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Justin Trudeau and Ivanka Trump together again on Game of Thrones Season 7

 Justin  and Ivanka have been close since they met last month in Washington, now they are hooking up again on the set of Game of Thrones.

Justin Trudeau Ivanka Trump Game of Thrones
It is not clear how big their roles will be but Justin Trudeau and Ivanka Trump will be joining the cast of Game of Thrones this season.

Justin  Trudeau has put government activities on hold until he better understands what President Trump’s economic policies will be. Ivanka Trump has stopped designing clothes until retailers confirm they will carry her lines. So the opportunity for them to make a guest appearance on Season 7 of HBO’s most popular show is perfect.

Justin Trudeau Game of Thrones
Justin’s Trudeau’s long hair from the past would have suited him better in this role.

The main role of a Prime Minister is to get re-elected and Justin Trudeau seems perfect for it. His looks and charisma have carried him for a few years without implementing any new government policies.

His Liberal government has focused on spending to the point where it will take years for Canadians to pay it off. So he needs to find a new way to remain popular with voters.

Ivanka became interested when she heard that Trudeau would be guesting.

Trudeau’s advisors worked hard to set this up hoping that it will appeal to young Millennial voters. He has been seen at his regular gym practicing with swords so there could be some interesting fight scenes planned for him.

It is not know if he will get the customary G.O.T. tattoo that the show guests get as a badge of honor after being on the show.

Ivanka Trump Game of Thrones

Ivanka Trump’s plucked eyebrows and heavy model’s makeup will not suite the show, where are rumors she may even wear blue contacts to make her character more believable.

Ivanka became interested in the show when she heard that Trudeau would be guesting. It will be an adventure for her as she has never been outside of a city for any length of time and this show is filmed in beautiful but rural locations.

“You don’t put a bumper sticker on a Porsche!”

Ivanka admitted that she did not know much about the Adventure Fantasy show but claimed any time spent with Justin Trudeau was an adventure and her fantasy would be to act in a romantic scenes.

As for the G.O.T. tattoo – Ivanka’s father did not want to approve her getting one as he doesn’t find them sexy. However when Steve Bannon heard Trump say “You don’t put a bumper sticker on a Porsche!” He told him he had to make sure she got one as Porsche’s are foreign cars and they need to break the rules.

The date the show will be aired has not yet been released by HBO.

Ivanka Trump and Justin Trudeau
People believe Ivanka Trump wants more of  Justin Trudeau’s attention.




Australian protesters get under Pres Trump’s skin by burning Ivanka’s dresses!

  When Aussies realized Ivanka Trump’s dresses mean more to Donald Trump that the US flag they knew they had a way to get back at him.

Even though they were purchased, President Trump could not believe Australians would burn Ivanka’s clothes in protest.

When President Trump insulted and hung up on Australian PM Malcolm TurnBull the protests began. Aussies have a lot of nationalistic pride, so they don’t like being pushed around by a bully like Donald Trump.

Similar protests will soon happen in countries like North Korea and Iran

There were dozens of protests against President Trump and his policies. They were largely ignored outside of the country until they caught on how to get to Trump – through his daughter Ivanka.

When they saw how upset Trump was over his daughter’s clothing line being dropped by retailers like Nordstrum, the quick witted Aussies jumped at the opportunity.

Ivanka Trump is know for letting her clothing designs stand on their own merit – they are designed by the daughter of a man who could screw over anyone who stands in her way.

They took advantage of the fact that at the height of summer Australian beaches like Bondi Beach are packed. They had no problem getting huge crowds and incredible support for the dress burning.

Indications are that similar protests will happen in countries like North Korea and Iran shortly. Korea will get some of the dresses from the manufacturer in China. Iran has terrorist links in countries like Saudi Arabia where the Trumps do business.

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