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Facebook Fake News Censorship Plan Was Challenged by Trump, Jokes, Ads

 Early fake news algorithm censored Jokes, Oxymorons, Extended Sales and Donald Trump!

Facebook’s launched a toned down Fake News censoring Algorithm was today after months of failures.

Early Algorithms took the fun and money out of Facebook


Facebook’s first tries at censoring fake news had some big effects on it’s content and advertising revenues that had to be quickly repaired. Including:

  • Ads for extended sales like Black Friday “Week”.
  • Fake events like Santa’s Birthday Party or Stag at Bars.
  • Oxymoron’s like “Military Intelligence” were removed from jokes and news stories.
  • All April fools jokes and videos were flagged and jammed the system.
  • Donald Trump’s “Trump-isms” and Alternative Facts were a huge challenge.¬† Are they right or not?

Facebook claim’s to have gotten it right this time but it will take time to know for sure.