Week”.
  • Fake events like Santa’s Birthday Party or Stag at Bars.
  • Oxymoron’s like “Military Intelligence” were removed from jokes and news stories.
  • All April fools jokes and videos were flagged and jammed the system.
  • Donald Trump’s “Trump-isms” and Alternative Facts were a huge challenge.  Are they right or not?

Facebook claim’s to have gotten it right this time but it will take time to know for sure.


Trump Reveals Trade Policy – Stop Trading and Sell

 In interviews with European reporters  P.E. Trump has revealed details of his International Trade Program.


P.E. Donald Trump has revealed that he will be scrapping America’s foreign trade international-tradecompletely. Instead he will be selling American goods. He explained the reason for a trade deficit is simple –  When products are traded there is no value to track with them with.

By selling everything to foreigners the money can be tracked and the government can also collect super amounts of taxes.

The only issue to be resolved is what to do with all the foreign money that comes into America from these sales – Americans want American Dollars not foreign money.

It is rumored that Trump – indirectly through his family – would build Trump hotels in all of the foreign countries allowing them to exchange for American dollars.


Trump To Make Clinton New Host of The Apprentice

In a shocking move that will anger many of Trump’s supporters, Donald has asked Hillary Clinton to host the next season of The Apprentice.


Donations to the Clinton Foundation have basically dried up

Insiders say that the President Elect wants to bury the hatchet with the Clintons and regain their previous friendship. It seems that Trump’s continuous bashing of the Clinton Foundation has caused Americans to stop donating. Hillary’s retirement from politics has also caused foreign governments and businesses to stop donating as well. In a way the Clintons are out of work with a greatly reduced nest egg.

Finding a new host for the show is key to Trump running his businesses at arm’s length while he is in office. It will be a double conflict as the new season will focus on doing government work in Washington. Trumps plans to show how business people can do things better IE Drain the Swamp.  Clinton is an ideal choice for host who understands the inner workings of the government. This also follows Trump’s philosophy of giving women business opportunities.

The announcement should be made official shortly.