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Canada Post hoping frenzy for Hot young Justin Trudeau photos will sell stamps

Every few months since he came to prominence in politics, photos of Justin Trudeau have been blowing up the internet. This week topless photos of a young Justin have been trending and Canada Post hopes it will lead them to big sales.

New ink technology allows the stamps to be lovingly licked on both sides – these may be the first interactive Stamps!

  Canada Post has been bleeding profits for years. Now they hope Justin Trudeau stamps help get things back on track.  The timing is good as new photos of a hot young Justin are trending.

See Photos of a young, shirtless Justin Trudeau send the internet into a frenzy

The range in age and Justin’s styles will appeal to his female and male fans

Most of the stamps are made for international sales to bring in new business to Canada from Trudeau’s legions of fans worldwide.

Initially the stamps were to be introduced in 2016 but were held back due to issues in early market tests. They found the stamps were being licked repeatedly on both sides causing them to disintegrate.

Slick new ink formulas were produced to protect the stamps without reducing the pleasure of licking them.

It is clear that many of Justin’s admirers will love the stamps – but they won’t likely  be mailing many letters.


Royal Canadian Mint struggles to make money, hopes Justin Trudeau topless coin is the answer.