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Ivanka Trump could make $ millions as a White House intern.

 After President Trump announced increased military spending, Ivanka Trump was put in charge of military uniforms. Her clothing business could make millions supplying them.

Ivanka Trump clothes Designs
Sexy clothes for women, bright Camo for men are expected to make a huge sales in Army surplus.

After Donald Trump’s policies caused Ivanka Trump’s clothes to be dumped by big retailers, she wanted compensation. Ivanka (and Justin Trudeau) would like her to  become the Ambassador to Canada. President Trump seems to want to keep her close by in the White House.  So he has offered up the opportunity to design and supply the uniforms for the military. Each year the military spends  millions of dollars on uniforms and this could flow through Ivanka’s fashion business.


Ivanka Trump and Justin Trudeau are hot for her to become Canadian

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Most military personnel who wear uniforms are not in combat. Ivanka and her designers have realise this and want to turn uniform designs on their ear. Bright new designs with a street cred look will make her uniforms popular with the poor people the military is trying to attract. They also hope that celebrities will embrace the new designs and make then popular.

Under a military label Ivanka should be able to get her fashion business back into big retailers.