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Royal Canadian Mint struggles to make money, hopes Justin Trudeau topless coin is the answer.

The Royal Canadian Mint isn’t as profitable as it used to be – it wants to make more money.

Many Trudeau fans would like a life sized Trudeau coin but will have to settle for a pocket sized version

The Mint is struggling financially. Sales are down, layoffs, poor morale, and business lines being shut down all add up to a 61% drop in profits.

The executive tried to turn things around by spending millions of dollars on new executive offices. So far this hasn’t worked.  (Rumors are they got a deal on the construction because they pay in cash.)

Another idea is to capitalize on the worldwide popularity of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by striking a new coin with his image. The Mint chose a popular topless image of Trudeau sporting a “Sunny Ways” tattoo.

The coin sports the same image on both sides as Trudeau did not want the coin to be used for games of chance. A 2 headed coin makes it impossible to flip.

Although many Albertans are saying it has 2 tails as it has the picture of an ass on it.

tRUDEAU Penny loafers.jpg
Just in time for summer – the Mint is partnering with Stylists and Fashion Designers to bring back penny loafers matched to the Trudeau coin.



Some are calling it the Nudie, the Trudie, or the Sunny what would you call this coin?


Billions in Trudeau Govt infrastructure cash was spent on cosmetics

The Trudeau Liberals promised that infrastructure cash would be spread easily across Canada and it was – in a layer 1 inch thick.

The Liberals gave out buckets of infrastructure money in 2016 most of it was used for cosmetic road repairs

After their election win the Trudeau Government smugly handed out billions in infrastructure cash. They talked about big projects to get the economy going. What they gave us was a national pavement cosmetic facelift.

The provincial and municipal governments on the receiving end of the cash wanted to maximize their spending power to gain the most votes for themselves. They paved every road they could.

We need good roads, the problem is they didn’t do the traditional tear down and repave the whole road. They scraped off the top inch of pavement and and put down a nice looking – but superficial – 1″ layer of asphalt.

So everyone is happy with a all these smooth new roads, until a year or so down the road when it cracks and falls apart.

Paving companies doubled down on their profits by recycling the 1″ of pavement they removed and sold it to homeowners as new driveway pavement.

So the National Debt increases, Paving companies line their pockets (knowing they will get to repave these roads again in a year or two) and politicians take credit for all these great roads they gave us. Lucky us….

Trudeau Answers in French – He’s bored of Ordinary Canadians

 Answering English Questions in French a Sign of PM’s Boredom

A few weeks of meeting small town “Ordinary Canadians” has convinced Justin Trudeau of one thing – Canadians are boring!

Small town hicks keep asking – “What are you doing about this or that?”

Since his election PM Trudeau has traveled to some conferences, hosted foreign leaders, attended fundraisers, and given out a lot of infrastructure money.  He needed to kill time until the house sits again so he came up with the meet ordinary Canadians tour. As fun as the other stuff was this tour is boring as hell.

Justin has been playing tricks at the Town Hall meetings to ease his boredom

Tour insiders say Justin hates “Tim Hortons, “Crappy Tire” and small town hotels, so he was already irritated by spending so much time around them.” Then at each stop these small town hicks keep asking the same questions -“what are you doing about this or that,”  he was hoping they would be excited and fun like they were during the election.”    

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Trudeau has inherited his father’s arrogance. However in public Pierre was arrogant towards political opponents and the media not voters.

With Justin “he has been playing tricks at the Town Hall meetings to ease his boredom: How many questions can I not answer and things like that. Like a person speaking over someone’s intellect. He may have picked this up when he worked as a substitute teacher.”  


With the recent comments about Gatineau becoming bilingual and answering  English questions in French people are catching on. He looks great as a Prime Minister – what more do you want?