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McDonald’s Adds Nuts To Burgers Customers Are Grossed Out

¬†McDonald’s plans for cost containment and green initiatives may have have gone a step too far.


McDonald’s announced they will be adding nuts to their burgers. Company spokesmen claim it will help their suppliers cut down on waste and will keep their menu prices from rising. “People in our test groups were not really happy about the change but they kept eating our burgers – once you are hooked you are hooked.”

“They have the balls to do this, we don’t”

They had considered adding hotdogs to to their menu to use up the nuts, but it would cause them many complications. They are already using the lips and arseholes in their burgers so there wouldn’t be enough to make both products.

Nuts will make the Burgers tastier, chewy and will add protein

Burger King executives were shocked at the move¬† “Adding nuts that’s crazy with all the food allergies people will die!” Ooh the other kind” “Well they may have the balls to do this but we don’t”