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Trudeau ordered CBC to stop selling counterfeit Trump merchandise Now!

CBC staff caught selling cheap T-shirts out of a 1/2 ton truck on the street. Have budget cuts to the  gone too far?

PM Trudeau was stunned, saddened, incredulous, angry and concerned when he heard what the CBC was doing. He asked advisors “can we help the CBC move forward – Is there hope?

After a week of Tough Town Hall meetings Prime Minster Justine Trudeau was hit with the incredible news that CBC staff have been selling T-Shirts on the street. The cash strapped broadcaster has been looking for ways to make money to support it’s programing commitments.

Selling out of a truck was not classy but it got them into some busy downtown locations. The problem was the staff seemed focused on sales prevention.

It’s not a bad thing for a crown corporation to show a little entrepreneurial spirit, but the CBC  was way off track on this idea. Staff from the CBC produced show Marketplace were selling T-Shirts out of the back of a pickup truck in Southern Ontario cities.

It wasn’t a classy retail venue but that was the least of their problems. A good salesperson can sell anything, (Trump is President isn’t he?) but they hired an actor to do sales.  A big mistake.

Actors might be stereotypical great wait staff in bars and restaurants but they don’t do so well at sales.  Proving of his lack of sales finesse – This actor picked a fight with almost every potential customer. Many were angered and hostile towards him. He barely closed a sale.

 CBC staff should have known that in Toronto’s  Beaches neighborhood the Sunset Grill is as good as a Tim Horton’s for a Police hangout. The CBC staff and their “Pop up Store” were parked to close to make a sneaky-quick getaway from the Cops.

Added to this gap in sales abilities was a group of aggressive market researchers. Research is a good idea to improve a business but in this case it was ridiculous.  They argued with passers by and chased them away before they had a chance to look at the merchandise. Then they chased down customers who made a purchase and argued with them about their purchase.

It is also hard to see how they could do this on a scale large enough to make it profitable.   Based on the observed sales results, there is no way to cover staff labour costs and vehicle expenses let alone the cost of producing the T-shirts.


Some brilliant strategist decided to jump on the Donald Trump “Retro Racist” bandwagon. They were trying to sell counterfeit Trump White Power T-shirts in Canada. They would have done much better with Anti American – Anti Trump Slogans.

CBC would have had much better results if they filmed this for broadcast purposes. If they are smart they will feed this line to Trudeau – “we were filming a new episode of Mr D.”

Lets hope the Actor/Salesman was on straight commission.



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