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Mexican Workers Make Trump A Secret Offer

 Mexican construction workers who work for Trump industries have made President Trump and offer on behalf of Mexican workers in America

Construction workers employed by President Trump hope he will listen to their proposal to smooth things over between Mexico and the US.

Feeling they had a good relationship with President Trump, and a good idea, Mexican American construction workers have presented Trump with a plan to resolve some of his issues.

The Mexican border wall will take years to be completed so it will be hard to manage the border. Deporting many illegal workers will cause big problems in industries such as fruit and vegetable production where workers are paid below minimum wage.  Americans would not want to do these jobs.

Their proposal:

  • Delay the deportation of Mexican illegal workers for at least 4 years so i can be planned and done respectfully.
    • This would allow time for it to be properly organized, making a smooth transition for all.
    • If Trump has people rounded up and dumped at the border they will just come back.
    • Plans could be developed to transition others into the labor force to replace them.

In Return:

  • It will be a show of good faith towards Mexico, allowing Trump to sit down with Mexican President Peña Nieto and negotiate respectfully as politicians, not business adversaries.
  • The illegal Mexican workers will take the blame for the illegal voting that Trump discovered. This would save the time and resources required for a full scale state by state investigation, paving the way for an honest re-election.
  • For all future public appearances that President Trump makes in the next 4 years, they will ensure that huge crowds are in attendance. (on Trump’s Authority to be absent from work.

This plan could save President Trump a lot of headaches. The question is will he accept?

Given the opportunity Mexican workers will leave America providing benefits to President Trump. Rumors are that China will help them relocate to jobs in other countires.

Trudeau paused U.N.peacekeeping decision because of uncertainty around Trump

The Trudeau Liberals may have made a mistake in deciding to get President Trump’s okay before finalizing Canada’s  U.N. peacekeeping plan. While the traditional first meeting for a US President is with Canada’s PM, Trump is different. He has pushed it back for a month, and set the agenda as full on NAFTA negotiations, not feeling each other out.

The Keystone pipeline deal was approved by Trump without looking at the details or speaking to Trudeau. He asked an advisor include that the steel used would be made in America and signed it without reading it. Could he have signed something with small print that could be used against him? Or does he know that the American capacity to produce the steel is years away so there is no risk it will be completed?

It’s not clear if Chicago’s crime ridden inner city needs peace keepers or peace makers.

This puts Trudeau in a tough position. U.N. Allies are pushing for Canada’s plan and are getting impatient. It has been over five months since Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan and former foreign affairs minister Stephane Dion announced the commitment of over 700 troops and police officers to international peace missions.

The question is where are they to be deployed?

P.M. Trudeau and his cabinet thought they had the ideal plan, but with Trump’s erratic behavior they are unsure he will go along with it.

They want to send Canadian Blue Helmet Peace Keepers into the crime infested inner city of Chicago. The murders, incidents with weapons, assault and robbery are in line with many war zones worldwide. The relationship between the police and criminals is confrontational – the ideal situation for peace keepers, to Re-Unit a Nation (code named Project RUN).

The original plan was to use NATO troops but they are outfitted with equipment similar to US Police. The Blue Helmets and white vehicles may allow the peace keepers to get between the Criminals, Police and the Victims as they would in a war zone,

The Liberals wanted to support Trump in reducing inner city crime and to double down on the UN support payment gap, by spending it in the U.S.A. They hoped this would please Trump and make it easier to negotiate the NAFA and TPP trade agreements.

American murder and crime rates are similar to those in war zones. Chicago’s inner city has the highest incidents of Murder and weapon assaults in the country. Peacekeepers may be the ideal solution 

Trump shocked Trudeau by immediately cancelling the TPP, taking action to close American borders and creating American jobs. This plan did not support these and they were not sure if President Trump would like it. They did not want to announce this project without his approval. Chicago is also violent enough that pollsters do not work there so they could not build facts to support their idea.

Plan “B”

During the recent Calgary caucus meetings they made some adaptations to the plan.  Trump wants to deport many illegal Mexican workers. This will create a large number of jobs in their absence. The Liberal strategists would use the Canadian NATO contingent to round up and take these people to the border.

President Trump’s challenge will be to find and deport illegal Mexicans. Many Americans would volunteer for the job – and may be doing it already –  but it could easily turn into a lynch mob. Impartial soldiers from Canada may be the solution. 

If Trump approves this plan it would allow Trudeau to Support his key initiatives including: deporting Mexican illegals, reduce inner city crime, create jobs and help Canada catch up on NATO and UN back payments. 

The problem is Prime Minister Trudeau may not get to meet to get his approval on the plan for months. What will he do?


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