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President Trump Angers Palin Over Muslim immigration Ban!

Alaska’s ex Governor Sarah Palin claims Muslims will flock now to her state

President Trump is implementing an executive order restricting  immigrants and refugees from Muslim countries such as Pakistan,Iran, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen.

Palin – caught between Russia and Muslims – we need a wall too!

Ex Governor Palin is very upset saying they will now flood into Alaska and it is hard to identify them visually.

Those close to Palin say she is very concerned saying:

“Their Women look just us in the winter with scarves and what not.” “We Need a wall here too!”


Fear that many Alaskan’s are adopting Muslim clothing restrictions 

Recent  reality TV shows like Alaskan Bush People, Ice Road Truckers, and Deadliest Catch have made Alaska more popular than in the gold rush. It is expected that there will be a large number of people moving their now.

 “It is just like the dog Eddie on the Frasier show. Everyone wanted a Jack Russell Terrier after that. With these reality shows everyone will want to be an Alaskan now!” “We can’t help that.”

Dozens of Alaskans are protesting in support of Palin’s wall Request

When Muslim leaders were questions on this issue they laughed.

“During Ramadan we fast between sunrise and sunset for 6 weeks. If we lived in the land of the midnight sun we would starve wouldn’t we!”

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Truth Behind Trudeau’s Meeting with Chinese Investors Build a wall against Trump’s USA

 Canadian government insiders reveal the real reason for P.M. Trudeau’s recent meetings with Chinese business leaders – they are selling him a copy of The Great Wall of China.


Chinese business leaders presenting the P.M. with a model of the Great Wall project

 It’s not a scam on the original wall, but a molded prefab replica built on the Canada US Border. It will mirror the one to be built on the Mexico US Border – La Gran Muralla. 

 Partnering with Mexico’s La Gran Muralla project will reduce Canada’s costs

  China is doubling down on their expertise in product knock-offs: they’re replicating their own Great Wall. Their plan uses molds cast live on the Great wall which will make building replicas cheap. Mexico has already agreed to build one so there could be considerable cost savings if Canada uses the same molds. (see Mexico’s plan)

 Crowd sourcing a wall……. Tolls on the Border

 The Mexican project is financed by China and will be paid off through tourism and sponsorship activities. Canada will take a multi level approach to paying for it: Crowd Sourcing, Private Investment,  Tolls and Tax Revenues.  

 Crowd Sourcing for a wall on the Canada US border was posted during the US election. Fears of Donald Trump’s foreign policies motivated a group to build a protective border wall. For a large donation people would have a visual space on the wall where they could place photos, ads, messages. When Google Maps confirmed they could film the wall for their “street view” on maps the donations poured in. These donations could be honored and included in the new plan.

 Oil companies will heavily invest in a private transportation source for crude oil 

 Building with molds means the inside of the wall could be empty – a virtual coast to coast tunnel.  Large oil companies are very interested as they could build inner rail lines or a pipeline to transport their crude privately. This would give them the freedom to save a lot of money verses traditional pipelines.

The project already has a catchy name – The Bords

 Government insiders say the rest of the money will come from charging tolls at all border crossings and general tax revenues. They propose that the economic boom created by the wall construction will offset the money spent on the wall.

The biggest issue is what will the wall be called. An early favorite plays on the border and a hockey theme – The Bords.